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"Twinkle Toes," Toph said, "I can't believe such a softie like you reincarnated into someone as tough and rowdy as I am." The airbender beside her laughed heartily.

"Impressive, isn't she?" Aang said, watching Korra as she singlehandedly took down her sparring partners as she demonstrated her ability in front of her superiors. Her movements were acute, strong and excellently executed. Earth, fire, water used with such mastery… she was a natural.

"I wish I had the same physical ability back when I was still training," the former Avatar added, undeniably taken by the next Avatar's skills, "However, she severely lacks spirituality." Toph laughed.

"She still hasn't gotten in touch with you, eh?" the blind earthbender shook her head with a smile. She could sense the familiar hot headedness, stubbornness and tomboyish vibe from Korra. Oh, they were all too similar. Toph liked her very much.

"No, unfortunately not," Aang replied with a sigh, "In time, she will, when she needs aid the most." The two stood there watching in silence, observing Korra's fiery attitude as she goaded Tenzin to teach her airbending, despite his explanation that he had his duties to tend to at Republic City.

"That son of yours is pretty soft too," Toph commented, "Like father, like son."

"Tenzin's just doing what he thinks is best for the time being," Aang replied, crossing his arms, "Really, Toph, even after all these years and after death, you've still retained your hard manner." Toph smirked, both at Aang's comment and at Korra's decision to leave for Republic City to pursue Tenzin on her own path on her own discretion.

"Well, he's still soft. Even Katara's got more iron letting Korra go off like that," Toph said. Katara may have been the Sugar Queen, even as they matured into adults, but she had always had the hardest resolve, substantially more than anyone else.

"I suppose so," Aang said smiling, "But leave it to the rebel teenager to go off on her own not knowing the first thing about her life outside the tribe just to find her path."

"I know that very well," Toph said, smiling too, "A woman's got to do what a woman's got to do."


"Does it upset you that the balance you restored is at the beginning of being on the brink of being torn apart?" Haru asked as they watched Korra bicker with the man standing on the platform promoting anti-bending. Aang hesitated in his reply. Yes, he was upset, clearly… but he understood that the "balance" of life also includes imbalance. The better path for the future is paved by the past's mistakes.

"Yes, I'm upset," he finally said, "However, we both understand that imbalance is inevitable, no matter how many times we fix it. But imbalance is also what makes balance stronger with time." Haru nodded.

"It just bothers me how strongly these non-benders feel about bending," the earthbender said, "I know it sounds like I'm being biased since I am a bender myself, but it's incredible how the hate's grown. This will lead to a much different kind of war than we faced… this one's basically, literally, right in front of them."

"Yes, that may be, but there's the Avatar and she knows she has a duty to fulfill. They, we, must invest our hope in her," Aang said.

"You're right," his friend agreed , "Let me ask you another question: do you think this Korra has the ability to fix this imbalance?"

"With all my heart."


"I don't know what's so bad about pro-bending," Sokka said, "I've always liked watching it, even more than Earth Rumble Six- now that was dilly dally nonsense. What's Tenzin's problem?" Aang laughed at the memory when he, Sokka and Katara had gone to watch the rowdy tournament in pursuit of an earthbending teacher.

"Well you know Tenzin," Aang said, "Always the serious, conservative man of principle." In a small way, Aang had always envied his son for he had always kept his resolve in check with no waver from his path. His son had achieved spiritual and inner maturity far faster than he had.

"You've got that right," Sokka said, "But I like this Korra girl. Strong, straight forward, completely able… well, if you don't take her lack of airbending skills into account. Her personality reminds me a little too much of Toph, though. She's got the charisma of an earthbender."

"Which is why her learning struggles in with air," Aang said, "But she'll eventually learn, just as I did with earth." Sokka snickered.

"Well that took you a long time," he murmured to himself.

"What?" Aang inquired, not catching what his friend had just said.

"Oh, nothing."


"Hm, look at that. The Avatar actually taking part in pro-bending," Toph observed, "I approve."

"I don't know, it seems too against traditional bending to me," Haru said, "Especially for the Avatar."

"The stick up your ass is just as long as Tenzin's," Toph said bluntly. Sokka laughed in agreement.

"Yeah, just sit back and enjoy the show," the non-bender chided cheerfully, "Pro-bending might be good for her since you can't keep a firecracker like that contained for long. This is just what she needs."

"I'd have to side with them, Haru," Aang finally said after watching Korra fight along side Mako and Bolin in silence from the beginning of the match, "For me, it was meditation to keep me at peace. For her, well, it's apparently exercise of strength." Haru sighed, agreeing with some hesitation.

"I like that Bolin kid, though," Sokka said, "He's got some character even though he's a little obnoxious and has the persistence of a hopeless romantic." Toph let out a stifled laugh in amusement.

"Are you sure you're not referring to yourself, Sokka?"


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