"What Not To Do High"

Rated T

Disclaimer: I don't own the entire Total Drama series, nor do I own "How I Met Your Mother". I was so captivated by the video from the episode "Tick Tick Boom" that showed Ted Mosby and Marshall Eriksen doing... well... you know. This story features my favorite fanon/crack pairing Justin/Heather and my favorite canon pairing Geoff/Bridgette. You've been warned as this story will cause everyone bleeding through the you-know-where. Enjoy.

Chapter 2

It was now a few 'hours' later as Justin and Geoff were standing in line to get Bridgette and Heather's nachos. Of course, the excruciating line felt way more longer and more disgruntled than outside ever was. Justin started to feel a little disgrunted as well. He just hated to wait in lines as much as the next guy.

"Dude, we've been waiting forever..." Justin groaned and rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, even worse..." Geoff replied, as he pointed something hanging up on the sign above their heads. "...this is a line for the ladies room..."

Seeing the women's restroom sign above them, Justin and Geoff finally get out of the line and began to walk side by side.

"I can't believe the last Rock Revolution Festival has been what, like a year now? Time has been coming by so fast." Geoff replied with such little stress.

"It's crazy. You know, in like an eyeblink. This hand..." Justin spoke in just spaced-like fashion as he was staring right into his right hand. "...will be like an old man's hand."

Geoff was also staring right at Justin's hand as well.

"Yeah, I sorta recognize the cliched nature of what I'm about to say..." Geoff spoke as he narrowed his eyes much closer to the male model's well-sculpted hand. "Whoa..."

As Geoff and Justin continue to space out like a couple of bubble-headed dope-fiends, Justin ended up looking right at the sign near the entrance.

"Gate 312, that's our gate..." Justin read narrowly as then turned right to Geoff in minor panic. "Dude, we just walked all around the entire stadium!"

"We've been walking around the entire stadium for an hour, and we still haven't found the nachos!" Geoff exclaimed as he panicked as well. "Man, I bet Bridgette and Heather are gonna be so pissed..."

"I know... I sure as hell don't wanna look pretty with Heather's high heel stuck to my ass..." Justin cringed a bit as they continued to wander around the stadium again for the search of nachos.

In Geoff's mind, he could envision Bridgette and Heather growing a bit tired of the wait that the guys have been taking. It had been almost like one hour or so. Basically, the lines were usually shorter in festivals such as this.

"I am sooooo hungry. When in the hell are Justin and Geoff coming back with our nachos?" Heather groaned miserly. She just hated to be patient like this. "I swear a monkey can do a better job than this..."

"No kidding... Sometimes, I wish monkeys could replace males, you know? Because they're really smarter than the average primate." Bridgette smirked as she was opening a can of the Lime-a-Rita's that Geoff brought for the festival and such. "I don't know why Geoff's so addicted to these, I swear these things taste like pee. I'm tasting it."

"Me too..." Heather smirked as Bridgette gave her a can of Lime-a-Rita as well. "A toast?"

"Toast..." Bridgette replied as they both banged cans lightly and began to drink the margarita-like fluid right down their throat. A few seconds later, they both had somesort of joyous look in their faces. "Oh... my... gosh. This... is... awesome!"

"Whoa, this is like a party inside my mouth!" Heather exclaimed crazy happily as she continued to drank some more. And then, an idea sprouted out of Heather's mind. "I got an idea... let's drank all of it!"

But before Heather can approach the duffel bag full of submarine sandwiches and Lime-a-Rita's, Bridgette stopped her for a moment.

"Wait, don't you think Geoff's gonna find out one way or another that we're drinking all of his Lime-a-Rita's?" Bridgette replied as Heather started to think about this a little more.

"What for? They got high! I think it's about time we get a little even. Hehe..." Heather gave out a sick chuckle as Bridgette started to follow through her plan. "You with me, Bridgette?"

"You read my mind, Heather..." Bridgette smirked evilly as she too began to go into the duffel bag, just laughing madly. "Revenge will be ours, Heather! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

However, back to Geoff in his reality, he shook his head of that thought.

"Yeah, I hope that doesn't happen..." Geoff said. "I'm gonna go get some help."

Geoff soon separated from Justin and went his own way. Not too long ago, he approached a bystander with a guitar hanging in front of his body.

"Excuse me sir, do you know where the nachos are?" Geoff asked the bystander.

The bystander happened to be a creepy old man with his eyes bulging out of his sockets a bit. He had a very disturbing stare. It was a stare that was very worthy of a horror film, and not to mention it looked a lot more like a black-haired David Crosby, except he was much thinner. Geoff just saw this and let out a girly scream.

"AAAAAAAAAH! HOLY CRAP!" Geoff shouted and stood there shooked to his core. But luckily, Justin's voice appeared far away and out of nowhere.

"Hey, dude! I found the nacho line!" Justin shouted right at him far away as Geoff felt a little relieved that he didn't have to stand scared next to the old creepy guitar player. Justin seemed to be standing in a line for some reason.

"All right, nachos..." Geoff spoke in relief as he walked and stood right behind Justin...

...in a line for the women's restroom.

Looks like they picked the wrong line... LOL

Will Justin and Geoff actually find the Nachos? Is Bridgette and Heather about to grow more impatient by the minute?

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