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Sokka- Drums

Toph- Keyboardist

Zuko- Bass Guitarist

Aang- Guitarist

Jet(Former)- Guitarist

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Chapter 1

The sun shined into the semi-large apartment where an exhausted Katara was resting. The sheets felt cool against the skin of her arms and she felt absolutely relaxed. New York was a huge city and job opportunities were opened to everyone. It made her feel special when she had a scholarship to go to a writing academy, and now she had her very own column on feelings and emotions. Some of her friends had expected her to do writing in the dating section but her love life wasn't the best. Before she was accepted she had an argument with her ex-boyfriend Aang Makani. It was stupid. But he was being selfish. She wanted to pursue her dreams and he wanted her to stay in the band, but she refused. Two years later she was extremely successful. If only her personal life could be better.

The native woman turned her body to get in a more comfortable position but let out a scream of surprise, when she saw a handsome man in her bed. The moment she screamed was the moment he jumped out of his comfortable sleep, and stood fully grounded on the floor, his head pounding from his hang-over.

Katara on the other hand was on the other side of the bedroom, breathing in air. She raked her left hand through her smooth and silky neck length hair. When she moved she decided she needed a change and she went through drastic measures. Her once waist length dark brown hair was now cut to her neck in an asymmetrical bob hairstyle, not only that, it was a shade lighter than her original hair color. She was feeling great. Amazing even! But the man in her home was not something she was happy about. She had done it again. Got wasted over Valentine's Day and had sex. She couldn't even remember if it was great sex.

She groaned in annoyance. "Can you please get out?" she asked in aggravation. The man had a flirtatious glint in his eyes but it soon changed into anger when she picked up his pants and threw them in his handsome face. When he still didn't move she walked over to him and grabbed him by his ear, pulling him to main entrance of the apartment. She swung the door open with her free hand and pushed him ten inches out of the door.

"Sheesh. You're one uptight bitch aren't you?" he pulled up his pants and buckled them, not phased that he was in the hallway. "Hey you got any food?"

The young twenty-one year old woman was fuming over the bitch comment but quickly recovered when he asked for something to eat. She held up her pointer finger in a "wait just a moment" motion and went into the kitchen grabbing an apple and a lasagna container. She quickly ran back to the man, a sweet smile on her face. Without a second thought she placed her inside the waistband of his pants, and pulled them forward. He smiled evilly but suddenly screamed in pain when she dumped the hot lasagna in his pants. He flipped her off and jerked away from her and proceeded to run down the hallway.

"Yeah!" she screamed, "How do you like that bitch?!" she screamed at him and in the process threw the apple at his head. She turned around to walk back in her apartment and suddenly swallowed when she saw an elderly couple looking at her sternly.

"He wanted food." She said simply and closed the door behind her.

-9:00, Water Tribe Magazine HQ-

"Katara, what have you been?" Jin Hamasa questioned the columnist.

"Sorry I'm," Katara looked at her watch. "15 seconds later but I had matters to take care of. Anyway what was the urgent message you wanted to talk about?" she asked the thirty-five year old.

"You know how you wanted to break out of the shell with a new assignment?" Jin pulled out a file. "This is your chance, you're going to be interviewing a famous band, and give me feedback in a month." Jin's voice was in perfect tone and it was almost mechanical. The lady had worked in the business for over twelve years, and she was pretty good at it, but now Katara would have the same chance and opportunity to prove her skills to everyone.

"Sure, where do I leave for?" Katara grabbed her cell phone out of her purse to make a flight plan.

"You leave for Seattle tomorrow morning. You're going to be interviewing a band called the Elements. I suggest you be rested. They are quite a handful." Jin explained.

"Please, I can handle them. What's the worst that could happen?" Katara questioned. She was highly capable of taking care of bratty band. She's done much worse assignments than this, and she would be ready.

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