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My phone vibrated with a text message.

"Just touched down."

I tapped out a response quickly, keeping one eye on the precious cargo.

"Already in baggage claim. Hurry."

"I'll be the first one off as soon as the door opens. xoxo"

Her response had me grinning from ear to ear. I knew she was as excited for our reunion as I was.

Bella had been gone for a month on her latest book tour. It had been hard on all of us, but we knew it was a necessary evil since she became an author. Her second book was already doing better than the first, due in part to talk of a movie being made out of the first book.

During some of the late night phone calls we shared while she was gone this past month, we had discussed the possibility of me giving up my business so I could travel with her next time. I could always just refuse contracts when the time came up, but the truth was her books were bringing in enough money so I didn't really need to work.

I didn't mind giving it up, having only held on this long as a safety net. With the inheritance I received when Grandpa Platt died two years ago, we could both afford to stay home. But, neither of us could imagine doing nothing, and instead we invested that money as security for the future.

Speaking of, I glanced back down at our future, ensuring the monsters hadn't gone anywhere.

"You guys ready to see mommy?"

That earned me a frown from our three-year-old, and a bunch of bouncing from our one-year-old at the word "mommy."

"Daaaddy," Alexis whined. "You know I'm not a 'guy.'" I got air quotes and everything when she said "guy." Such a smarty-pants our baby girl was turning out to be.

"Sorry, princess." I stooped to kiss the top of her long, wavy hair. "You're right. I definitely know that you're not a guy." I chuckled internally as I surveyed the frilly, purple dress, white stockings and black dress shoes that she picked out by herself. We never could figure out where she got her fashion sense from, since Bella didn't have a girly bone in her body. Somehow, I thought it was all Aunt Alice's doing, even though Alexis had been displaying these tendencies since long before any influence could be blamed.

Nowadays, Aunt Alice took every opportunity to shop with her all too willing Goddaughter. We were going to have to teach Alexis how to spend responsibly much sooner than I would have liked.

Jackson, on the other hand, was as easy-going as can be. He had been a good sleeper since he emerged from the womb fourteen months ago, and rarely cried. His big sister was his idol. He followed Alexis around everywhere, and even let her play dress-up with him.

He was a momma's boy, though, and couldn't wait to see her again—not so unlike his daddy. I had only seen Bella for a quick weekend since she'd left, when Alice and Jasper had watched the kids along with their two. I was missing my wife something fierce.

I smiled at Jackson and the crumpled flower stem in his hand. The kids made it clear that they wanted to have something for Bella when I had stopped to pick up flowers for her, so I gave them each a flower from the bouquet.

Jackson's hold on my hand loosened, causing mine to immediately tighten, a second before he started screaming, "Mama, mama, mama!"

When I looked up and saw a beaming Bella coming towards us, I scooped him up and started off toward my wife, dragging an excited three-year-old along with me.

Her arms were around the three of us as soon as we were within her reach.

"I missed you all, so much!" she said. I could hear the tears in her voice.

She took Jackson from my arms once he had latched onto her neck. His little face was peppered with kisses as he laughed.

Stooping down, she gave Alexis a big hug while Jackson was still attached to her.

"I'm glad you're home, mommy," Alexis said as she handed Bella the flower.

"So am I, baby. Is this for me?"

Alexis nodded and gave Bella a grin that I recognized. It was like looking in a mirror. She had Bella's hair, but the green eyes and crooked smile definitely came from me.

Jackson shoved his broken flower at Bella, who laughed and thanked him with more kisses. There was no denying that boy was mine. Not only would he do anything for kisses from Bella, but he was the spitting image of my baby pictures—right down to the uncontrollable hair.

Finally, I got my arms around my wife. "Missed you, sweetheart," I said quietly as I cupped her face. I pulled her in for a chaste kiss which quickly escalated, having not seen her for over two weeks. I hummed in appreciation until we were interrupted by Alexis.

"Ew, daddy!"

Ah, the joys of having children.

Bella pulled away with a bright smile on her face and winked at me. "Let's go get my luggage so we can go home."

The car ride was quiet thanks to the late hour. Jackson nodded off as soon as we hit the interstate, and Alexis wasn't too far behind him. My hand didn't leave Bella's thigh the entire drive.

As soon as the car was in the garage of our house of four years, we quickly scrambled out and each grabbed a sleeping child. I unlocked the door to the house with Alexis' head perched on my shoulder and carefully took her to her room while Bella took care of Jackson. Alexis didn't even stir as I removed her dress and stockings, or when I placed her nightgown over her head. I tucked her into bed with a kiss to her forehead.

"Goodnight, princess. I love you." I closed the door quietly and made my way to the master bedroom, where Bella was already waiting.

"Do you need anything from the car?" I asked her.

She shook her head with a sly smile. "No, I just need you."

"You read my mind," I told her just before our lips crashed together and our bodies entwined.

It didn't take long for me to have my wife of five years naked and underneath me on the bed. I kissed and sucked on her body like a starving man with a piece of steak. When I made my way to her wet center, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

"Fuck, you taste good," I groaned against her skin.

She hummed as I went to work, lapping up her juices before sucking her clit into my mouth. Only a few minutes later, she was tugging on my hair as her body shook with release.

I quickly sat back on my heels and pulled her hips over my thighs, sheathing myself in her heat in one swift movement. She let out a groan of pleasure while I hissed at the contact I had missed so much.

"This is gonna be fast, baby," I warned her as I began slamming into her.

"Yes!" she screamed. "Oh god, Edward … I'm never going away without you again."

I kept up the brisk movements, feeling my release approaching rapidly. "Never again, baby," I ground out. "I can't be away from you again."

Her walls were fluttering around me as she moaned long and low. I kept up the pace of my thrusts, trying to hold off my release knowing she was close. There was nothing like the feeling of cuming together. "Let go, baby," I told her quietly, and it was enough to send her over the edge, with me following right behind.

I collapsed on top of her and we were both silent until I caught my breath.

"We will never have another lonely night."

She smiled widely at me, peppering my face with kisses. "I love you so much, Edward."

"I love you too, Bella. You and the kids … you mean everything to me."

"Well," she started, with her fingers in my hair just the way I liked. "I'm pretty sure no matter what, our nights won't be lonely for quite some time."

"What do you mean?" I asked with my brows furrowed.

Her eyes drifted down before returning to my face. "When you came to visit me in Oregon a few weeks ago, you left a present behind."

I racked my brain to figure out what she was talking about when she shifted us onto our sides. She took my hand and placed it onto her stomach.

My eyes grew wide, and my smile wider. "Yeah?"


"God, I love you. And you," I said as I moved down so I could kiss her stomach. After covering every inch of her abdomen, I continued to talk to it just as I had with both of our other children. "You're going to have a great life. Your big sister, Alexis, is just like a little mommy. And I'm sure Jackson will love to have someone smaller than him hanging around. But, Mommy and Daddy are so happy you're going to come into our lives. We love you so much already."

I rested my head against her belly with a smile, happy beyond belief about the life I had with my wife, the life I shared with Alexis and Jackson, and the life we created snuggled safely inside of Bella.

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