For a couple of seconds, everything was blank. When I came to, I was in a completely different place, something even Earth couldn't compare to. Maxwell and I seemed to have been transported into the heart of a large city. All around me were high rise buildings, cars did not have wheels, they hovered; there were even patches of grass that looked to green to be real. The entire city looked as if it had come out of a science-fiction novel. Everything looked very futuristic, buildings were black, white or gray had neon light varying in colour pulsing up the sides. I was quite amazed at what I was seeing.

Maxwell announced, "Welcome to Lux, the largest of the continents in my world of Mundus."

"How is this even possible?" I thought aloud.

"Ah, of course, you need an explanation." Maxwell breathed. "But first, let's go to my house and talk, I'll explain everything there. And there are a few people I want you to meet."

As I followed Maxwell through the streets of Lux, I looked at the things around me. Trying to be observant, I took mental notes of everything I saw. There were moving walkways in place of sidewalks, there was no litter in the streets, streets were perfectly paved; many people were walking around taking no notice of two kids walking in the street as if it was normal. But most notably, was the fact that all the buildings seemed to reflect the sunlight, making the continent of Lux very bright. I was about to ask Maxwell a few questions, before he started talking.

"I know you have many questions about how this place came to be like this, and all I ask is that you wait a few more minutes until we reach my house. But I guess it couldn't hurt to fill you in on a little bit of some of Mundus' geography. Unlike Earth, where continents are split up into countries and even further into cities, Mundus simply has continents. So Lux is much bigger than you think. In total there are ten continents, all of which you will most likely visit in the days to come. Each continent is very different from the others, the buildings, the people, the culture, so as you travel you will have to learn to adapt. And in case you are wondering, I chose to live in Lux simply out of personal preference."

We reached a residential area of Lux, full of houses so large you could have ten people stay over comfortably. I interrupted Maxwell, sounding more rude than intended. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, you're thirteen, and you live on your own, in a house like that?" I said pointing to the house we were now standing in front of which I assumed to be Maxwell's.

Maxwell turned around, clearly agitated. "Just go inside, and I'll explain everything. And before you can ask why, it is because I don't want to have to explain things more than once. Like I said there are some people I want you to meet.