[I apologize for this. At the moment, it is unlikely that I will be able to continue with this fic. I may fill in the missing pieces later in extra added scenes if I find the time. I did not want to leave you hanging for much longer. Again, I sincerely apologize.]

Two days later…

The last battle is well underway.

"Special delivery," Widow announces over the com link, just before Lola drops from air lock into the center of the super hero ring. Captain America is grateful for his mask when he feels the heat in his cheeks. She is dressed in dark greens, somewhat reminiscent of Loki's customary attire save that the slits in the sides are high enough to expose the bare skin of her upper thigh above her tall leather boots. She stands from her crouch, sweeping her hair back over her shoulder. Hulk turns and roars into her face, spittle flying in all directions. Lola cringes and braces herself.

When he stops, she promptly sticks her finger in his face. "We will settle this at a more opportune moment!" Hulk growls at her and slams his fist into the ground, every muscle in his body wanting to lash out and pummel her into oblivion. Lola, ignoring Captain America's wide eyed stare, looks around. The Cerael are advancing from all sides, marching towards their intersection with a single goal in mind. Her mind races. Suddenly, "Hit the hydrants."

"What?" Rogers asks.

"HIT the HYDRANTS," she snaps. Iron Man raises his arm and launches a blast at one fire hydrant. Thor hurls his hammer at another. Captain America flings his shield at a third. Hulk picks up a sizable piece of rubble and chucks it at a fourth. Soon, the entire intersection and the four branching streets are drenched in water. Rogers looks to Lola again, startled when he sees the change in her appearance, her course blue skin riddled with snaking lines and her eyes glaring red. "On my mark." The four somewhat apprehensive Avengers face their respective streets, readying their weapons, Hulk baring his teeth. Captain America steels himself. Lola kneels and plants her blue hands on the asphalt. She closes her eyes, drawing from a tremendous amount of power she previously ignored. The air suddenly grows cold.

"Getting a little stiff over here," Iron Man warns with a suggestive grin.

A glacier erupts from Lola's hands and races over the streets, instantaneously freezing the already super cooled enemy soldiers in place. She leaves thin trails for Captain America and Thor. The glacier continues to comb the streets, eventually slowing when the water grows shallow and the expanse is too great to for the spell to swallow. The trails begin to taper off. Her arms shake slightly and she grits her teeth against the immense exertion. "Go," she prompts tensely.

The four Avengers surge forward. Iron Man launches into the air and torpedoes down his street, blasting the creatures to bits. Thor's hammer sails forth and shatters body after body, Captain America's shield having a similar experience. Hulk careens through the streets, half slipping and sliding about as he smashes through the Cerael. Captain America catches his shield on the rebound as he dashes down the road. A Ceraelian ship darts out from the alley. "Woa-woa-woa-Woah!" He veers onto the ice and ducks into a skid to avoid it. Iron Man zips out of the same alley, bearing down on the aircraft. He gives the Captain a quick salute on the way past.

"Now it really is like Christmas," he says over the link. Rogers gives a sidelong smile until he notices that the ice is beginning thaw. He makes quick work out of the other frozen fiends.

It is over. It is finally over.

And if any of you are wondering what became of our heroes… Well…

Director Fury opened his own karaoke bar, where Clint bartends and DJ Darcy gets to download as many Itunes tracks as she wants to. Bruce leads an anger management class on weekends and a self-empowerment seminar every Wednesday evening. Thor introduced Bruce to Sif, which seems to be going just swimmingly. Dr. Selvig finally got to live his childhood dream when Thor took him to Asgard for the wedding of the Millennium. Odin and Fury had many one eyed matters to discuss. Princess Jane Odinson still fervently insists on everyone calling her Jane. Meanwhile, all of the Warriors Three have taken a shinning to Darcy, who is receiving more love letters and edible tokens than she knows what to do with. Tony and Pepper are expecting their new baby, one they can take equal credit for. Clint finally jumped on the bandwagon and moved in to Stark Tower, which has recently been renovated and converted into Avengers Tower. And Natasha finally got up the nerve to ask Agent Hill on a date.

Pepper, resplendent in a floor length gown of white lace and ruched silk, holds Tony's hands, his reactor glowing brighter than ever under his tailored suit. Jane, who keeps fidgeting with her shorter magenta gown, is still having trouble adjusting to her high heels and relies on Thor to keep her from teetering over. Lola, her long hair pinned back in a cascade of spirals and tiny white flowers, stands in a fitted tuxedo gazing into Steve's eyes. Being that Loki would never be allowed to return to Asgard, and would probably be put to death should Odin discover his whereabouts, Thor insisted on having a second wedding. And during this event, in the interest of efficiency, which is always top priority for the team, there is more than one nuptial matter to solve.

Tony, Steve's Best Man, Pepper, Jane's Maid of Honor, Jane, Pepper's Maid of Honor, Thor, Lola's Best Man, Steve, Tony's Best Man, and Lola, Thor's best man, stand in pairs before the altar. Meanwhile, Natasha, Lola's Maid of Honor, stands in the front row beside Maria. As the pastor leads them through the vows, Rogers cannot suppress the surge of pride inside him. He jumps the gun and kisses Lola, dipping her backwards. And as Lola throws her arms around his neck while the pastor finishes up, she cannot suppress the happy tears that squeeze out of her eyes. Her tale has a happy ending after all.

[Thank you all for your support in this endeavor. It would not have been possible without that.]