That incident had been months ago .

She told herself she wouldn't go back to that bar. It had been a one time thing . . . But yet , she couldn't get the picture of him out of her head.

Sure he was probably a little young for her but he'd had the balls to approach her and heck he'd even made her laugh. Maybe . . . Maybe she'd go back. Just this once . Just to see if he was there.

Filing away the last of the case reports she smiled at the thought of meeting that cocky stranger again.

She recalled the way the locks of his hair fell slightly above his eye , how that cocky smiled spread across his entire face , the way his naked body looked as they-

She pulled her mind from the gutter and scolded herself, Really these were not the kinds of thoughts she should be was the chief! Not some fantasising school girl.

Like the first time she had entered the bar was quiet and there he was , elbow sunk onto the bar , head resting in hand , drinking his tea like a man without purpose.

Was that him? Was that the handsome smug man she had met before? His face seemed . . . Paler somehow , his expression more troubled than before.

Regardless she slid onto the bar stool next to him.

"Can I get you something?" She smirked.

Without looking up he shook his head and sipped on his tea. A small quiet sip.

" Is everything alright?" lin asked now quite taken aback by the transformation from the man she was expecting,

"Yeah . . . Sure." very suddenly the stood up and rushed to the bathroom , covering his mouth with his hand.

But not so suddenly that Lin failed to notice. Not so suddenly as to disguise the odd bulge of his stomach. The bulge that didn't jiggle like the pot belly of so many other men she had seen down at this bar , no . It was a bulge that reminded Lin of Pema's figure when she first fell Pregnant with Jinora.

Lin dismissed this idea instantly. Don't be silly she told herself. There was no way this guy could be pregnant . . . But come to think of it , it had been a few months since she'd seen him.

She waited patiently , the small idea playing round and round in her mind.

Eventually he returned smelling only slightly of sick. Normally she would have assumed any an at a bar smelling of sick was drunk of their mind, but it only served to back up her fears.

"Hello again." She said : sliding off her stool and offering her hand to the man .

"You . . . You're here?" he seemed more shocked than pleased, this worried her even more.

"Yes, I thought I'd stop by for a drink." This was only a partial lie , so lin let herself off.

" I didn't think I'd ever see you again." Slowly the man touched his stomach , curling his hand around the bump.

"Err . . . Yes." She glanced at his hand. "This is porbably none of my business , but . . . Youre not . . " She trailed off , only now realising how idiotic it sounded.

The man looked up , slowly nodding "pregnant ? yes. Yes I am."

I told ya! I told ya he'd get pregnant! See with all the talk of the avatar and Amon and the time spent bending and mastering techniques didn't anyone ever think to educate this people in safe sex? -sigh- Maybe Tenzin can head up a family planning clinque somewhere. IDK xD