I apologize greatly for the delay, as of now, "Made Of Love" is on hold. I have major writer's block and current family issues, the huge fires in Fort Collins (High Park fire) and Colorado Springs (Waldo Canyon fire) have affected me greatly with my friends and family living in those areas, so I have only been thinking about the safety of them. Also, I keep thinking of ideas for Korra/Bolin fan fictions, so I'll work on that for a bit until I can get out of this writer's block funk.

Right now, I am a few paragraphs of my Korra/Bolin story; it'll be a collection of one-shots to get my brain thinkin' again.


Korra turned around to face Mako, confused and somewhat uplifted. "So… you do like me?" The firebender sighed and finally admitted it.

"Yes, but… I like Asami too. I'm just a little confused and…" Korra cut him off, she didn't want to hear anymore.

"Well honestly Mako, I take back what I said. We aren't made for each other. Unlike you, Bolin actually isn't a jerk to me like you first were. He liked me before he knew I was the Avatar and if it weren't for him, you'd have never met me and I would've never joined the Fire Ferrets…" she paused and turned towards the bay again, gazing at Air Temple Island. "Bolin and I actually have a lot in common. I'm glad I gave him a chance tonight…"

She heard Mako leave as his footsteps fade away towards the Arena and not two seconds after, she heard softer steps which she assumed was Bolin. "Um… Korra?" Bolin called and cleared his throat, his voice cracking.

Korra turned around and widened her eyes as she was nose to nose with a large bouquet of pink roses. Korra is in shock, no one has even given her flowers and she shyly took them. "Thank you, Bo." She thanked and sniffed them, loving sweet fragrance.

The earthbender shrugged and blushed, scratching the back of his head. "It's nothing… really. It's just a little thank you for tonight. I mean… I kinda see how you look at Mako and…" He frowned and paused trying to fight small tears. Korra saw this and quickly kissed him then held it for what seemed like minutes.


The story, takes place during episode 5 of LoK is what might've happened if Korra hadn't kissed Mako during the tournament. And yes, I am aware that Korra and Mako are dating, but I'm still a huge "BoKorra" shipper/supporter.

Anyway, I am so sorry for this story being on hold. If any of you have ANY IDEAS for Chapter three, PLEASE let me know.

- Blu