Author's Note: This is my first M-rated fan-fiction in a while, so, please no harsh critiquing or "flames" allowed. Kind critiquing and suggestions are always welcome and put into consideration. In this story, Aang is 14 and Katara is 16, and have been dating for two years. Yes, this is a pregnancy story, I know there are a few out there, but the thought of Aang and Katara have a child together is such a good topic to do in my opinion. I'm trying to make this as accurate as possible, including Aang and Katara's pet name for each other "Sweetie" (If you have read ATLA: The Promise). Also, if you haven't read "The Promise", this story has a few spoilers. - Blu

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Chapter One

Aang looked out of the balcony of the house on Air Temple Island, looking at the shining, golden Republic City across the water. He sighed contently as he reminisced at the events in past couple years. Defeating Fire Lord Ozai, building this city with Zuko, and for him, the highlight of it all, was that he got the girl in the end. The world was still having trouble, in fact, last year he had nearly killed Zuko after his betrayal. He shook that thought out of his head and turned as a familiar voice called him.

"Are you ok, sweetie?" Katara asked, who was back in her blue water tribe garb, hugging her boyfriend from behind.

He smiled, loving her warm embrace and turned to face her, returning her hug. "I'm ok, just thinking." He pulled away from the hug and looked down at her, smiling warmly and lovingly.

"About?" Aang shrugged and looked at Republic City again, leaning against the balcony.

"Just about what all happened in the past couple years… it's kind of surreal…" Aang began and got lost in thought as he looked at the golden glow of the city. Katara giggled and gently grabbed Aang by the chin, guiding him to her mouth. She lingered for a second before closing the gap between them. At this, Aang yet again turned toward the waterbender, gently grasping her waist and tilting his head, deepening the kiss. He groaned lightly as their tongues met, fighting for dominance, pressing Katara's body tightly against his own, eliciting a small moan from the young woman.

"Hey guys, Toph, Suki and I are about t… Oh my Spirits! Aang, Katara, stop!" The couple pulled away quickly blushing, as Aang wiped a strand of saliva from his lip and chin while Katara gave her brother a nasty look.

"Sokka, give it a rest already, it's been two years." She exclaimed, obviously frustrated.

"I don't care if it's been two decades; it still gives me the oogies!" Sokka cracked, sticking his tongue out. "Anyway, as I was saying, Toph, Suki and I are going to bed and you should too Aang. We have a big Council meeting with Zuko tomorrow."

Aang and Katara nodded and went into their temporary home and bid goodnight to everyone and the pair was starting to make their way to their own rooms, until Aang stopped. He wanted more than just their kiss earlier and turned to face Katara.

"Katara…?" He called nervously

"Yes sweetie?"

"So, you… um... wanna go swimming with me tonight?" He asked, blushing deeply and Katara also blushed at this sudden question.

"Sure." She smiled and nodded as they headed back outside and went to the large pond outback. She had also wanted more from earlier, and she was silently hoping that they would have a second chance.

Once they got there, Katara stripped herself of all her clothing except her bindings, which made Aang unintentionally stare. In the past couple years, her breasts had gotten a bit bigger and her hips were slightly more defined than they were back when she was fourteen. As Aang looked back up at Katara's face, he chucked as his girlfriend cocked an eyebrow and turned, her back facing him as she entered the water. Blushing, Aang followed suit, removing his gold and yellow fabric before walking into the water himself.

Aang swam over to Katara, wrapping his tattooed arms around her perfect waist and kissing her neck, receiving a moan of approval. "I love you Katara…" He whispered in her ear, giving it a gentle nibble, which made the water tribe girl gasp a bit.

"I love you too Aang…" Katara returned as she turned around, immediately getting lost in her boyfriend's smoky gray eyes. Aang's also had gotten lost in her serene blue eyes as he closed the gap between them and their lips met with a fiery passion.

Katara blushed as she felt Aang's tongue at her upper lip, asking for entrance, which she happily obliged as she tilted her head, opening in mouth in unison with Aang. Their tongue met, mixing each other's saliva as they danced within each other's mouths, making the couple moan lightly together. They stood there in the pond, kissing and rubbing their hands over each other's bodies. Aang had placed his hands on Katara's rear, squeezing it gently, which made Katara press her body against Aang's more fervently. Katara's eyes shot open as she felt a hard object against her thigh as she pressed her body against his and experimentally grinded a thigh against it, making Aang groan quietly in pleasure.

Aang pulled away from the kiss at this, both of them panting, needing air and just continued to gaze into each other's eyes. No words were shared between them; just the sound of their breathing and the water around them filled the air. Their pupils were large and filled with love and want. Aang lifted Katara, letting her straddle his waist as he held his hands on her butt for support as he walked out of the pond, taking Katara with him back to the temple.

Once inside, Aang had carried his girlfriend into his bedroom, laying her on the bed gently and gazed into her eyes; her eyes silently telling Aang that she was ready. "Are you sure Katara? I know that look in your eyes."

"Yes, Aang, I'm ready. I love you more than anything and… I... I want to do this with you." Katara explained, cupping her boyfriend's face lovingly. Aang looked back at her, her blue eyes somewhat pleading and a small, subtle smile on her face.

"But what about your tribe's customs?" Aang continued and Katara just rolled her eyes.

"I'm sixteen, aren't I? That's the Water Tribe's legal marrying age… and… I want to be your wife someday, but I understand if you don't want to Aang." She reassured, kissing the avatar's chin. Aang looked down at the love of his life, somewhat stunned. He knew that Katara loved him, but he didn't think that she actually wanted to be his wife.

"If you want to, I want to." Aang whispered as he closed the gap between them, their lips meeting again, much more heated than before. Their tongue fought against each other once more and their hands roamed; one of Aang rested on the small of her back and the other on her rear, squeezing the muscle. Katara had wrapped one of her legs around the airbender's waist as her hands caressed his bare, slightly damp chest.

Aang's hands began to travel back up Katara's body and his fingers started fiddling with her chest bindings, making Katara pull away from the kiss, her face beet-red.

"You ok, sweetie?" Aang sat up a little and moved his bands back to her waist.

"Um, yeah… I'm just… nervous is all… keep going." Katara stuttered, her dark cheek a rosy shade of red. Aang nodded and finished untying her bindings, the white cloth loosening around her chest. He hesitated as he gripped the binding and removed them and began blushing as he gazed at the waterbender's bare chest.

He looked back up at Katara's face, finding out that her head was turned to one side, afraid to make eye contact with him. He smiled at how cute she was being and cupped her cheek in his hand, turning her head to face him and he kissed her gingerly on the lips. "Don't worry, Katara. You're beautiful."

At Aang's comforting words, she grabbed one of his hands and placed it on her left breast, blushing and smiling shyly. Aang blushed and looked at his hand on her flesh, giving the mound an experimental squeeze. He looked up as he heard Katara sigh contently, figuring that he was doing something right and took his explorations further. He soon lowered his head directly above her breasts, kissing one of her breasts while one of his hands fondled her attended breast.

Katara, who no longer shy, moaned and closed her eyes, enjoying the attention Aang was giving her and her breasts. Suddenly, Katara felt something different and her eyes shot open, seeing her boyfriend's mouth around her nipple, his tongue circling the sensitive flesh. At that, Katara moaned and noticed that Aang still had his undergarments on and stretched her hands in order to grab them at the waistband, the fabric still wet from their earlier swim and tugged them down, leaving Aang completely naked.

Aang unlatched himself from Katara's breasts, blushing deeply and rested on his stomach, hiding his erection from Katara. Katara giggled and like what Aang did to comfort her, she kissed him sweetly and grabbed his hips, encouraging him to sit up, which he did, closing his eyes tightly to avoid seeing Katara's reaction. Upon sitting up on the bed, Katara sat up herself to get a better view and blushed. Aang was as handsome naked as he was clothed, maybe more. She crawled to him and gently pushed him to lie down, kissing him. Aang obliged by lying down but reclining on his arms.

"You're perfect, Aang." Katara reassured, smiling and placed a hand on his navel, making Aang blush.

"Not as perfect as you." He retorted charmingly, his hand resting on her thigh as she hovered over him. Katara blushed a bit and got off of Aang, resting next to his thigh and the hand that was on his navel gently gripping the base of his penis which made Aang fluttered his eyes closed in nervousness and pleasure. He had never let anyone near that area before and he knew how sensitive it was, but he trusted Katara and let her continue her ministrations.

He opened his eyes and groaned as Katara began stroking his, her hand going from the base of his penis to the head. Katara saw Aang's reaction and continued doing go, keeping her strokes at a slow and steady pace. Aang instinctually began bucking his hips with Katara's strokes, which silently told Katara to quicken her strokes, which she did. Aang panted heavily and soon he began feeling his crotch tense up and he quickly grabbed Katara's hand.

"What's wrong…?" Katara frowned and asked, thinking she did something wrong.

"Well, I'm kinda close to… you know… I mean... I just want to wait until… uh…" Aang hinted shyly, which Katara understood immediately; they both knew that if Aang were to orgasm now that the night would pretty much be over. With that, she pulled away and kissed her boyfriend, smiling at his shyness.

"I understand Aang." Katara smiled and kissed Aang deeper, her tongue roaming his mouth as he happily returned the favor. Katara quickly pulled away, feeling Aang's thumbs hooked in her last article of clothing. Shyly, she pulled away even more, her cheek completely flushed.

"Katara, it's ok… you know I think you're beautiful…" Aang whispered, his lips on her ear lobe, gently nibbling it. His affectionate love bites relaxed the waterbender's body as he slowly removed the last article of clothing.

Katara felt the cool breeze between her legs and hid her face in Aang's shoulder, blushing deeply as her full body was now exposed to the airbender. Aang blushed as well, bring raised by monks, he wasn't taught much about female anatomy, and this area of Katara baffled him in a way.

He gently pulled her away from him and flipped her, laying her down where he once was and took her hips in his hands, caressing them in reassurance. Katara relaxed slightly under his touch and her legs seemed to have fallen limp onto the bed, which Aang saw and slid his hands down to her thighs, caressing them slowly.

Katara let out a contented sigh but soon hiccupped as she felt Aang gently spread his legs open. "Aang! What're you…?" Katara panicked slightly and closed her legs back up nervously against the avatar's hands. Aang sighed sweetly and kissed her.

"Do you trust me?" He whispered as he brushed stray hairs from her face. Katara nodded her answer and relaxed her legs against the bed as she knew she could trust Aang.

Aang spread her legs again and looked at her womanhood with amazement and confusion. He could see that both her inner and outer folds were damp and swollen from arousal and experimentally placed a finger between her folds, making Katara gasp.

Aang liked this reaction and lied down on his stomach between her legs, getting a better view of Katara's womanhood. He studied it for a bit, using his fingers to spread her outer folds and studied her anatomy even closer. He scooted closer to her crotch and he was immediately intoxicated by her scent and he used a finger to roam her, finding her entrance and gently pushed his finger in. At this Katara's flinched a bit, making Aang look up, making sure she alright and once he knew she was okay, Aang pushed his finger in a little more and blushed at the feeling.

She was tight and her walls squeezed on his finger, but her lubricant made it easy for him to pull his finger free and he examined the clear liquid on his finger, rubbing it between his forefinger and thumb. Blushing, he experimentally put his finger in his mouth, tasting the liquid, which he liked. As if by instinct, Aang scooted closed and placed his mouth over her folds, licking up her juices, which made Katara's once closed eyes become wide open, amazing at what her boyfriend was doing.

"Aang…" Katara murmured in pleasure as Aang continued, his tongue finding her clitoris and flicking it. Aang noticed this reaction and focused all of his attention on that hardened nub, making Katara moan louder and more frequently.

Katara looked at Aang through half-lidded eyes, blushing at his actions. Soon enough, Katara felt her core heat up and she felt her legs shaking, aching for release. "Aang... I...I…" Before she could finish her sentence, she felt her body spasm and closed her eyes, moaning loudly in ecstasy.

Aang was also surprised by Katara's orgasm, his mouth covered in the clear liquid. The airbender smiled and licked what he could off his lips and wiped the rest of the liquid on his wrist. He hovered over Katara and kissed her sweetly, his tongue exploring her mouth before pulling away and positioning his erected penis at her entrance.

Before he entered her Aang grabbed Katara hands and held them in his, which Katara squeezed in return. "You ready?" Aang braced himself, the head of his penis against her firmly as the water bender nodded, bracing herself as well.

With that, Aang slowly slid in, groaning at the new sensation, once he was full in, he looked down at Katara's face, tears streaming down her face and her teeth clenched in pain. Aang stood still and released his hands from hers, hugging her in an embrace to calm her, kissing her tears away. Pulling away, Aang looked into Katara's blue eyes, waiting for her to be ready and she nodded, telling him that he could move.

He started out slow, only pulling out a couple inches before carefully pushing back in. As he did that, he studied Katara's face; knowing that she was in pain and he hated that he was causing it and leaned down to kiss her, comforting her as he moved.

Katara tried her best to hold her tears back, feeling the stinging pain of her walls being stretched out. Katara wrapped her arms around Aang's tattooed body, kissing him in return to take her mind off the pain. Fortunately for her, she was beginning to feel the stinging pain diminish and it was being replaced by pleasure and she let out a soft moan and instinctually bucked her hips with his.

Aang sped up a little bit inside her as he noticed the difference in Katara and moved his mouth to her neck, kissing and sucking on it passionately. As he moved, Katara continued to feel pleasure, her moans and pants more frequent and her arms wrapped around Aang tightly. Aang groaned louder as they moved in rhythm, pushing and pulling together and apart… become one with each other.

Soon, the couple was moving at full speed, panting and moaning in sync. Pleasure and desire driving them and soon enough, both were near orgasm; Katara's hands gripped Aang shoulders tightly, her body quivering and her teeth clenched again at the sheer pleasure. Aang was close also, panting and groaning with each thrust, his erection pulsing as he inched closer to his climax.

"A...Aang!" Katara moaned and arched her back in pleasure, feeling a heat sweep over her and her body shook violently as the girl climaxed. Aang soon followed, pushing himself entirely inside her and spilling his seed, moaning with her. Once their orgasms were over, Aang pulled out and lazily lied down beside her, panting and covering in sweat as he took Katara in his arms.

"I love you Aang… so much." Katara mumbled, panting and snuggling against his chest.

"I love you too Katara…" Aang groaned, still panting lightly and soon drifted into sleep. Katara giggled softly as her boyfriend quickly fell asleep and she did the same.

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