"Connected: We are One"

Hey Guys!

I've been writing lots of Maddison and Addek lately, so I decided, well more like the idea hit me-just came out of nowhere, to write an Addisam fanfic. So this one uses the AU children I did in my Christmas fanfic "California Christmas", Khloe and Aiden...The story of how they came to be is much more interesting…It's AU obviously, I'd like to say sometime around season 4, possibly season 5.

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Xoxo, Dee


She wasn't on call for the hospital that day, neither of them were. They had planned on spending the day in bed together…having sex that is until, the shrill ringing of their cell phones pulled them out of their blissful post coital slumber.

"Mmmm, this is Dr. Montgomery"

"This is Dr. Bennett"

"Okay, we're on our way" she said as they hung up their phones and slowly slid out of bed, preparing to head to St. Ambrose. What they didn't expect to find was something that would change their lives forever…

"Alright Charlotte, what've we got, and this better be good…I was enjoying a weekend off for the first time in what feels like forever" Addison said as she followed Charlotte out to several waiting ambulances

"A car went through a boutique and there were a couple of pregnant moms in the store, good enough for ya?" Charlotte replied as they made it to the ER entrance. As everyone immediately began to rush towards ambulances, Addison stood still; she could hear crying, more like wailing followed by a small voice attempting to shush the cries. As she followed the voice, Addison Forbes Montgomery was shocked at the sight she found: a small curly haired little girl with hazel eyes holding a small infant to her body, attempting to rock the baby to silence its cries.

"Shh, Aiden…shh, it's okay, it's okay" the little girl said to who Addison concluded to be her little brother as she walked closer to the little girl, startling her a bit

"Who are you?" the tiny little girl asked; she looked no more than 4, maybe 5 in Addison's mind

"Hi sweetie, I'm a doctor…is this your little brother?" she asked as she crouched down so that she was near the child's level as little girl nodded in response to the question

"Okay, can you tell me where your mommy is?"

"She's gone"

"Do you know where she went?"


"Okay, well my name's Addison, but you can call me Addie, how's that sound? Sound Good?" she asked, giving the girl a kind smile

"Can you tell me your name honey?"


"Khloe, that's a pretty name…can you tell me your little brother's name?"


"Aiden, that's a nice name, can you tell me how old he is?"

"I, I don't know"

"Well when's his birthday?"

"Um…Um…" Khloe replied as tears began to form in her eyes

"Hey, Hey, it's okay, its okay Khloe…let's get you guys inside and maybe we can figure out why your brother's crying okay" Addison said as she took Aiden from Khloe's tiny arms and took her hand, leading her into the hospital

"Montgomery, where'd you…Oh…well who do we have here?" Charlotte asked upon seeing the two small children being escorted by Addison

"This is Khloe and her brother Aiden…I found them in an alley near the hospital" Addison said whispering the last part

"I'll go find Cooper and have him check out the girl…Montgomery, how old does that baby look to you?" Charlotte asked as she peered down at the wailing infant in the red head's hands

"No more than a couple of days old…Khloe said she didn't know when his birthday was or where their mother was" Addison replied as Sam approached them

"Hey baby…oh…Hi there" Sam said smiling down at Khloe, who hid behind Addison's Skirt

"Khloe it's okay, don't be shy, this is Dr. King, and that's Sam…he's my boyfriend" Addison said as she whispered and pointed at Sam, causing Khloe to giggle just as Cooper appeared

"And that is my friend Cooper, can you let him check you out, make sure you're okay?" she asked softly

"O-Okay" Khloe said as Cooper extended a hand out towards her as she slowly walked towards him, turning to look back at Addison as she bit her lower lip

"Its okay sweetie go ahead, I'm just gonna check on Aiden" Addison said reassuringly as Cooper lead Khloe away and Addison took Aiden over to exam area where it became apparent to them that he would need surgery-very risky surgery…