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NOTES: Alice and Jasper are not a couple and ever have been, there is a vampire mating, the story starts right after the end of Twilight, all the events of the first book of the saga happened.

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School is finally over but I'm trapped here in Forks because Edward and Alice still have to graduate from high school.


This summer I'm more depressed and bored than usual because we wouldn't even go vacationing, and that's because my brother found his mate, a fragile and disaster-magnet human. He wants to stay here with her, especially after the James incident. The rest of the family support his choice, all except for Rose, and have decided to remain in town.

I had initially thought to go and visit Charlotte and Peter, maybe travel with them till the end of the next school year, and rejoin my family in time to move to college but Alice asked me to stay, blathering about life changing events, and Rose threatened me with unspeakable pain if I just begin to think about leaving her alone with the "human's fan club"…her words not mine.

So here I am grocery shopping in a supermarket, a list in one hand and a cart in the other, me, a feared and vicious vampire. God I feel like a housewife.

On top of all of this I had to drive to Port Angeles. Alice directed me to a specific supermarket because apparently the one in Forks, or any others for the matter, isn't good enough for the excellent liking of a family of vampires.

Have you noticed my sarcasm?

How I'd like to be an only child in moments like this…

I turn down the junk food aisle and freeze. I think my super brain has just broken. I know it all lasts just an instant but for me the time suddenly seems to stop and expand all together. I'm assaulted by the sight of the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen, the most heavenly scent I've ever smelled and the strangest but most appealing mix of emotions I've ever felt.

My mate is gorgeous - a vision - 5.4 feet tall, 115 pounds, short brown hair, bright green eyes, a beautiful curvy ass and perky little breasts. She is wearing skinny grey jeans, an apple green top, same colored converse, a grey jacket and a colorful bag. Her smell is a mix of lemon, caramel and sea salt - absolutely delicious. The first and strongest emotion that I register is irritation, probably because she can't reach the top shelf and is unsuccessfully trying to climb the lower ones, but in the background I can feel freedom and happiness too.

My brain starts to work again when I hear her voice.

"Stupid supermarket for stupid tall people, I'll sue them for discrimination to average height persons."

The sound is gentle but strong and a plan quickly forms in my mind: if I help her, I can talk to her then offer to walk her home and finally make her mine. Once all the details are set, I jog to her with my cart and clear my throat to draw her attention, making her turn toward me. I see her relieved smile and am enchanted by her beauty.

I mentally shake myself to start my plan, but I don't even have time to open my mouth because she is faster. "Oh finally! Another person and you are tall, I love that you are tall! I need my Nutella can you help me?"

I was a goner for her smile but at the word 'love', my brain breaks again and all I can do is stand there staring. Her smile cracks a little due to my reaction, or absence of it, but she asks again for help, pointing as well this time, and I mechanically hand what she wants.

I observe…fascinated as her luscious lips part to say something, but our moment is interrupted by the ring of a cell. I need a few seconds to realize it's mine. I take it out of my pocket, ready to refuse the call but my girl quickly thanks me, tells me to answer, turns around and walk away. Her words are like a command to me and their effect stuns me so much that I can't prevent her from leaving or myself from taking the call.


"Hey bro where are you? We had to go hunting an hour ago." Emmett's booming voice wakes me from my trance and I quickly search for the petite figure of my mate knowing that she's already gone - Emmett, in the meanwhile, is still talking. "If we want to go to Canada…"

I don't even give him a chance to finish. "No Canada, change of planes. I want a family meeting; I'll be home in 45 minutes."

I hang up the phone without saying bye and rush to pay then load the car.

On my way home all I can think about is finding my mate.