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Jane sighed in exhaustion as the elevator doors of Stark Towers closed, beginning its slow ascent to the top floor, affectionately nicknamed Avengers Area. After being in New Mexico for two weeks doing research with Darcy, Jane was overjoyed to be back; Stark Towers was home to her, a sometimes overcrowded home, but a home all the same. It felt odd to have a home that couldn't drive away; she had spent so much time in RVs, constantly chasing after data and astronomical occurrences it felt strange to have an entire floor of a building as her shared home. Almost as strange as her housemates.

The entire floor had been dedicated to the Avengers, being converted into a living area for superheroes. Tony and Bruce spent most of their time in the laboratory two floors below, tinkering with Tony's latest invention or mixing chemicals that shouldn't be mixed, which the explosion three months ago could attest to. Natasha could be spotted anywhere on the floor, though she would most likely be found in the workout room or in the weapons room. Clint was usually on the rooftop, living up to his name and utilizing the archery range Tony installed for him, testing out different experimental arrows. Steve was usually wandering the floor or out in the city, trying to adjust to all the changes that the world had undergone while he was "asleep". It still boggled Jane's mind that he had been frozen for so many years. And the last avenger, her favorite avenger, her Thor split his time between Earth and Asgard. When he was here, he spent his days in front of the television, still fascinated by it after so much time. His nights he sometimes spent on the rooftop, looking out at the bustling city, his mind lost in his thoughts.

"Welcome back Jane," Pepper said as she saw Jane exit elevator. "How's New Mexico?"

"Hot and humid," she replied, following her into the kitchen. "How's everything been here?"

"Tony and Bruce blew out the windows on the laboratory floor," Pepper answered, shaking her head.

"Again?" Jane laughed.

"You know how they get when they're in the lab. Put two brilliant scientists in a lab with unlimited resources and you're bound to get some fireworks. Or just fire."

Jane nodded in agreement. "Has he come back yet?" she asked. Pepper knew immediately whom she was referring to. Her relationship with Thor wasn't a secret after two years, not that any secrets could be kept among the Avengers; eventually everything came out one way or another.

"Not yet, he left the day after you did. But he should be back soon; he's never away for too long," Pepper reassured her. "You must be exhausted from the plane ride; get some food and get some rest. I need to go wrangle up Tony for a business meeting."

"Good luck!" Jane said as Pepper left. 'Guess there's nothing left to do but wait,' she thought, turning to the fridge.

Thor smiled at his people as he walked through the palace, his happiness visible on his face. He was going back to Midgard tonight, back to Earth. 'Back to Jane.' He disliked being parted from her for such long periods of time, but he knew how important her work was to her and he could never ask her to forsake it simply to stay by his side. In truth it was blessing in disguise since Thor had to return often to Asgard to help rule with his father. Odin was still king, but Thor was slowly taking on more and more power and responsibility, preparing for his future reign. What would become of him and Jane when he took the throne he did not know. But he hoped she would come with him one day and rule by his side; he thought she would make a most splendid queen: kind and fair, strong yet gentle. They were not betrothed yet, but Thor would put no other female before her; he would take no one else.

"Thor," a gentle voice called as he rushed down the hall.

He stopped immediately, turning back to the room where he heard the voice. "Yes mother?" he asked as he stood before her.

"Where are you rushing to my son?" Frigga asked, smiling knowingly.

"I am to return to Midgard tonight; Jane waits for me," he said with pride.

"You are quite taken with this mortal woman; it fills my heart with joy to see you so in love."

"Jane fills my heart with joy and love, mother. There is no other like her."

"You always venture to Midgard, but when will you bring my daughter-in-law to Asgard so your father and I might meet her?" Frigga teased.

"When we are betrothed, I vow to bring her to meet you mother. You would enjoy her company very much and she yours," he replied.

"I shall await the day then. Go now to your Jane; send her your father and my tidings of health and prosperity. And do be safe while you're there."

"I shall mother," Thor said, kissing his mother's cheek quickly before rushing out of the palace.

Jane looked up at the night sky, the stars barely visible because of the city lights, as she leaned against the railing that encircled the rooftop. The night air was cooler than normal, signaling the imminent return of autumn. She tried not to stare at the helipad, the spot Thor always appeared on when he returned from Asgard, but she couldn't help glancing at it every minute or two. 'Not like you need to actually look Jane; Thor doesn't make a silent entrance,' she thought. She sighed as she closed her eyes momentarily, the exhaustion from her long day taking hold. 'Maybe he won't be back tonight.'

"I thought Clint was the only one who spent so much time up here," Natasha said, pulling Jane from her thoughts.

"He does have a monopoly on it," she laughed. "I'm only here sometimes."

"You mean every time Thor goes away. You sure you don't wanna just wait inside with everyone? He'll come find you when he comes back. Or you'll hear his clap of thunder," Natasha offered, standing next to Jane.

"I'll wait a little longer before I come in," Jane said, looking back at helipad. Natasha nodded, giving her a quick hug before she walked back down the stairwell. Jane sat down on one of the chairs that littered the rooftops. 'Just a few more minutes.'

Jane was jolted from her sleep by a loud noise, nearly falling off her chair, as she was startled awake. It took her a moment to remember where she was and realize what the noise was. "Thor?" she called, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She opened her eyes to see him walking toward her, a smile as bright as the sun after a rainy day. His smile never failed to get a reaction from her; it sent her heart racing, her knees shaking, butterflies fluttering around her stomach.

"Jane," Thor answered, enveloping her in one of his spine-cracking hugs. "What are you doing on the rooftop at such an hour?"

"I was waiting up for you and I must have fallen asleep," she replied.

"I have missed you greatly," Thor said, leaning his forehead against hers.

"I've missed you too," Jane said, gently pressing her lips against his. The kiss escalated quickly, from a sweet, chaste kiss to one full of passion as he pulled her body against his, his hands skimming down her sides.

"Shall we retire to our room?" Thor asked as he broke apart from her, breathing quickly.

"Yes, let's go," Jane said, laughing as Thor swept her into his arms and carried her downstairs, passed the hoots and hollers of the avengers assembled in the living room and into their bedroom.

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