Crack ship warning: LinxAmon M-preg.

( Basically the crackiest ship my friend and I came up with and are now racing to write an actual fanfic about .xD)

It had been another successful rally. Many had turned up , almost as much as the last time. Sighing and checking he was alone , Amon finally removed his mask. It was his way of letting his hair down, of forgetting about the rallies and the Shows and that Avatar. Every now and then he'd dress up in normal clothes , comb his hair and visit his favourite bar.

It was a cool evening as Amon strolled down the street and cherished the feel of the air on his face. The bar was quite today , only a few regulars sitting at the tables nursing their beers.

"the usual" He said casually , leaning against the bar.

"Coming right up."

He liked it here. It wasn't ever busy and talk of the Equalists rarely came up. Here , amon thought, he just relax and forget about everything. He sipped his brew and took another look around the room. There was one new face. A grey haired lady dressed in black staring out the window with a bottle of saki on her table.

She looked stern and strong. He liked that in a woman, someone fierce and powerful, someone to match his skills. He smirked to himself , it had been a while since he picked up a stranger in a bar. In fact , he couldn't remember the last time he'd got a bit of tail.

Buffing himself up he approached the woman. "Hey there." he said smugly , sliding into the seat opposite hers.

"I'm not looking to hook up , if that's what you're after." She replied sourly

"No , I'm just looking for some company." Another smirk played across his lips.

"Wipe that look off your face!" She glared.

His smirk fell. "Sorry."

She paused and looked almost regretful. " No , I'm sorry . It's been a while since anyone approached me in a bar."

"Oh?"Amon leaned in with a curious look on his face.

The beautiful woman sighed. "My name's Lin , and yours?"

Amon smiled, "How about we skip the names and do something daring?"

She laughed. " God you're bad at this."

She leaned in and whispered in his ear. " Perhaps you make it for it in other ways." Winking she got up from her table and sauntered over to the bathroom.

A sudden urge tugged at Amon and he followed her into the bathroom.

There she was , her black shirt hanging loosely over her a come hither look with her eyes.

"lock the door behind you." She gestured to the small lock underneath the handle.

Amon didn't need to be told twice. Quickly he locked the door and turned to the now topless Lin.

She was surprisingly stunning , her sexy figure pulled him in and a few moments later they both emerged from the bathroom , hot and sweaty.

" I thought you weren't looking for a hook up," Amon whispered into her ear , pausing to gently tug at it with his teeth,

" Lets just say I changed my mind." She whispered back coyly.

"Same time tomorrow ?" He asked , half jokingly.

"If you're lucky" Lin replied as she slowly sauntered out the door.