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Ginger's vision slipped away into a forgotten memory.

She felt every fibre within her body awaken. It was as though the person she had been only moments before was now gone. Which left her with one simple question. Who was she? She wasn't too sure of the answer to that, and something deep within her told her that it wasn't going to be a simple answer either.

She suddenly found that every doubt of her importance in the universe was now erased from her mind. She was no longer the Ginger who had been the lonely, abandoned, teenager, wandering aimlessly from place to place without a purpose. She now felt powerful, and knowledge flooded through her veins, such wonderful knowledge. The universe seemed a far brighter place, as though she was looking through new eyes, and though she could tell she was still trapped, and surrounded by crazed aliens, she no longer felt scared. Her perspective on everything she thought she had known had been blown into smithereens.

Feeling stronger than she had ever felt before, she pulled at the metal contraption that still dug into her skull. She felt a sharp pain in her head, and knew that she should be in agonizing pain, but felt nothing but a rabid energy rocketing through her. Screams banged against her eardrums repeatedly. She assumed they were the screams of the Daleks. Dragging the contraption out, she sent it clattering to the ground.

" STOP! STOP OR YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!" The threats seemed empty now, and Ginger found that the cold metallic voices of the Daleks held no effect on her, not anymore.

She knew that she was the one in control now. She was going to rescue The Doctor, escape from this horrific place, and run away in a bigger on the inside blue box.

Where she went from there, she didn't know. She wasn't the same girl as The Doctor had first picked up. He could very well take her back to Earth. Either way, she would never be able to live out a normal human life again. Not that she had had a normal life to begin with. No, she had always been abnormal. But somehow she felt far more abnormal than the usual now. As though she wasn't human at all. Perhaps she was imagining things, but her whole body felt different. She felt like she was indestructible, and as though she could accomplish anything.

She held a hand up in front of her, and a jumble of words that made no sense to her dripped from her tongue. The words were beautiful, ancient, and encompassed her in warmth. It was as though those words were a part of her, a part that until now had been buried in the deep regions of her core. Her lips formed more unrecognizable words, and with it a golden light began flaring off her fingers. The light filled her vision, and her whole body began to burn. The fire now within her didn't hurt, it made her feel safe. The screams of the Daleks quietened down, till there was no noise bar one. The sound of the universe. It whooshed, and grinded into the atmosphere, and moments later, a blue box materialized.

She, still blinded by the blazing light, began making her way towards the ship. When she got inside, she wondered to the console. The light from her vision began to ebb away, but the fire remained, spurring her on. She looked at the console, at all the strange button, leavers, and other objects that she knew nothing about. She didn't know how to fly The Doctor's time machine, and then suddenly, and surprisingly, she did. She flipped a sequence of leavers, and pressed in the required coordinates to where the Daleks had situated The Doctor. She then moved round the console and pressed the blue switches. This stopped the grinding noise, and although that deeply unsettled her, she also felt a little bit reassured. This way if there were any Daleks keeping watch, her entrance would remain relatively unnoticed. At least that's what she hoped. She watched in satisfaction as the engines moved swiftly up and down.

Hearing the tiny thud the ship made on it's landing, she braced herself for what was going to happen next. Jumping gracefully down the steps, she came to the big double doors. Swallowing down hard, she pulled them open.

The sight that lay before her was a far worse one than she had first imagined coming across. The Daleks were nowhere to be seen, but there, hanging from his restraints, bruised, battered, and bloodied, was The Doctor. It was hard to believe that this was still the same man as the one who she had run away with.

With a sickening sense of urgency she raced over to where The Doctor's frail form was. He looked awful. He had deathly white skin, and he had lost an incredibly large amount of weight, causing his already prominent bones to jut out even more than they had before. It made her question just how long she and The Doctor had been apart. It hadn't seemed too long. Half an hour at the most. Though she could have missed her coordinates by a few days.

Frowning, she pulled at his restraints. They immediately broke off of his wrists, and he began to fall to the ground. She caught him before he could make contact, and much to her relief heard a stifled moan escape The Doctor's throat. He was still alive, and there was still a chance that she could save him. She studied his injuries, and found herself wondering how the Daleks could have possibly caused them. They had no hands to inflict physical injury themselves.

It was then, and only then, that she realized she and The Doctor were no longer alone. Leaning The Doctor's dead weight on her right shoulder, she span them both around. She felt herself freeze, standing before her was a monster. It's facial features were contorted, it's mouth shaped into a small, round ' O' shape. It wore a three piece suit, and was hissing at her, whilst staring at her with it's beady eyes that were sunk into two dark caverns in it's skull.

" Go." It commanded her, " Ginger, you must go. Take The Doctor, and go."

The air in her lungs flew away, and her beating heart almost stopped. She wasn't going to argue with the creature. She frantically dragged The Doctor into the ship, taking only one daring glimpse back, but not quite remembering why. Slamming the doors shut she placed The Doctor on the ground. He looked far worse in the light. Bloody gashes were slashed into the surface of his skin, and a dark bruise that was turning an angry shade of red covered half of his face. She dreaded to think what damage lay beneath his clothes.

Kneeling down, she placed a hand on his left side. Finding no heartbeat she began to panic. How could there be no heartbeat. He was still breathing, still alive. It was then that she remembered that he was an alien. Using her common sense she moved her hand to other side of his chest. There was a heartbeat, but it was fading, fast. A tear rolled down her face. She didn't want to lose The Doctor to death. He had been the only person to show kindness, the only person who wanted to be her friend. She had only just begun to have a sense of belonging. More tears splashed down her face in their millions. The fire within her was waging a war with her emotions. Leaning her head down slightly, she whispered into his brilliant shock of brown hair, " I'm sorry."

The golden light began radiating off of her again, but this time it wasn't there to destroy, it was there to save. Tilting her head so her nose was brushing against his, she kissed him.

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