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Four years later…

"Asgeir, slow down," Jane said exasperatedly as she hurried after her son. At four years old, Asgeir was a rambunctious, bundle of energy whether he was in Asgard running through the great hall and playing with the Warriors Three and Lady Sif or on Earth spending time with the Avengers. No matter where Asgeir was, he always felt at home. Currently Jane was following him through the halls of Asgard, listening to his laughter bounce off the walls as he waved to everyone he passed. Jane followed him at a slightly slower pace, careful not to step on the hem of her skirt. She wore a long yellow gown laid over a sky blue fabric, the brightest of the blue melding beautifully with the softness of the yellow. Jane had grown accustomed to wearing dresses on a regular basis; she was a queen after all, the crown on her head could attest to it. She shook her head as she began to grow tired; her active son took a lot of energy to look after, even with Thor around. "Asgeir Thorson, if you do not stop this instance, you will be in trouble."

Asgeir turned around quickly to look at his mother, running into someone's legs. "Father! Uncle Loki!" Asgeir exclaimed happily as he looked up at the towering figures above him.

"Asgeir," Thor said, lifting his son into his arms. "Have you been giving your mother a difficult time again?" Thor couldn't believe how much his son had grown in four years. It seemed like it was only last week that Thor held him for the first time, that Thor rocked him to sleep in his and Jane's bedroom, that he introduced everyone to Asgeir. Now he had an energetic little son on his hands and Thor couldn't be happier about life. Jane was right about Asgeir having his chin and brow; he also had the same bright blue eyes. But Asgeir had his mother's hair, trimmed short and dark brown. He also possessed his mother's curiosity about how everything worked, whether he was in Midgard or Asgard. He was the perfect mixture of both of his parents.

"Yes, you cannot have your mother constantly chasing after you in her condition," Loki chastised his nephew gently. "How do you fare, Lady Jane?"

"As well as can be expected with an overly excited four year old son and an equally active child kicking up a storm in my stomach," Jane said fondly, her hand resting on her rounded stomach. Despite insisting she wouldn't have anymore children after Asgeir, Jane decided one more child couldn't hurt; she was six months pregnant with her second child. "How were your meetings?" she asked Thor.

"They went well; although they were rather boring honestly," Thor replied, kissing his wife. He carefully set Asgeir on his feet, who immediately rushed to his Uncle Loki to be carried again, and knelt before Jane, resting his hands on her stomach. "Little one, why do you kick so much within your mother?" Thor asked softly, rubbing slow circles on Jane's stomach, unnoticing of the tender looks of the passing people. "She has her hands quite full, so it would be greatly appreciated if you did not kick her quite as hard."

Jane smiled as she ran her fingers through Thor's hair. "Why is it our children listen to you when they're in my womb, but they won't listen to me?" Jane asked teasingly.

"Uncle Loki, did your feel the baby?" Asgeir asked as they continued down the hall. "Momma says the baby will be hear in three months, then I will be a big brother. Three months, Uncle Loki," he said, holding up three little fingers.

"Three months is a short time, Asgeir. Are you ready to become a big brother?" Loki asked, smiling at his nephew. Loki had come to love his nephew more than his own life. Asgeir had become the light of his life. Even after being released from his cell, the best part of his day was always when he saw Asgeir. He felt his heart melt a little bit every time Asgeir called him Uncle Loki. Judging by the smiles he always gave to freely and his laughter whenever they spoke, Loki believed he was doing a good job as an uncle.

"I…I think so. I will be….right?" Asgeir said, unsure of himself, looking at his parents and uncle.

"I think you will make a splendid brother," Loki said, kissing Asgeir's forehead as the young boy rested his head against his shoulder.

"You'll be a great big brother," Jane said, smiling at her son as they left the palace.

"Uncle Loki, will you come to Midgard with us?" Asgeir asked.

"Not this time, nephew. Perhaps next time," Loki lied. Although he was released from his Asgardian prison, Loki was still not allowed to step foot on Earth. Asgeir knew to an extent that Loki had once done something bad and was punished for it, but he was still too young to know the full details.

"Heimdall!" Asgeir exclaimed as the protector of the Bifrost came into view. Asgeir squirmed in Loki's arms until he was put down, running toward Heimdall. "How are you, Heimdall?"

"I am well, Prince Asgeir. How do you fare?"

"I'm okay. Mommy and Daddy and I are going back to Midgard," he said cheerfully.

"Is that so?" Heimdall said, smiling down at the little prince. "I shall be sure to keep an extra eye on Midgard then. Hello Queen Jane, King Thor."

"Heimdall, you are too old of a friend to use such formal names," Thor said, clapping a hand on the man's shoulder.

"Could you send us to Earth please, Heimdall?" Jane asked.

"It would be my honor," Heimdall replied.

"Bye Uncle Loki. Tell Grandmother and Grandfather we'll come back," Asgeir said as they vanished in a ray of light.

"We're home, we're home, we're home!" Asgeir shouted as he ran down the roof staircase.

"Asgeir, don't run down the stairs," Jane said, shaking her head. "He's going to fall and hurt himself."

"He'll be alright," Thor replied, helping Jane down the stairs.

"Hey champ," Steve said happily, scooping Asgeir up from the bottom of the staircase and spinning him around.

"I'm dizzy, Uncle Steve," Asgeir laughed.

"How've you been champ?" Steve asked when he finally stopped spinning. "The house has been too quiet without you running around. How are you guys?" Steve asked, smiling at Jane and Thor.

"We're both alright, just a little tired," Jane explained.

"I'm okay, Uncle Steve. Where's everybody?" Asgeir asked, looking around the empty living room.

"Why don't we go find them? I'll watch Asgeir for a while; you guys go relax," Steve replied, setting Asgeir on his feet. Asgeir nodded, grasping Steve's fingers as he pulled him around the Tower. Steve smiled down at Asgeir as he tugged him toward the kitchen. He was absolutely in love with Thor and Jane's son; everyone was. There was something about Asgeir that made everyone fall in love with him: his natural charisma, his infectious laughter, his sweet smiles, his innocence, his curiosity. Everyone who he came across Asgeir loved him.

"Uncle Bruce, we found you!" Asgeir said as they walked into the kitchen to find Bruce pouring himself a cup of coffee.

"Hey Asgeir," Bruce said, setting down his cup and hugging him. "What are you up to, little guy?"

"Me and Uncle Steve are gonna find everybody, like hide-n-seek," Asgeir explained. "Wanna help?"

"I would love to, but I still have some work left to do in the lab. But I promise to read you a story after we have dinner; I got a new book I think you might like, okay?"

"Okay, bye bye Uncle Bruce," Asgeir said, waving as he walked out of the kitchen. "Where's Uncle Tony and Aunt Pepper?" he asked, looking up at Steve.

"Well your Uncle Tony's probably in his lab; your Aunt Pepper might be with him or she might be at work."

"Let's go in the elevator," Asgeir said, pushing the elevator call button and the floor he wanted, learning the correct floor from watching everyone else. He rushed out as the elevator doors opened on Tony's floor, a smile stretching across his face. "Uncle Tony, Auntie Pepper," Asgeir called, smacking his hand against the glass door. "Open the door please."

"Hey Asgeir, my man," Tony replied, having JARVIS open the door. Asgeir rushed into the lab, running toward Tony's work desk. Tony lifted him up, placing him on his lap.

"How was Asgard?" Pepper asked, ruffling Asgeir's hair.

"It was okay. I got to see Grandmother and Grandfather. Grandfather has an eye thingy like Grandpa Fury," Asgeir said offhandedly, causing Tony and Pepper to laugh. "Uncle Tony, what are you doing?"

"Just making some upgrades on my suit," Tony replied, pointing to his Iron Man suit in the corner. "But I think it's time for me to take a break. What do you wanna do, kiddo?"

"Let's go find Aunt Tasha and Uncle Clint," Asgeir declared, sliding off Tony's lap. "Are you gonna come Auntie Pepper?"

"I would love to Asgeir, but I have to go get dinner ready," Pepper said, crouching down to his level. "I'll make you something extra for dessert to make it up for you."

"Okay Auntie Pepper," Asgeir said, walking out of the lab with Tony.

Pepper smiled as she watched them walk out together, leaning against the desk. It used to be a fight to get Tony to leave the lab. He would lock himself inside for days at a time, refusing to eat, barely sleeping, running off of coffee as he created his latest genius invention. Now all they had to do was send Asgeir in and Tony would jump away from his desk to play with him. Whether it was to play peek-a-boo when he was still a baby or to help him find the other Avengers, Tony always had time for his nephew. Pepper walked out of the lab, humming happily to herself.

"You know little A, only you and your Uncle Clint can call your Aunt Natasha, Tasha without ending up in the hospital," Tony said as he carried Asgeir into the training room in the basement.

"Cause Aunt Tasha loves me and Uncle Clint best," Asgeir declared happily.

"Hey kiddo, do you think your Aunt Natasha and Uncle Clint love each other?" Tony asked mischievously.

"Uh huh."

"Then why aren't they together like your mommy and daddy or me and your Aunt Pepper?"

Asgeir's brow wrinkled adorably as he thought about Tony's comment. Tony didn't think there was anything Asgeir could do without being cute. "I don't know," he finally replied.

"Well I think you should ask them about it," Tony said, putting Asgeir down.

"Aunt Tasha, Uncle Clint!" Asgeir shouted, running toward the boxing ring where the two assassins were sparing.

"Hey munchkin, you're back," Clint said, the fight stopping immediately.

"Uncle Clint, up up," Asgeir said, lifting his arms until Clint scooped him into the ring. Tony smiled as Clint carried Asgeir toward Natasha, quickly slipping away before Asgeir said anything. He could always watch the surveillance tapes.

"Hey little man, I missed you," Natasha said, kissing Asgeir's forehead. Natasha smiled as she watched Asgeir snuggle in Clint's arms. To her, Clint looked absolutely perfect with Asgeir in his arms. Judging by the way he doted on Asgeir, she knew he would make a great father.

"I missed you and Uncle Clint too, Aunt Tasha," Asgeir said, wrapping his arms around Clint's neck. Clint felt his heart melt slightly as he watched Natasha stroke Asgeir's hair, her eyes filled with love. The infamous Black Widow had a huge soft spot for her nephew and he would be lying if he said he didn't have the same soft spot. "Auntie Tasha," Asgeir mumbled softly, lulled to the verge of sleep by Natasha's fingers.

"Yes, love?"

"How come you and Uncle Clint don't kiss?"

Natasha and Clint's eyes widened slightly as they looked at each other, shocked by Asgeir's words. "Why would you ask that, munchkin?" Clint asked.

"Uncle Tony asked me why you and Auntie Tasha aren't like Momma and Daddy," Asgeir replied.

"Shoulda figured Stark would be behind this," Natasha mumbled.

"Your Aunt Tasha and I are just a little different from everyone else," Clint said softly. "But I love her very much," Clint said, looking into Natasha's eyes.

"And I love your Uncle Clint very much," Natasha replied, smiling slightly.

Clint shifted the now sleeping Asgeir in his arms before wrapping a free arm around Natasha's waist, pulling her close. "Let's head upstairs and put the kid down for his nap," Clint said, leading them to the elevators.

"Welcome home, Asgeir," Natasha said, kissing her nephew's head gently. Finally the littlest Avenger was home.

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