One night everything changes.

A normal evening hunting humans and sucking them dry when Gwen stops while walking back to her flat which she shares with her long term boyfriend (vampire) Rhys Williams. She comes across a face that stands out to her and the other victims she's sucked dry.

Gwen stops for a while looking confused as to how a human can look so sexy and yet so tastey looking at the same time. She sighs and then continues to walk near this sexy human that she will hopefully get her fangs on that nice neck of his. As she's walking she doesn't notice the man watching her and walking towards her until they bump into each other.

"Sorry" She whispers as she saw the man with the nice neck look at her with them gorgeous eyes of his. "No it's fine; I should have been looking where I was going, sorry about that." He said with them gorgeous blue eyes that kept staring at Gwen.

"I'm Gwen" She said with offering to shake his hand. "Captain Jack Harkness, but you can call me Jack." He said with a wink at the end. "Anyway, what's a beautiful young woman like you doing on the streets of Cardiff at this time of night?"

She looked up at him then at her watch and realised that it was nearly 9:30pm. "Oh I-I must of lost track of the time at my friend's house." She lied.

"A beautiful lady like you looks like she could do with a drink. Am I right?" He said with a grin on his face.

"Yes. Yes I could do with a drink. Well then. Shall we?" She said with a smile holding out her arm for him to link with.

As Jack took her arm and led her to the nearest pub. Gwen thought to herself, this is going better than I originally planned. She just need's to try and get him on his own, to stick them huge fangs of hers into that nice juicy neck that is full of red blood that she craves for every day and night.

Walking to the nearest pub. "So Jack Harkness, what do you do for a living?" Gwen asked.

"Well, something that no one expects you to do. Let's just say I work for the Government, kind of. So Gwen Cooper, what do you do for a living?" Jack said smiling at her.

"Uh, Police Officer. Nothing exciting really." She lied.

"Police Officer? You don't like the type. No offence or anything" He laughed.

She laughs back at him. "That's what everyone says to me when they ask what I do for a living, I'm used to it."

They arrive at the pub. Jack offers for Gwen to go in first.

"What you having Gwen?" Jack asks.

"Red wine please, Jack" She said smiling at him as she went to find a table for them.

Jack walks to the bar. "Glass of red wine and a glass of water please." He said smiling at the bartender.

A few minutes of waiting for the red wine and a glass of water he ordered. Jack walks over to the table which Gwen is sat at smiling at him.

"Thank you" She says as she picks up her red wine and takes a sip.

"No bother." He said grinning at her.

Gwen puts her wine glass down on the placemat, and stares at the Captain that is sat grinning at her. Well that is one hell of a smile she said in her head. I wouldn't mind kissing those lips either. Grinning back at him. "You are a very handsome man, has anyone ever told you that?"

A beautiful women like Gwen, I wouldn't mind kissing them sexy lips of hers. Looking up at her as he takes a sip of his water. He puts his glass of water on the placemat in front of him and smiles at her. "People do say that a lot actually, but I've learned to get used to it. I'm also known to flirt a lot by my friends and the people I work with." He laughs. I wonder if I'll be able to get her into bed. He thought.

She laughs back at him and smiles. "A flirt, that look's handsome as ever." Gwen try and get him into bed then you can suck him dry. She thought. No no, I can't do that. He's too nice to have that done to him.

Winking at her, "Well you aren't so bad yourself Miss Cooper." You can do it Jack, just ask her. He thought to himself.

She laughs and smiles. "Well I do try my best Mr Harkness." She then winks back at him with a grin on her face.

Gwen takes another sip of her red wine. I wonder what his blood will taste like. She thought. His neck looks really tastey as ever. Maybe I should just take a little bit, and then just make him forget that he ever met me. She thought as she was still gazing into them very blue eyes.

Laughing with her and taking a sip of his water. "Would you like to come to mine?" He said winking at her, making her cheeks go red from blushing.

"Sure why not. I girl like me deserves to have some fun." She said winking back at her, then drinking all of her wine.

As he drank all of his water, he got up and offered his arm for her to take.

Getting up from her seat, Gwen took his arm and walked out of the pub with him.

It wasn't a very long walk from the pub to Jacks flat. Once in, Gwen was starting to take her clothes off. Jack watching her doing the same thing until they were both naked. He picked her up and put her on his bed and started kissing her.

Going on top of him, Gwen starts kissing his neck. This is your chance Gwen, do it. Just bloody do it Gwen. She thought, before her fangs started to come out. She lashed at his neck and starting sucking his blood as she could feel him trying to get her off him.

"G-g-g-wen, what are you doing?" He stuttered as he tried to get her off him.

"I'm so sorry" She whispered in her ear then continued to suck some more of his blood.

Few minutes later she got off him and started licking her lips. Looking at an unconscious naked man, she walked away looking for her clothes and went to put them on. Going into his bathroom to tidy up her messy hair. That was so good. She thought. And he was so bloody tastey too, god that was so worth it Gwen!

Walking back into the bedroom, she noticed that Jack wasn't unconscious anymore.

"You are supposed to be dead Jack." She said to him as she was walking to the door.

Just as she was about to open the door. Jack grabbed her arm. "Y-you're a vampire. But you can't be, because they don't exist. Well I thought they didn't. Well now I know, but you're a vampire. I wonder why I was so attracted to you. That really explains a lot." He said smiling at her. Not bad Jack, you managed to get a vampire into bed with you. He thought to himself as Gwen was looking at him with questioning eyes.

Trying to get her arm out of his hand. "Well now you know. Now I can leave, it's better if I do that." She said not taking her eyes from him.

"I-I-I can't let you leave." He said stuttering.

"Well you'll just have to let me." Finally getting her arm out of his hand. "But before I go, you can't die Jack really?" She said folding her arms.

"You can't exactly say anything, you are a vampire. Therefore I can be immortal; now that is something don't you think?" He said grinning at her.

"I guess it is." She said smiling back at him.

Gwen didn't notice something jab into her arm as she looked at it then back at Jack. "W-w-what's that?" She said not taking her eyes of Jack.

"I'm sorry, Gwen. Really am." He said as she fell in his arms. Now I've got to get this vampire to the hub, great. Jack thought to himself as he was carrying Gwen to his sofa.

Walking to his phone, who should I text, Owen or Tosh. Both. No, I can't do that. Oh stuff it I'll text both. He thought, going through his address book he clicked Owen's and Tosh's' names and sent them a text.

Torchwood, now. Emergency.


Going to the sofa and picking up an unconscious Gwen. He walked out of his door and carefully locking it while trying not to drop Gwen while doing so. He then started to walk to his car and carefully put Gwen in the back and ran to the front, got in and started the car and drove off to the hub.

Arriving at the hub, Jack got out of the car and then went to get Gwen out from the back and starting carrying her into the hub and down into vaults/cells. He carefully put her down on the floor and walked out of the cell and closed it. Now to wait for Owen and Tosh to arrive. And for Gwen to wake up, which I hope is soon. Jack thought to himself as he walked up to the main part of the hub and started to wait for Owen and Tosh to arrive.

5 minutes later he heard the alarm that means someone has entered the hub. He quickly got up from his seat and went to see who it was. Both Owen and Tosh were looking at him as he walked over to them.

"What is it Jack?" Owen complained, as he always does.

"Vampire." Jack said as Owen and Tosh's eyes widened.

"Vampire? You've got to be joking right." Owen said as he laughed.

"Well then come and see for yourself." Jack said as he walked off in direction to where Gwen was, with Tosh and Owen following behind him.

Gwen was obviously still unconscious. "Are you sure she's a vampire Jack? Or are you just imagining things." Owen said as he folded his arms and rolled his eyes at Jack.

"She can't be a vampire because they don't exist." Tosh said butting in while looking at Jack.

Just as Tosh said that Gwen started to wake up. Wait where am I? Gwen thought as she saw three people staring at her. Well she knew one of them. But where was she? It looks like a cell of some sort. "Jack?" She murmured as she was sitting up. "Where am I?" She said while she was rubbing her eyes.

"You're in the Torchwood hub. Where I work." He replied.

"But why am I in a cell? I haven't done anything wrong... Except one thing." She said as got up to stand next to the cell door. This is why you don't sleep with men that work for the government Gwen. Never again am I doing this, if they say they work for the government. She thought. "And what's Torchwood? A folk band?" She laughed.

He sighed. "Torchwood is beyond the police and beyond the government and I'm guessing you don't work with the police Gwen?"

Looking up at Jack. "Well I had to say something, couldn't exactly say I worked in a corner shop. Could I? That would look very bad for a sexy lady like me." She said winking at him. "Are you going to let me out then Jack?"

Jack looks at Owen and Tosh before looking back at Gwen. "Sorry, I can't. We need to know why you exist."

"I've been a vampire since 1864." She said sighing.

"Wow so what you're what 152 years old? That's impressive." He said to her.

"I guess it is for an immortal."