Hello! The names Ginger. Just Ginger. You've probably heard of me. What's that? You haven't? Not even a measly tale? No? Oh blimey this could take a while.

The first thing that you should know about me is that I'm not exactly human, and when I say not exactly, what I mean is that I'm not human. Yup that's right! I'm a great big outer space alien gal. Don't get me wrong or anything, to your human eyes I'd look like any other ordinary teenage girl. I don't have any extra limbs, I'm not scaly or slimy and I don't have any strange eating habits. Well I do have the one eating habit that perhaps can't be considered normal but for that I slightly blame him. Oh sorry I forgot that you don't know anything about my life so you won't know who I'm referring to. His name is The Doctor. Surely you've heard of him? Mad man bouncing around space and time in a blue box with the maturity of a three year old, oh and some great hair. Seriously his hair is really great!

You have! That's so unfair! When he finds out that you all know about him but nothing about me he'll be gloating for days on ends. You won't tell him will you? Oh that's a relief. Thank you. I don't know what I'd do if I see his smug expression one more time. As for that strange eating habit … lets just say fish fingers and custard surprisingly go well together. Odd I know but incredibly tasty all the same.

Another thing that you should know is that I'm not actually ginger. I gained my nickname from my love of Ginger biscuits. I almost always have an emergency packet at hand but unfortunately for me The Doctors also grown quite fond of them so I have to hide them from him. Though I'm sure that he knows where my hiding place for them is as on a regular basis the packet just simply decreases biscuit by biscuit until all I'm left with is an empty packet and a few tiny crumbs. Hmmm just thinking about them is making me hungry. I'll defiantly have to think of a new hiding place though, that is if I want to have a fighting chance of having any before The Doctor steals them from me.

You're probably wondering what I look like so I'll tell you. After all it's always nice to put a name to a face. Before I tell you what I look like however I must point out the fact that I've not always looked this way. To put it simply … my face changes. I know that that must be yet another shocking revelation to you but it's true and believe me I could get into a long winded conversation about just how it works, but lets just say the process is called regeneration and it causes everything to change about me. My appearance and my personality get a complete makeover.

Currently I look as though I'm about eighteen in Earth years with a shock of black wavy hair that curls slightly at the bottom. The Doctors always saying how much he loves my hair because it's so wavy but I'm not so sure about it … Anyway back to what I look like. I'm tall but I'm not a giant and my skin shades a deathly white. In fact I'm so pale that when I regenerated into this body The Doctor thought that I was dead. Ah but it's far too early for me to be telling you about that little adventure. Sorry I have the terrible habit of talking about things that are completely off topic. Now where was I? Oh yes of course! My appearance.

I've got blazing amber eyes that swirl with flecks of silver. This eye colour's apparently rather common for my species according to The Doctor but I'll never know considering that they're all dead. Yup, that's right, dead. My people are all dead and it's all The Doctors fault. I don't blame him, at least I don't anymore. I used to blame him but that was when I was young and bitter. Back then I was only just coming into terms to what I was and what he was. However I'm older now and I've mellowed out a bit. I can quite happily say that I forgive him for the actions he took.

Now you know a little about me I believe that it's time for me to begin my tale …

Sit back, relax and hold on tight because this is going to be one hell of a bumpy ride. For this is the tale of a naïve human girl who's life gets turned upside down. Ah yes that's another thing I should have probably told you. I wasn't always an alien and if you care to read on I shall explain just how I became an outer space alien travelling with a man as insane as a Dalek wearing a pink tutu.

Now that I've left you all with that disturbing image perhaps you would be so kind as to leave a review so that the writer who is so kindly writing my life story can find the inspiration to continue ?