Chapter One:

I want to go there… Princess Serenity gazed dreamily at the Earth from her balcony. If only just for a moment… I need to see it.

"I see, so this is where you've been hiding?" Sailor Mars appeared behind Serenity, with her hands on her hips and ready to scold the Princess. "You were staring up at the Earth again weren't you?"

"It's just so beautiful," Serenity turned to Mars, her eyes wide and sparkling. Covered in water, grass and clouds… so many things that we have so little of here. "It must be paradise."

"Now Princess, you know that it is forbidden for you to visit Earth, right?" Mars sighed. What are we going to do with her? She ignores our warnings, she's prone to disappearing, and she is far too innocent and trusting. Earth is not the place for her.

"Yes, I know," Serenity nodded and laughed to hide her disappointment. "Where is Mercury? It's time for my lessons now, isn't it?" She followed Mars back inside the Palace, though her eyes remained fixed on the bright blue planet until it was out of sight.


If I'm going to travel to the Earth, today has to be the day. After my lessons are over, Mother is holding a meeting with my guardians. With them distracted, I should be able to sneak out… It's now or never.

"Princess?" Mercury paused her lecture on the history of the Moon Kingdom when she noticed Serenity had stopped paying attention. "And Venus too! Are either of you listening? This lesson is very important for understanding the diplomatic agreements between the planets."

"Sorry," Venus laughed. "You know academics just aren't my thing. I'm listening now." She glanced over at Serenity, who was still clearly in her own world. "Princess," she nudged her and laughed. "Mercury's getting mad."

"Right, sorry," Serenity snapped to attention. The faster we can get through the lesson, the faster I can leave.

When the lesson was finally over, Serenity quickly picked up her books and started to head back to her room. The Senshi are used to me rushing after lessons are finished, anyway. They all know that I hate that stuff. In any case, today they're too preoccupied trying to look their best for the Queen and making sure they're not late.

Serenity placed her books on her bed, walked over to her dresser, and started rifling through her drawers. "I know it's around her somewhere…" she said quietly to herself while she searched. "Ah, here it is! The Disguise Pen." Mother gave this to me as a way to protect myself in case someone dangerous broke into the Palace looking for me. It is supposed to be used for emergencies only. "Well, this is definitely an emergency! It's my only chance to go to Earth and I can't even get out of the Palace dressed like this," she tried to remember the words her mother had told her to say in order to change her form. "Moon Power, change me into an ordinary Earth civilian!"

In a flash of light, Serenity's flowing gown transformed into a simple dress, and the crescent moon mark disappeared from her forehead. The only evidence that remained of her status as the Moon Princess was her incredibly long blonde hair kept in pigtails by large buns on either side. Once satisfied with her new appearance, Serenity did not wait another minute to leave for Earth. Just like the Senshi and my mother, I have the power to travel from planet to planet. It is important for diplomatic reasons, so that we can come to each other's aid and meet easily. Not that they ever let me go anywhere… it's too dangerous. It takes a lot of energy, and is a power not meant to be taken lightly or used too frequently… I know they would all get very angry with me if they knew I was using it for this. But I have to go. I can't wait any longer.


Suddenly, Serenity found herself standing on a bed of flowers. Amazed that she was finally on the planet she had dreamed of for so long, she span around happily until she got dizzy and fell down.

"I'm here!" she laughed, still lying on the ground out of breath. The ground is so soft here. So unlike the stone floors that cover the entire Palace. There's hardly any grass at all on the Moon. And no flowers grow wild like this… the only flowers I've seen have been in pots. Wanting to feel the soft grass between her toes, Serenity sat up and threw off her shoes, not caring to look where they landed.

"Hey, Dumpling Head, that hurt," a voice said from behind her. "Do you usually just throw things at people like that?"

Quickly she stood up, and offended by his comments, stomped over and snatched her shoe from his hand. "Only when I can tell they're going to be rude like you," she said, trying to come up with a snappy reply. "Dumpling Head"? Is that how people greet each other on Earth? With criticisms of their appearance? She touched her buns self-consciously. Everyone has always complimented me on my hair…

"Ah, I see," the boy laughed, his bright blue eyes fixed on Serenity's blushing face. "You know, that happens to be my garden that you're standing in. What are you doing here, anyway, Dumpling Head?"

Surprised, Serenity looked down and realized she was crushing all the flowers beneath her feet. She tried to leap over the flower patch to the grass, but slipped, ending up in the stranger's arms. After looking into his eyes in shock, she turned away and pushed herself off of him. "Who do you think you are, telling me off like that and calling me names?"

He gaped at her, completely taken by surprise by her response. "You mean you don't recognize me?" as he watched her shake her head angrily, he started to laugh. "Well, I suppose there's a first for everything. Who do I think I am? Well, my name is Endymion, and I think that I might be the Prince of this planet."

Serenity gasped. Of all the people for me to meet on my first adventure to Earth, I run into the Prince?

"You didn't answer my question," Endymion said steadily. Something about her… it's like she brings out the worst in me. But at the same time, I want to keep her safe. "Where did you come from? Do you have somewhere to go?"

"I… I can't tell you that," she said softly. Why can't he just leave me alone?

"Prince Endymion," a white-haired man called from the distance. "It's starting to get dark, we should get back inside the Palace."

"Yes, Kunzite, I'm coming," Endymion answered. He turned back to Serenity. "It can get cold and scary out here at night. You should come inside with me… that is, unless you feel more comfortable out here with the wolves and bears. Who knows, maybe you could throw a shoe at them to get them to leave you alone," he teased. "Right, Dumpling Head?"

"I do have a name, you know," she said while she reluctantly followed him back toward the Palace. I had come here to escape Palace life…

"Oh? What is it?" he looked her directly in the eyes, genuinely smiling kindly at her.

"It's Serenity," she spoke softly.