Chapter 7: California Christmas

a/n: Yes, I am placing "California Christmas" in this fic, but making it more detailed. It only made sense to put it here since, the idea for this fanfic came from it.

It's a cute fluffy chapter so enjoy it- the next one won't be so nice(SPOILER ALERT). Oh and I changed Sam's mother's name to what it is on the show, just so you know. Oh and if I had to pick someone to be Sam's mother, I would use Phyllicia Rashad(From the Cosby Show) to play Sam's mom instead of Alfre Woodard-just saying. Oh and Corinne is in this fic as well, but she's NOT crazy.

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Christmas Morning-1 year later

Things are relatively quiet this Christmas morning in the Montgomery-Bennett house, mostly since it's 6 am. Addison and Sam are cuddled in bed together, as usual. They're pretty exhausted since they decided to celebrate their first Christmas as a married couple by making love-a lot. They're sleeping peacefully, that is until 6 year old Khloe Montgomery-Bennett, burst through the door.

"Mommy! Daddy! Wake up! It's CHRISTMAS!" the 2nd grader announces to her parents who don't move.

"Mommy, daddy, you're supposed to wake up. It's Christmas" Khloe repeats to her parents still sleeping figures. She decides to take measures into her own hands by crawling onto the bed, proceeding to jump up and down.

"WAKE UP! IT'S CHRISTMAS!" Khloe says in between jumping.

This, gets her parents attention.

Addison is the first to speak, or rather make an audible noise, a groan, which is followed by to Sam, a sleepy mumble of,

"Mmmm, your daughter's awake"

Who responds, via a mumble with

"Oh, so when she's awake at 6 am, she's my daughter?"

"Mmmm, Yes. Anytime before I've had my coffee or can't fully function, she's your kid" Addison mutters, rolling over and pulling the covers over her head.

"Mommy! Mommy wake up! Addison Forbes Montgomery-Bennett, wake up right now! Mommy! It's Christmas and I wanna open presents! Daadddyyy, make mommy wake up!" Khloe whines, plopping onto the bed with a pout.

"Khloe Alexandra…it's 6 o'clock in the morning" Addison groans

"I'm 6. 6 years olds can't tell time" Khloe says nonchalantly

"You're also a 6 year old in 2nd grade, who goes a very expensive school. How do you not know the concept of time and you're in 2nd grade?" Addison mutters

"She's 6 Addison" Sam says with a shake of his head as he looks over at his half asleep wife

"Yeah, I'm 6 and it's Christmas so, I wanna open presents!" Khloe begs

"Don't you wanna lie down in bed with mommy?" Addison says trying to compromise

"No! it's Christmas mom, I wanna open up all of my extra special gifts!" Khloe whines

"Khloe…" Addison whines

"Mommy" Khloe mimics her mother



"Babe, make her go back to sleep!"

"Daddy, make her wake up!" Khloe protests

Sam looks at both of the beautiful women in his life and sighs.

"Okay how about this, why don't I go and see if Aiden's awake, that'll give mommy a little time to wake up" Sam says

"…Alright fine, but, what if he's not awake?" Khloe asks

"Well, that means I have to go downstairs and make mommy some coffee so that she'll wake up" Sam tells her before going to check on Aiden.

While he's gone, Khloe takes matters into her own hands, deciding to tickle Addison until she wakes up. The redhead laughs until she's forced to surrender to the will of her 6 year old daughter.

"Alright, okay, okay I'm awake now, happy?" Addison laughs as she sits up in bed, Khloe instantly climbing into her lap.

"Yes, very. Merry Christmas Mommy" Khloe says kissing her mother

"Merry Christmas princess" Addison says, just as her husband walks in with their son on his hip.

"Merry Christmas daddy" Khloe tells him as he places Aiden onto the bed

"Merry Christmas baby girl" Sam replies as she gives him a kiss.

"And Merry Christmas to you my handsome boy" Addison says as Aiden makes his way over to her lap.

"Hey, what about me?" Sam says teasingly

"Merry Christmas to you, Mr. Bennett" Addison says leaning in to gently kiss her husband

"Mmmm, Merry Christmas to you too, Mrs. Montgomery-Bennett" he says kissing her back

"Ummm, hello! There's children in the room ya know" Khloe says reminding them. Both her parents turn to her and each plant a kiss on her cheeks, making the little girl giggle.

"Better? We're kissing you, not each other, how's that?" Addison asks with a smile

"Much better" Khloe laughs

"So, what would my beautiful wife, my adorable daughter and my handsome son like for breakfast?" Sam asks as he slips on a pair of sweatpants before heading downstairs

"Well, pancakes for me, Coffee for mommy and milk for Aiden" Khloe says bossily, making both her parents shake their heads at her.

"Guess that means I'd better get to work huh?" Sam laughs as he heads downstairs for breakfast.

"I guess so" Addison laughs

"Oooh, daddy! Can I help?" Khloe asks excitedly

"Sure, but let mommy do something with that messy hair first" Sam says as he watches his daughter jump from the bed, rush into her mother's bathroom and grab a comb and brush , as she hops into Addison's lap, handing her the comb and brush.

The redhead leans and looks at her daughter and smiles affectionately

"You know, I remember when there was a time when you used to be my best girl, now, you're just a plain old daddy's girl" Addison teases

"Nuh uh, I'm a mommy AND a daddy's girl" Khloe giggles as Addison pulls her hair into a French braid. She watches as her little girl jumps down from the bed and walks out of the room hand in hand with her father. Aiden has snuggled close to her, so she and her baby boy fall asleep peacefully as they await father and daughter to finish making breakfast.


After a delicious breakfast, the small family of four is on the floor in the living room of their newly renovated beach house, waiting as Sam passed out presents. Of course, the first few presents were for the overly eager Khloe. The next few were for Aiden, who didn't quite understand what was what yet, since he was only 14 months, he simply oooh'd and ahhh'd and grinned happily whenever a toy or something shiny was passed his way.

"Alright baby, this one's for you" Sam said passing Addison a small neatly wrapped gift, making the redhead smile affectionately at him.

"Who's it from mama?" Khloe asks, momentarily looking up from the Barbie doll that Callie and Arizona had sent her.

"It's from Daddy" Addison says smiling as she opens the gift, which makes tears well up in her eyes.

"Sam" she whispers as he moves closer to explain his gift, which is a diamond encrusted charm bracelet, adorned already with several charms.

"Well that first one right there, represents the day we met, remember that? And this one, represents the first time we kissed, and this one, is for the day you finally decided you'd stop being scared and just be with me, and this one…is for the baby, this one right here, represents the day we met Khloe and Aiden, this one is for when they became our kids, this one is for the day you said you'd be my wife, and this one, is for our first Christmas together as a family" he says as he notices the tears falling from his wife's eyes

"Mommy, why are you crying?" Khloe asks softly

"Because, daddy's gift made me cry, in a good way Khlo" Addison responds softly

"So you like it?" Sam asks

"Yeah, I love it" Addison smiles, leaning in to kiss her husband

"Merry Christmas baby, I love you" Sam tells her

"I love you too babe"


Pretty soon, there are only a few more gifts underneath the tree.

"Who's that one from mom?" Khloe asks as her mother grabs a small gift underneath the tree addressed to her.

"This one's from…Bizzy. Oh and there's a little card:

"Khloe, I know it's not a toy but, I do hope you like them-Bizzy" Addison says reading the card aloud before handing her daughter the box, which contained a beautiful pair of diamond earrings

"Oh wow Khloe, those are really nice" Addison says admiring the earrings as she studies her daughter's expression

"You don't like them?" Addison asks

"They're pretty…I like them but…"

"But what?" Sam asks

"Why can't she be like grandma Dee and just buy me lots of toys?" Khloe sighs

"That's because, Bizzy's isn't like most grandmas" Sam says, earning him a smack on the arm from Addison.

"Why don't we let Aiden open one of his presents" Addison says as she sit's the baby on her lap, helping him open a gift from Naomi and Fife.

"Alright so, there's one more gift and it's from mommy and me" Sam says standing up suddenly, making Khloe look underneath the tree in confusion.

"Um daddy, there's no more presents under the tree" Khloe states as Sam reemerges with a box in his hands

"That's because this, couldn't fit underneath the tree" he says placing the box onto the ground to reveal one, golden Labrador retriever puppy.

"A puppy!" Khloe squeals "Just what I always wanted! Thank You mommy! Thank You daddy!" the 6 year old exclaims, just as her brother, who's recently started talking exclaims,

"Puppy!" Which makes his parents and big sister laugh.

Later on in the day, the Montgomery-Bennett house is filled with delicious smelling aromas of Christmas dinner being prepared by Sam, his mother Dee and Naomi. Aiden is upstairs in his room, taking his afternoon nap before everyone arrives while Addison and Khloe are upstairs getting ready.

"Mommy" Khloe asks as she sits on the counter in her parent's bathroom, watching her mother fix her hair.

"What is it baby?"

"You're pretty" the little girl smiles

"Aww, so are you sweetheart, in fact, you, are the most gorgeous little girl in the world" Addison tells her daughter before picking her up and swinging her around and carrying her back into the bedroom so that she can get dressed.


"Yes Khloe?"

"Is everybody coming for Christmas dinner?"

"Yes, everybody's coming for dinner"

"Even Grandpa, Uncle Archie and Bizzy?"

"Yes, even your grandfather, your uncle and Bizzy" Addison says helping her daughter get into her maroon and cream colored dress


"What is it sweetie?"

"How come I can call grandma Dee, grandma but I have to call Bizzy, Bizzy?"

"Well, that's because she doesn't like to be called grandma" Addison explains


A few moments after that, Sam knocks on the door and sticks his head into the room,

"Hey, you beautiful girls almost done getting dressed?" Sam asks

"Yeah, we're almost done" Addison smiles

"I'm done" Khloe states jumping from the bed once Addison finishes putting the bow into her hair.

"Okay well, Maya, Betsy and Olivia are downstairs. I'm sure they'd love to see you" Sam says, laughing as his little girl makes a mad dash for the door

"Be careful Khloe" Her parents call out to her, but she doesn't hear them; she's too focused on seeing her big sister.

"Mmmaayyyaaa!" Khloe calls out as she descends down the staircase

"She is a handful" Addison laughs, standing in front of the floor length mirror putting on her earrings just as Sam moves behind her, his hands coming around her waist.

"Hey there beautiful" Sam says quietly as they both stare at their reflections in the mirror

"Hi handsome" Addison grins at him before asking "Help me put my necklace on, please?"

"Sure why not, I mean, since you do look so sexy in that dress and all" Sam says in a low sexy voice, admiring his wife's cream colored form fitting Dolce and Gabana wrap dress.

"Mmmm, thank you" the redhead smiles, just as Sam spins her around in his arms for a kiss, which soon becomes heated, until Sam's mother comes in.

"You two gonna stay up here and fool around like 2 teenagers or are you gonna come downstairs and greet your guests?" Dee Bennett says with a smile as she holds her grandson on her hip.

"Sorry mom" Sam says, letting go of Addison, but not before pecking her on the lips once more, before whispering "We'll finish this up later tonight", making the redhead let out a soft peel of laughter before the couple heads downstairs hand in hand.


Christmas dinner is crazy and chaotic. There are loads of people everywhere, making this the biggest Christmas gathering Sam and Addison have ever had, especially since all of Addison's Seattle friends have decided to visit, minus Derek and Meredith, who took their kids, Zola and their son Benjamin, or as Mark and Addison dubbed him, Benji, to visit Derek's mother and other sisters, besides Amelia. Mark and Addison refuse to call him Benjamin, because of one of their Med School classmates named Benjamin Hines who had a not so interesting story that they'd rather not remember. Also present this year are Weiss, Savvy and their 3 adoptive children Hannah, Michael, and Leah . Along with the regular Oceanside Wellness crew, as well as Addison's parents, and brother, along with Sam's mother and his formerly estranged sister Corinne her husband Tom and their 3 kids, Abigail, Leslie and Roman.

"Okay, tell me again why we're doing all of the work while the men sit on their asses?" Amelia Shepherd asks, making her way through a sea of small children running around.

"Khloe, no running in the kitchen" Addison mildly scolds her daughter

"Sorry Mommy" Khloe says, still running thorough the kitchen, making her mother sigh

"Because Addie's become a softy for her husband" Naomi teases, bumping her best friend playfully.

"I have not gone soft, okay well a little soft" Addison protests with a giggle

"A little soft Addie?" Amelia says with a knowing look

"Okay I'm completely soft. I mean, he used to spoil me and somehow the roles are reversed" Addison admits

"Face it Montgomery, you got married, you had kids, and you got all domestic…it's a sad sight to watch if you ask me" Charlotte King Freedman says to her, just as her own stepson runs through the kitchen with a ball in his hands

"Mase, what have I told ya about running through the house with a ball?" she scolds the 10 year old

"Sorry mama" Mason says exiting the kitchen, as all of the Oceanside women stare at Charlotte.

"What are you all lookin at?" Charlotte wants to know

"Care to repeat your previous statement about me becoming all domesticated again? Addison asks with a smirk

"Whatever, you've still gone soft Addison" Charlotte says

"Oh you're one to talk ms. 'I don't want kids', Cooper sure did change your mind" Naomi teases.

"Cooper did not change my mind thank you…Mason did" Charlotte replies

"Sure, Charlotte, go ahead and blame you having the triplets all on Mason" Violet teases

"Shut it Violet"


Just as the rest of the food is being set out on the table, Addison and Naomi have a moment to themselves.

"So, how are the kids enjoying the puppy?" Naomi asks

"You mean how am I enjoying the puppy?" Addison corrects, making her best friend chuckle

"Yeah, you too, how's the puppy?"

"It pooped on the floor, which I wasn't too happy about but, you know, my kids are happy so, it's fine" Addison says with a smile

"Just as long as It doesn't eat your shoes then, you're fine huh?" Naomi teases

"I'm perfectly fine until that happens then…the dog has to go" Addison laughs

"I figured as much" Naomi laughs

"You know, I still can't believe it sometimes Nae. How the hell did I get so…"

"Lucky?" Naomi says finishing the redhead's sentence

"Yeah, I mean, a few years ago I wouldn't have even imagined this to be possible, but here I am: married, with 2 kids, you and I are still friends, even though I married Sam…my life's just, too good you know? I just, I keep waiting for something bad to happen" Addison says

"Addie, you worry too much" Naomi tells her

"Why hasn't anything bad happened?" Addison wants to know

"Maybe because all of the bad stuff's already happened to you. Embrace the happiness, you deserve some happiness Addie" Naomi tells her as they head out onto the deck.

Once everyone has been seated out on the back deck of Sam and Addison's house, Khloe speaks.

"Wait! Aren't we supposed to say what we're thankful for?"

"No honey, we only do that on Thanksgiving" Addison says with a chuckle

"Oh. but, I wanna do it now because, I have some things I'm thankful for" Khloe says softly

"Oh yeah, what's that baby girl?" Sam wants to know

"Well, I'm thankful that I have a mommy and a daddy and a brother and a big sister and a niece and a family and, for all my new presents and, for my puppy" Khloe grins, making everyone at the table laugh.

"What about you Sam" Addison asks

"Well, I'm thankful that I get to spend this Christmas with the woman I love, who just so happens to be my wife and my best friend, I've got 3 amazing kids, I've got an adorable granddaughter, I've got my friends and my family here, I've got an amazing career…I just, feel so blessed" Sam says smiling at Addison.

"Your turn mommy" Khloe says

"Well, I'm thankful because…I've finally got everything I've ever wanted. I mean, if you'd told me 20 years that I'd be divorced, re married to my best friend and the love of my life, I'd be a mother to 2 perfectly amazing children, I'd have a step daughter and a granddaughter, that have my family here, I'd be living in LA…I wouldn't have believed you. I just, I'm just so thankful because, for once, my life is absolutely perfect" Addison says raising her glass.

"To finding happiness" she says

"To finding happiness" everyone else says in agreement lightly clinking their glasses together.


A few hours later, their house is quiet. All of their guests have gone home, their children are sound asleep in bed as Sam and Addison sit curled up on lounge chairs on their back deck.

"It's been a good Christmas" Sam says, his arms wrapped around his wife, gently pressing a kiss to her forehead

"Mmmm, it really has been a good Christmas" Addison says, resting her head against Sam's chest.

"Know what would make it even better?" Sam asks


"You. Me. Upstairs. Hot sex" Sam says

"Mmmm, hot sex sounds like the perfect way to end Christmas but, I do think you're gonna have to carry me upstairs Mr. Bennett" the redhead tells her husband

"I can handle that" Sam says immediately standing up, pulling Addison towards him as he picks her up, making sure her legs are wrapped around his waist as he quietly carries her upstairs, kissing her the entire time. Once upstairs, clothes are quickly tossed across the room as the two blindly stumble towards the bed for some amazing Christmas night sex…


"Ooooh God babe! Sam! Mmmmm, Uhhhhh! Ahhhh! SAM! "

"Oh my God that was…That was amazing" Sam pants, rolling off of her

"Mmmm, That was, perfect, just…perfect" Addison sighs contently, moving so that she could rest her head in his chest.

"Merry Christmas Addie, I love you" Sam whispers to her as he holds her close, his hands running through her red hair.

"Merry Christmas babe, I love you too" Addison says sleepily before dozing off into a peaceful post coital sleep with her husband.