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At my House Of Night I'm high priestess in training, currently dating Erik Night (the hottest guy here) so I should be happy right well nope there are a couple of reasons :

Neferet our actual High Priestess is EVIL ….No seriously she decided she would declare a war against humans

Heath and I broke up…But I suppose it was coming Heath was in my old life he just doesn't fit

In this one.


I decided that I was pretty hungry so, I started to walk over to the cafeteria ugh dining hall? Well whatever, when I heard a cawing coming from a nearby tree ,when I looked up I saw two seriously creepy red, glowing eyes staring back at me, it kind of looked like a raven ,but I wasn't sure so I hurried inside to the cafeteria and slipped into the booth the Twins,Damien,Stevie rea (who was currently off somewhere with Aphrodite ),Erik and I claimed as ours every lunch .


I was leaning up against Erik, as was Jack and Damien listening to the twins go on and on about this season new nail polish colours ,when the dining halls doors swing open and several cats run in hissing like crazy with a huge blond lab running after them and at this point every cat in the room was hissing like mad. Coming in behind the dog was a cute looking boy and a couple of very flustered looking professors.


"Who is that," whispered Jack.

"I think that's James Stark," I whispered back to him. One of the benefits of being a prefect was the vamps trusting you with stuff you wouldn't know if you were a normal fledgling.

"Oh, was that the one who had a gift with the bow and arrow?" asked Damien .

"Yeah, he's supposed to be really talented, like he can't miss," I answered

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