So sorry that I haven't updated this in a while. Here it is!

After their drink, Gwen and Jack started walking back to the hub.

"Gwen can I ask you a personal question?" Jack asked.

Gwen nodded, "Sure."

Jack sighed, "Why did you become a vampire all those years ago?"

Gwen looked up at him when he had finished talking. "At the time, I was only in my 20's. Nothing special, then I met someone, fell in love with them. But then I find out that he's a vampire, everything changed then. I asked him to turn me, which is does. But a few days later I find out that he has been killed. So there I am, lonely Gwen Cooper." She sighed and then looked at Jack, "Then I met Rhys, he was so lovely when I first met him. He was already a vampire, so we knew that wasn't a proble- oh god I forgot about Rhys, am I aloud to see him?"

"No can do." Jack said.

"Isn't that great, he'll just think I got killed and he'll find someone else." She sighed.

When they had made it back to the hub, Gwen sat down as she watched Jack walk into his office.

When Jack came back out his office, Gwen was reading a magazine.

"Gwen, I have somewhere for you to stay." Jack said.

Gwen looked up at him and smiled, "Thanks."

Gwen followed Jack to where she was staying.

"Jack, will you do me a favour?" She asked.

"Depends what it is." He replied.

"Tell Rhys that I'm alive, but have to go away for a few years or something along the lines, please." She said pleading.

"Alright, I'll do that for you." He said.

They had arrived to where Gwen was staying, "This is it, it'll be okay for you since vampires don't sleep?" He asked.

She laughs, "No they don't but thanks anyway."

"Night." He says and leaves her be.

"Good night Jack." She said as he had already left.

Gwen was already bored of this place and she needed to feed soon or she'll up feeding on Jack, or Ianto, or Tosh, or even Owen. She didn't really want to do that either.


The next day, Jack comes in and see's Gwen lying on the bed staring up at the ceiling until she looks at him.

"Hey." She says.

He smiles at her. "Hello again."

He leaves and she follows him into the hub where Tosh, Owen and Ianto are already working.

More to come soon :)