Hello all. Perhaps starting a new story is not conducive to updating the other ones, and perhaps this is a silly idea, but I found this written down amongst some of my other work. So I figured I'd just post what I have and see what you guys thought.

How I explain the discrepancies in time? Well…I ignore it, and claim magic as my excuse. I suppose I could use the BBC versions of the characters, but when I had written this the show hadn't aired yet, and I'm not rewriting. Plus the timelines still wouldn't match up anyway. Oh, and this was also written pre-Game of Shadows, so until I actually bother to rent that movie and watch it, there will be no spoilers or cannon facts from it.

Anyway, I'm just going to let you guys read it. Thanks for giving me your time, and enjoy.

Dobby's Polka-Dotted Sock

Chapter One

"Harry Potter!"

At this new turn of events, Harry felt almost weak at the knees, but somehow he managed to find his way down the aisle—which seemed much, much longer and filled with suspicious, hostile faces—past Dumbledore who for once was not smiling, and into the antechamber off of the Great Hall. What followed next were countless minutes of accusations, arguments, and aggravation, all going nowhere. He just couldn't take it.

"A small 'investigation' isn't going to cover it! Look, if- if someone's trying to kill me like Professor Moody says, then I want to know who. I want to know why this is happening to me." With the appearance of the Dark Mark and the Death Eaters, Harry just didn't feel safe. It wasn't just him and a weakened Voldemort or a blinded Basilisk anymore. He needed help, and he knew it enough to say so.

"Al- alright, Mr. Potter, if that's the way you feel," Ludo Bagman said, glancing around at the other adults, some of whom seemed appeased and others, like Snape and Karkaroff, still sulky. The former Quidditch star turned to Mr. Crouch. "I could talk to Amelia, maybe pull some people off of looking for Bertha. Merlin knows that's going nowhere…"

The two Ministry officials walked away, continuing the discussion, and the Headmaster of Hogwarts took this as the signal to dismiss everyone else.


Back in the common room the twins had begun a celebration in his honor, which he quietly asked them to disband. He figured his outburst in front of the Heads and some teachers of the three premiere schools of magic in Europe, two Ministry Department Heads, and his fellow champions was enough yelling for one day. Harry told his Gryffindor tower mates that to the best of his knowledge he did not put his name in the Goblet and that hopefully some sort of deep, thorough investigation would be made into how it happened.

However, he did not expect his best friend to not believe him.

"Come on, Ron! What's it going to take? I wasn't even that interested in the tournament before! So—" he stopped short of saying "So stop being such a prat." Harry had promised to himself to never call Ron that name, not after seeing Fred, George, and Ginny use it time and time again to tear down their brother's self-confidence.

He recollected his scrambled, frantic, worry-filled thoughts, but couldn't really think of anything and Ron's back was still facing him. He was running out of steam. So Harry gave, saying, "The only way I could've entered myself would be if Moody Imperio'ed me to do it," and threw himself onto his bed.

"And anyway," he said, more to himself, "he would have Crucio'ed me after for not being able to resist the Imperius Curse, and I figure I'd remember that, wouldn't I?" He heard Ron turn to look at him, but didn't bother to open his eyes.

"Would Moody do that, you think?" He asked.

"I dunno," Harry answered tiredly. "He's brilliant, but nutters, so maybe."

"And Dumbledore drew the Age Line, but he's nutters too. Maybe it only keeps you out if you're underage and trying to put your own name in. Reckon Colin or Dennis would put your name in just to get some good pictures?" Harry scowled and opened his eyes, expecting to see a taunting, challenging light to Ron's face, but all he found was his best mate grinning at his own words. "I reckon I believe you, mate," Ron said.

"Thanks, Ron," Harry returned with a smile of his own.


The next morning found Ludo Bagman in the office of Madam Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Normally to see a Department Head an appointment had to be made, but things were always changing in the DMLE, so there wasn't really a set schedule.

"What brings you here today Ludo, don't you have a tournament to be overseeing?" the Madam asked in her brusque way.

"Well, that's the thing Amelia, the tournament's a little—"

"I read the papers today, I've heard all about your Fourth Champion."

"Oh good, then you probably realize the importance of it being Harry Potter?"

"Of course; he's a national icon."

"Precisely! Well, Mad-Eye's got it into the boy's head that someone's trying to kill him. Ridiculous, really. All the same—" Madam Bones interrupted him a second time.

"He may be paranoid, but Alastor's usually spot-on about these things. Frankly, I'm inclined to agree with him."

"Right," said Ludo, beginning to become nervous at the prospect of someone actually trying to kill the Boy-Who-:Lived. Perhaps he should place his bet for Diggory or Krum… "Anyway, he wants to know the how-and-why, so if you could—"

"Wait, he's asked for an investigation? A formal investigation?"

"Yes, he has," he replied, perplexed at her intensity. "Why?"

'Cause there's nothing Fudge can do about it.' Amelia thought privately to herself. Instead she spoke aloud, "Then I'd be happy to help."

"Oh good," he said again, "I'm sure it won't take much to settle the boy, Amelia. I was thinking maybe pull a couple of people off the Bertha search, it's really not going anywhere—"

"Sorry, Ludo," she said, once again cutting off his babble, "but that goes against policy and common decency. Besides, I'm a little curious as to the how-and-why myself, maybe as much as Mr. Potter. I think I know someone else who would find this very interesting as well…" She trailed off in thought before giving a decisive nod. "Yes, I do believe I've got your man, Ludo. Let me get in contact with him, see if he's free."

"He's really that busy?" Ludo asked, surprised.

"Busier and better than that pack of Auror trainees you wanted. I'll send a notice to your office once I talk to him. But while you're here, I happened to run into a few goblins at the Cauldron and—"

"Afraid I don't have time to chat, Amelia, have a nice day!" And with that her visitor, after cutting her off for the first time, quickly vacated her office and, indeed, the floor.

"I was just going to tell him a joke I heard, and it wasn't even a bad one. Hm…" She stuck her head out of the office doorway and stopped the nearest Auror. "Dawlish, get me an update on the Jorkins Search and send a message to requesting Trainee Tonks to stop using herself as a Missing Person's poster in magical areas. Pull the file on Bagman and see if he's had any dealings with the goblins lately. But don't bother me for anything but an emergency for an hour, I'll be on the phone."

"Yes, Madam Bones."

As a pureblood witch, she didn't use the phone often, but sometimes in this line of work a telephone was needed. She checked the file, verifying the number, and dialed. After three rings it was picked up and a woman spoke on the other end.

"221 Baker Street, Mrs. Hudson speaking."

"Good morning, Mrs. Hudson, I'd like to speak to a tenant of yours, and Mr. Sherlock Holmes."

"I'm not sure if he—"

"If you could, tell him it's Madam Bones and that it is very important."

"Very well, Madam."

"Sorry to bother you further, but is Dr. Watson in as well?"

"He is, Madam."

"Excellent, this will go much more smoothly then."

"I agree whole-heartedly, Madam."

So that's the first chapter. I'm hoping I've piqued your interest. What will happen when Homes and Watson get to Hogwarts? And how do they know about the Wizarding World? I've still got a good chapter's worth written down so expect an update shortly.