A/N: Hello, hello everyone.

Who tf am I? No. Who tf are you. (Laughs lightly).

Hi everyone. I'm Drew's little cousin…I will not reveal my real name because I can be paranoid that someone might know me or find me. So just call me Fade. I'm not too good at introductions but all I want to say is I will try my hardest to make sure this story is rewritten and edited just how Drew wants it. Our writing styles might be different but I hope I do this story justice. While I am turning Drew's vision into a word document and submitting it on fan fiction these are her ideas. I did add some new things which are some of my ideas (I got permission).

Secondly I will not be doing any of her Zutara fictions because I'm not a fan. Unlike my beautiful cuz, I do not cheat on the pairings. But really you guys reviews are helpful. Opinions, etc.

FINALLY. I will try to update as soon as I can. Take in consideration that I am rewriting the whole thing—not done with chapter one—and I am starting two stories of my own on wattpad. So patience is a virtue. (Inserts heart)