Hey ladies and gents! so this is my first one shot and I know that it looks really short but please don't hate! Please enjoy :D

"I guess I'm fine with what she did, I don't know though. I mean she just took my heart and ruined it!" Narumi ranted at Ochaii who listened patiently as he watched tears pool into his best friend's eyes. Ochaii say useless on the exquisite leather chair and gazed around his friend's plain yet brilliantly planned out room. The pale walls and flooring contrasted well with the bold colours on the bed spread and the furniture.
"She must've had a reason. I mean she doesn't seem like the type of person to just... Cheat on someone on valentine's day." Ochaii said trying to reassure his friend.
"But then she- she admitted... I don't know what to think anymore! I - I thought I was in love ..." Narumi sobbed and Ochaii wrapped his arm around his sorrowful friend. He grimaced when Narumi admitted he was in love but pretended that it didn't bother him.
"It's ok, maybe fate didn't want you two together," Ochaii said and Narumi looked up and gazed up longingly into his eyes. Ochaii leaned in and lightly brushed his lips on Narumi's and quickly pulled away when he realized what he had done.
"Ochaii," Narumi murmured with a smile plastered in his face, "maybe it was fate after all,"

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