She scrunched up her failed test and threw it in the air in frustration. I just can't do anything right! Mama is going to be so mad at me for failing again…

"That hurts, you know, Dumpling Head."

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Usagi instinctively turned around and bowed to the stranger in dark glasses who held up her test in his hands.

"Only thirty percent?" he teased. He glanced over at the girl again. Something about her… Do I know her? No, I don't, do I?

Usagi snatched her test away. Who does he think he is? She silently cursed herself for ever thinking he was handsome. "That's none of your business!" She marched away, making herself look a little bit angrier than she really was. Secretly, she could feel her heart flutter in excitement. Like some part of me had known that was going to happen… had hoped for it, even. She shook her head. I must be imagining things! How could bumping into someone as rude as him make me anything but irritated?

Mamoru took off his sunglasses and laughed to himself as he watched her walk away. What a strange girl… No, rather, what a strange feeling she gives me…

Deep inside Usagi's heart, the consciousness of Serenity, an extension of her own spirit, rested. Serenity smiled. Endymion… just as before, we have met as rivals, unable to resist taunting the other. I know that from this, our love will blossom once more. I hope that I need never remember my self from the past… though I know that I will. I wonder… is it possible that this time, born on the same planet, just two of the same people, we can allow our relationship to grow? I fear that something will come between us once more… Can our fate ever be changed?



"Mamo-chan, guess what today is?" Usagi smiled gleefully.

Mamoru gingerly grabbed Usagi's hand and kissed the ring on her finger. "It's our wedding day, Usako. Of course I know that. I've only been waiting my whole life for this day." Actually, it has been two lifetimes…

"Yes, but more than that," Usagi's eyes widened, glistening.

Mamoru's ears perked up. He noticed that suddenly, Usagi's expression had changed. She wasn't the carefree girl he usually saw in her. No, there was something else there—a remnant from some other time and place.

"Today is the day that we break free from the fate of the past," she continued. "The promises we could never keep, the lives we could never live, and the peace we were never able to bring. Today that all changes." That is why I will take on the name Serenity once more, starting today. Together we shall exceed our past lives. "I swear to you, this life will not end in tragedy. Endymion, I love you."

"Serenity…" Mamoru's eyes welled up with tears. "The Moon is so beautiful right now."

"But… it's the morning," Usagi responded, confused. "The sun is already high in the sky."

"What does that matter? I'm looking at the Moon in all her beauty right now," he smiled, looking deeply into Usagi's eyes. Gently, he leaned closer to her and kissed her. Finally, the struggles of our past are over. Now, we have reached a new, sparkling beginning.