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Instead of answering her, I asked her a question "Have you ever heard of William Chidsey?"

She just looked looked at me confused and shook her head "Ummmm, no sorry…who's that?'

"He was my mentor, best friend and he was the archery champion of ALL vamps," I looked down at the bow in my hands, "Well he was, until he died."

Her brown eyes got wider "Oh I'm sorry."

"Yeah me to, I am the one who killed him," I said still looking down, not wanting to meet her eyes and see the horror that might be there.

"Why did you do it…..I thought you said that you were bestfriends," I looked up then, surprised to see she was more confused than scared or horrified.

"I did it because of my Gift," I took a deep breath and told Zoey what happened, "It happened during the summer games, we were in the practicing lanes I was really concentrating on wining….Ha that's all I cared about ….getting gold…I never wanted anything more in my whole life, I let the arrow go….Even though I aimed for the target, the arrow landed straight in his chest," I grimaced and had to look down then, "blood splattered onto the linen sheet that separated us and our lanes."

"…But … Maybe it wasn-,"

I stopped her "Yes it was me…I tested my gift later… I set up a target on, up against a tree and I aimed for the center of the tree, the center of the tree is called the heart the ancient vamps said animals can sometimes represents the heart of it's tree…"

"What's wrong…? Did you kill the animal," she lifted her arm and rested her hand on my shoulder, my breathing got quicker with her close proximity to me, I tried to keep it under control, because it would be really embarrassing if she noticed that I was into her that way, which is true I mean she was really hot.

"Yeah, an owl was the heart, I fell from the tree," I felt sick just talking about this. "Hey can I ask you one thing."

"Um, yeah I guess," Zoey looked at me and I tried not to get distracted by her lips and asked my question "What was up with you and Neferet?"

"Oh ummm, nothing really," she stepped away from me taking her hand of my shoulder and I almost regretted asking her the question. I just looked at her understanding that she didn't want to talk about it, but said " Well I'm good at listening if you need it," I said brushing her hair away from her face and smiling a little at the fact that she blushed when I touched her. "Sometimes an outsider's opinion can be good."

"Wouldn't you rather not be an outsider," she said a little breathily.

I shrugged "It's easier that way," I said still playing with her hair, "That's why it was so easy for me to move to the Tulsa House Of Night," I took a deep breath and said exactly what I was thinking , "I'm starting to be really happy that Tulsa wanted me."

She smiled "Yeah me too, umm well I have a horse to groom," she had started to turn, but I caught her wrist and laced my finger through hers and asked, "Are you gunna tell anyone about me?"

"Do you want me to?" she asked me, a little bit flushed.

"Not unless you have to."

"Okay, I won't unless I have to," She said, staring into my eyes. I decided I might as well make a move on her, I mean she wasn't exactly giving me the ewww-I-don't-like-you vibes. I leaned in slowly bending down, giving her time to pull away….. But she didn't, so I brushed my lips against hers and pulled her against me gently…. And that's when the door busted open …..

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