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Warning: there will be a child talking in this fanfic and most people know that when a child talks they do this adorable thing where they mess up words so there will be a lot of misspelled words

October 19th After Colony 208

They were going to pay… he didn't care who they were, they were going to pay. Nobody messes with his family and gets away with it. Making it into the compound hadn't been a problem honestly their so lax in security it's not even funny. He got to the door he needed and picked the lock, his partner Duo Maxwell only two steps behind him.

"Daddy!" Heero Yuy sighed in relief at the sight of his five year old son whole and complete

"Kaiden were is Raylin?" he asked

"The bad men took her daddy…I…" Kaiden sniffed "I couldn't stop them" Heero hugged his son

"It's okay Kaiden… I'm sure you did the best you could" he said soothingly "now go with Uncle Duo okay? I'll go get Raylin and then we can go have that picnic with mommy" Kaiden nodded and took his Uncles hand

"Chin up kiddo… your dads the best" Kaiden nodded and then sniffed really hard wiping his nose with his sleeve

"Now there's going to be some really loud noises okay? When they come I want you to close eyes" at Kaiden's nod Duo got down to one knee and Kaiden climbed onto his uncles back "hold tight now"

Trusting his son to be safe Heero took off after his daughter. He had found a few empty rooms before he came up to what appeared to be an office

"Well, well gave up the wife then have you?" Heero's gun was immediately pointed to the voice and he snarled. Sitting at the gilded desk was a man with white hair, pale skin and mouse black eyes, the man held Raylin on his lap, one hand curled around her delicate neck the other held a knife ready to puncture a lung. Heero's only relief was that she was asleep for this "hello Yuy"

"Cains…" Heero's voice held no emotion

"I honestly can't see why you left a woman like that… for a brat like this"

"You really don't know what it's like to be a father"

"True…but then why become a father when you're a murderer hmm?" that phrase had a double meaning to it. Heero's finger slipped a little on the trigger "you realize that your daughter is unconscious and I am the only thing providing her the support needed in order for her not to fall into the knife? And of course you know we're in the middle of nowhere and there would be no way to get to a hospital in time, considering she would be choking on her own blood… you wouldn't want to be the one to kill you daughter now would you?" Heero's left eye twitched but he lowered his gun he has me "so glad you agree" someone came up behind him and took his hands roughly cuffing them behind his back "I've always wanted a tame Gundam pilot"


"Bring him here Aaron" the man complied and brought Heero to about arm's length of Cains first mistake "you know Yuy… I have many grievances with you… the first being the fact that you managed to break my jaw"

"You were flirting with my wife" Heero said calmly

"Many people flirt with your wife Yuy… I'm sure you know that"

"On our wedding day"

"Miner technicality I assure you" Heero glared at the man "anyway… while you're docile… I think I'll return the favor" he took the knife away from Raylin's ribs second mistake and set her (none too gently) on the desk Bad mistake Cains smiled and made to swing at Heero, the swing was flimsy and Heero dodged it easily. Unfortunately the same couldn't be said for Aaron who wasn't expecting Heero to do anything. Heero followed his dodge with the low sweep of his leg nocking both men to the ground he immediately grabbed the handcuffs he had picked and handcuffed Aaron. And only a second later he was straddling a struggling Cains, pinning the man's arms to his side, and the first thing he did was punch him.

"Your first mistake was letting me come within arm's reach of you" he punched him again "the second mistake was removing the only restraint you had on me" another punch "and your last but far be it worse mistake" he leaned in close to the dirt bags ear "was treating my daughter like a rag doll" with that said he punched the man twice as hard and twice as much… that is until he heard a beeping noise.

Cains started laughing, Heero glared at him. Then Cains said insanely

"it's time to lose one… it's time to lose all" Heero froze at that sentence "where is your son Yuy?" Heero hit the man again successfully knocking him out. Scooping up his daughter gingerly Heero ran for the exit he's safe with Duo, he's safe with Duo…


He was surrounded; well cornered really Kaiden was behind him trying to be as small as possible. They were waiting for someone, he didn't know who and he didn't really care, he was trying to get out of this place with his nephew in one piece… the crowed parted and a man stepped through he was tall with slicked back black hair that came down to his shoulders; Duo's eyes widened in recognition

"Hey…you're snob number two" he exclaimed the man raised an eyebrow

"Snob number two? Now that's not a very nice thing to say" the man said amused "especially in your position" Duo shrugged

"Never bothered learn your name so sue me… it's not like its ganna matter anyway"

"You're assuming that you have bullets left" crap he knows

"Smart for a rich jerk" the man's eyebrow raised higher

"You're a rather… interesting young man"

"I've been told that" Duo smirked. He had to get Kaiden out of there… taking a deep breath Duo did the only thing he could think of, he made a hole, jumping at the first two guys at the right corner he shouted for Kaiden to run. He got about twenty of them before he was his satisfaction it took five guys to hold him down and they were barely able to do that. Still haven't lost it

"Really now mister Maxwell did you honestly think I would let you get away after last time" doesn't matter as long as Kaiden's safe there was a strange beeping sound coming from somewhere, it took Duo a moment to realize the man had a phone on him "yes… good bring him here the" number two then looked at his watch "yes it is almost time" to Duo's horror a large snob lackey came in and struggling in his hands was a six year old boy with golden locks and frightened blue eyes. "Ah… right on time" Duo's head snapped to see the man with a small silver Dueling pistol pointing strait at the child

"What do you think you're doing? He's just a kid" Duo shouted angrily, he began struggling with a new vigor, another lackey grabbed hold of him.

"I don't know how that makes a difference… considering that his father destroyed a whole apartment block in his younger days"

"That was an accident Heero had no clue that that Leo was ganna fall! This on the other hand is murder!"

"It doesn't entirely matter" the man said calmly and aimed. Time seemed to slow down as the shot was fired Duo struggled but to no avail when the bullet hit home he saw red.

Duo couldn't really recall what happened after that, he blamed the shock; either way the next thing he saw was every person in the complex dead or unconscious and Heero holding an comatose Raylin in one arm and a very dead Kaiden in the other

"Heero" Duo said gently; there was no answer "Heero? Buddy?"


"Heero… I… I tried, I really did b-"

"Go away" Heero spoke softly… he was still staring at his son


"Go away… I don't ever want to see your face again"

"Heero, there was nothing I could-" Heero glared at him, but it was an empty glare… his eyes were forever empty

"I trusted you" he said silently "to protect my son and you failed…don't come near me ever again… I want nothing more to do with you" Duo couldn't say anything… there was nothing left to say he left his best friend alone with his lose

Somewhere else

People were rushing about in a panic; Wufei sighed does anyone here know how to at least act like someone's not dying? Honestly this is a hospital he had just gotten there to report to Milliardo the unhappy news that the shooter got away; unfortunately Milliardo wasn't there. What was there was bad news.

A nurse was shaking her head while many of the preventers or close friends where staring in disbelief. it was Wufei who snapped out of his shock first.

"Has anyone told Heero about this?" everyone looked at him as if he were crazy, he sighed again "but of course"

At the Yuy house several hours later

She should have been home by now! Wufei had said he would neutralize the threat, Heero had even accounted a few extra hours for police problems but Relena still hadn't come back, he couldn't just go and leave his daughter (who hadn't woken up yet) alone.

The vidphone beeped and Heero pushed the key immediately feeling dread fill up in the back of his mind as soon as he saw Wufei


"Wufei" there was a long moment were Wufei… fidgeted? Heero (for once) couldn't take the silence "What is it Wufei?"

"How are your children Heero?"

"Wufei" Heero said lowly

"Relena was shot… we tried to get her to the hospital but… she didn't make it…" silence rained "Hee-"

Heero turned off the vidphone before Wufei could continue… really he wouldn't have heard anything anyway… nothing was real anymore, why was fate playing with him? There was nothing left.

Heero stared at the gun on his lap, there was nothing left, life is cheap the cold steal was comforting on the side of his head especially mine his eyes closed, he welcomed the darkness.

"Daiee?" Heero's eyes snapped open to see his two year old daughter staring at him "where mommy? Where bwada?" she then pointed at him "why cwing?" I'm crying? Heero gulped and, clicking the safety on, he put the gun back in the drawer

"Come here angel" he said wiping the warm liquid away with the palm of his hand. He set his daughter up and set her on his lap… what is this pressure in my throat?

"Big brother got hurt" my voice is shaky?

"He get bettew?" Heero shook his head

"No he had to go far away… mommy went with him"

"They come back?"

"No honey they're not coming back"

"NO!" she shouted the tears welling up

"… There's nothing we can do little one-"

"NO!" the tears spilled over she pushed herself out of her father's arms and ran through the office door wailing. Heero followed after a few seconds; when he found her she was crying at the front door

"Honey" Heero ventured

"NO!" she shouted and sniffed

"Angel… Please… I'm here"

"Want mommy!" Heero grabbed his only child tightly, his heart was breaking.

"I know angel" Heero choked

"Want bwada!" his girl cried

"I know… I want them too" it was the first time Heero had ever cried… it was also the last.

Chapter 2 short preview

"What is your name?"

"I'm being followed"


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