When Worlds Collide


On the outside you would think I was a normal 16 year old girl.

Yes I was popular and I had tons of friends but what I didn't have was that special someone.

Sure sometimes the odd popular guy would ask me out but I would always decline.

Cause the truth is I'm just not into human guys, no, I'm into something a little more out of this world.

If you catch my drift.

Even though I was popular and had everything I could ever want, if word got out about my love interests I don't know what would happen.

Oh, and one more thing.

I was far from normal.

Chapter 1: Yearend Madness

The halls of Saint James Catholic High were practically a ghost town.

Yep, just the mild hum of the heating system could be heard, oh and the rapid click clacking of my heels.

"Slow down Kate, these shoes weren't made for running a marathon you know"

I yelled as I did my best to sprint down the hall after my best friend, while wearing 6 inch heels.

I rounded the corner, still desperately trying to keep up with the speedy brunette.

Kate suddenly stopped and turned to face me, sensing my ongoing distress.

But unfortunately for her I was still in a full on run and with a cry of pure terror, plowed right into her at top speed.

Instant pain shot up my arm, making me grit my teeth.

A grunt sounded next to me and I turned my head to see Kate spread eagled on her back.

"Remind me next time to never again underestimate a cheerleader in 6 inch stilettos moving faster than a freight train"

Kate said, biting her lip as she got up from her spot on the floor.

Kate held her hand out to me.

It only took a second for me to gather my thoughts as I grasped her offered hand and left my almost, final resting place.

After regaining my footing, my hands instinctively ran through my shoulder length blonde hair, taming the few out of place strands.

"So why the rush?"

I asked, cradling my sore arm.

"Don't tell me you forgot!"

Kate said, somewhat shocked.

I gave her a blank look.

"The yearend party Tyler's throwing tonight, to celebrate the beginning of summer. Everyone's been talking about it for weeks, I can't believe you forgot"

I signed.

"I guess it just slipped my mind"

Kate face palmed something that she did on a regular basis.

"You and your blonde moments"

She said with a smirk, before yelling "see you tonight" as she dashed out the double doors towards her car.

I was literally screaming inside as my inner thoughts argued over which outfit to wear to Tyler's party.

"Uh, why is this so hard?"

I exclaimed, almost pulling out my hair.

I collapsed on my recently made bed and began mentally trying to figure out my current situation.

My iPhone chimed, signaling an incoming text and I rolled off the bed with a sign.

I made a grab for my phone, my freshly manicured fingers enclosing around the familiar device.

Sure enough the text was from Kate, asking if I was still coming to the party.

I quickly texted her back telling her that I was having a little bit of a fashion crisis but other than that I would be coming to the party, even if it killed me.

After placing the phone back on the nightstand, I turned towards my wardrobe.

"Okay, here it goes"

I said with much determination as I began tunneling through clothes, in search of the "perfect" outfit.

Kate arrived at around 8:00pm sharp to take me, along with my other friends to the party since, a) I was a hard drinker, and b) someone had to drive me and my mostly likely drunk as a skunk friend's home without the pigs arresting us.

I was waiting on the front stoop when Kate pulled up in her hot pink convertible with my friends, Zoe and Ashley.

Kate gave a flick of her wrist and I swung into the empty passenger seat next to her.

The second I had my seatbelt on, Kate stepped on the gas propelling us forward.

Tyler's house would normally take only a few minutes to get to by car but due to the traffic lights, a few minutes turned to fifteen.

"Damn, is traffic really such a problem that the government gotta put up fifty frickin lights?"

Zoe piped from the backseat.

We already hit three red lights and Zoe wasn't the only one getting pissed off.

I turned towards Kate, who looked like she was about to hit someone.

Meanwhile Ashley, who had been quiet for almost the entire trip, was twittling her fingers and muttering something alien.

"Speak up girl, Zoe can't hear ya"

Ashley jumped in her seat at Zoe's insanely loud voice.

"Oh, I was just talking to myself"

Ashley said in a barely auditable tone.

You see, Ashley wasn't like my other friends.

While Zoe and Kate were outgoing and eager to flirt with almost anyone.

Ashley was completely opposite.

She is really shy and rarely socializes with anyone besides me, Zoe and Kate.

Ashley is also very hard to hear since her voice is so soft.

I shifted my torso towards Ashley, who now hid behind her flowing blonde curls.

"Are you sure you'll be okay at the party, Ash?"

Ashley looked up at me with her aqua eyes.

"Yeah, I'll be fine"

She answered in her soft tone.

I was about to tell her she didn't need to come if she didn't want to but was interrupted by the car's sudden jerk to a stop.

We had arrived.

Chapter 2: Party like you don't give a fuck

Music flooded my eardrums as I opened the door of the two story house.

I was almost knocked over as I caught sight of the brightly colored decorations and neon colored partiers.

Yep, this wasn't just any ordinary party, this was an LMFAO party.

"This is some jacked up shit alright"

Zoe said as she began swinging her leather clad hips to the beat of "sorry for party rocking".

Mesmerized by the music, I wasn't aware of Tyler coming up behind me.

"Hey, nice outfit"

Tyler's voice made me jump.

He let out a giggle at my distress.

"Careful girlfriend, stress isn't good for your figure"

Tyler lectured, still giggling.

Okay, the thing people don't know about Tyler is he has an interest in guys, in other words he's gay.

It's weird no one's figured it out yet.

I mean just look at his loud personality and sense of fashion.

Tyler was clad in zebra print pants and jacket complete with matching sneakers and bowtie.

I hate to admit it but he looked kind of cute in that getup.

Tyler gestured to my clothes.

"Like I said, nice outfit".

I was wearing netted stockings along with my favorite hot pink mini skirt and black leather belt and by sheer luck; I wore a black V-neck baring the LMFAO logo.

"Same goes to you"

I gave him one of my perfect smiles, showing off my needle like canines.

"Jesus, you scare the bejeezes out of me when you do that"

Tyler said, clutching his heart and taking deep breathes.

"That's the reason I do it"

I waved him off and began making my way to the open bar.

I downed a few Jell-O shots before grabbing a Smirnoff and heading back to Zoe and Kate.

"So, where'd Ashley get to?"

I asked after downing half the bottle of alcohol.

"Girl went to go find Tyler"

Zoe answered, with a casual flip of her jet black hair.

"That scrawny motherfucker's always hidin when Big Z's around"

Oh yeah, Zoe likes to refer to herself as Big Z cause of her weight, but mostly cause of her big boobs.

Yeah, everyone hides when Big Z's around, if they know what's good for em"

Kate pulled out what appeared to be a joint and lit it up, taking a deep puff.

"Hand it over"

I said, holding out my hand.

"Oh come on Makayla, can't I have just one"

Kate trained her lavender eyes on me, attempting to look like a sad kitten.

I was unfazed.

"I mean it Kate"

My anger was escalating, my fists clenched slightly.

"But Makayla…"

I brushed off her rather pathetic, attempt to change my mind.

"No more buts Kate, you're the designated diver remember, which means you have to be sober and defiantly not high when you drive us home"

Kate looked like she was about to cave in but she had one more trick up her sleeve.

"But you're my best friend"

She put a little extra whine on the word "friend".

That was it, the horns were coming out.

My nails pierced the skin of my clenched fists as I felt my eyes change to their all too familiar crimson.

"Kate I've had just enough of your bullshit!"

Kate flinched at my raised voice.

My voice lowered an octave as I prepared for my upcoming threat.

"Now are you gonna give it to me or do I have to break out Ratchet and Clank"

There were gasps from the gathered partiers when those names left my lips.

You see, Ratchet and Clank are what I called my fangs –catchy right- and no one wanted to mess with them.

Cause who ever messed with them wouldn't just get bit, they'd also lose their mortality and maybe a little blood.

A look of terror crossed Kate's face, then quickly vanished as she handed the joint over.

"Here, take it, I don't like this shit anyway"

Kate said casually.

My eyes changed back to their original navy blue and a sense of calm washed over me.

I glanced down at the joint in my hand and lifted it to my lips.

I coughed as the marijuana smoke traveled down my throat.

"Damn girl, how do ya handle that shit?"

Zoe asked from her spot by Kate.

"What can I say, I'm indestructible"

I walked once again to the now crowded bar, laughing from the marijuana intake.

A drinking contest was taking place between Tyler and to my surprise, Ashley.

I was somewhat in a state of shock as Ashley downed bottle after bottle alcohol, putting her count at twenty, while Tyler was only on his fifteenth.

Tyler was practically falling over as he finally hit his twentieth, then with a sound like a cat being strangled to death, he collapsed.

Cheers were heard all around me as I nudged an unconscious Tyler with my foot.

A muffled "Uhh" sounded from Tyler and I assumed he was alright.

My gaze left Tyler's unconscious form and landed on Ashley, who was receiving high fives and fist bumps left and right.

A huge smile was plastered her face as I turned towards her.

"Hey Ashley"

Her smile disappeared at the sound of my voice.

"Oh, hi Makayla, I thought you and Kate were fighting"

So she saw what happened.

"It was just a little argument Ash, no biggie"

The smile returned to Ashley's features as she turned and ran in the direction of Zoe and Kate.

Signing, I plopped myself onto a nearby barstool.

I finished off the joint I was holding and dropped it in an ashtray.

The sound of sirens filled my highly sensitive ears, causing me to go into a fit of twitching.

A few partiers registered my uneventful twitching and due to past events, began screaming out several warnings.

"Fucking coppers"

Tyler mumbled from his place on the floor.

Zoe, Kate and Ashley came running up to me out of breath (well Zoe was).

"Damn pigs, can't even piss outside without hearing sirens and nearly falling in it"

Zoe choked out, her hand to her chest that was now exposing way too much cleavage.

Kate, who was normally the calm one, looked nervously from left to right.

"Oh my god, we have to get the fuck outta here before the cops show up!"

Ashley on the other hand was in some sort of dazed and confused state.

Lyrics to some unknown song left her lips.

Her voice was slurred as she sung off-key to herself.

"Okay, nobody panic, their just cops"

I said, trying but failing to calm everyone down.

Zoe looked stunned.

"Are yo crazy woman, they gots Tasers and guns, and you're telling us not to panic.

Zoe was hyperventilating.

"Yo crazy!"

The sirens were now ear-splitting and I could feel my twitching becoming fiercer by the minute.

I let out a hiss and smashed my fist on the bar, almost splitting it in half.

"Look if you don't want the pigs to go apeshit all over our asses then I suggest we get moving"

The girls appeared to be somewhat frozen in place.


I said with a harsh snarl.

The girls snapped out of their trance and began making a beeline for the exit, occasionally tripping over the odd inflatable zebra and a few past out partiers who would probably be among the ones arrested later.

Naturally, I was the first one out the door, cause of inhuman speed.

Kate, our driver, was the last one out.

Zoe and me were getting nervous, as for Ashley, she was still singing rather horribly.

Meanwhile, Kate was desperately trying to find her keys.

"Damn girl, we got coppers on our asses and you lost the keys to our only way outta here"

Kate face palmed.


I asked, confused about her sudden trademark face palm.

She simply stated, starting the engine.

"Hold on!"

Kate yelled as she rammed the gas petal into the ground.

She did an illegal U-turn and began speeding away from Tyler's house.

After a fit of screaming from the girls, a piercing headache (From me) and a few narrowly avoided red lights, Kate screeched to a halt in front of my house.

"Damn Kate, you one crazy bitch"

Zoe announced from the backseat.

"Ya think so?"

Kate asked from her spot behind the wheel.

"Yeah, if it weren't for you I would have had to literally, pull a Billy club outta my ass"

"Nice comment Zoe"

I said while getting out of the car.

"Well, I'll see ya tomorrow Makayla, I gotta get the kids home"

Kate gave me a wave and sped off.

A sudden dizziness flooded through me as I slipped into the darkness of the house.

Probably from the alcohol.

I thought.

After almost falling down the stairs multiple times, I finally made it to my room.

I switched on the desk lamp, giving my surroundings a shadowy look.

A low pitched humming immediately filled my ears.

I dismissed it, thinking it was just the air conditioner kicking in.

I bent down and started taking off my heels, chucking them in the nearby closet.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I dug my toes into the soft plush carpeting.

My eyes glanced at the clock, which read 45:83pm?

"What the-"

I stopped mid-sentence as my vision went blurry and my legs went numb.

My head collided with the floor, merely knocking me unconscious.

Soft light flooded the room, my vision returned to normal and I glanced in its direction.

I shifted my body, trying to get a better view.

An oddly shaped figure emerged from the light, making me jump.

Even though all that was visible was the outline, I flinched at the sight of the small object in its hand.

It appeared to be some sort of weapon.

Before I had time to react the figure raised the weapon, and fired.

I gritted my teeth; a mild sting coursed through me.

Black spots danced in front of my eyes and just like that, I blacked out.

Chapter 3: Musta been some bad weed

Hot fiery pain erupted behind my closed lids, causing me to moan in agony.

My body felt like it was in the same state.

In other words, I felt like complete and total shit.

Emphasis on the word shit.

Finally after what seemed like hours, the pain gradually receded.

I opened my eyes and almost closed them as I was literally blinded by the high powered light above me.

The first questions that popped into my head were:

Where the hell am I, how the fuck did I get here and most importantly, who the hell was that little fuck that shot me?

Those questions swarmed my thoughts as I picked myself off the floor.

"Odd, I feel lighter than before"

My voice had a slight echo to it.

It was only after I said it, that I suddenly got a full view of the area that I was in.

My jaw literally dropped to the floor as I took in the rather large expanse of space with a familiar set of stairs at the end, leading to the main control deck.

No, it can't exist, it's impossible.

I mentally slapped myself, then for the heck of it, slapped myself for real.

My hand froze as I felt the slight tickle of fur brush my palm.

I mentally screamed.

Oh my god, I didn't grow a beard while I was passed out did I.

I franticly spun around, desperately searching for a mirror of some sort.

My gaze centered on a nearby wall made completely out of reflective glass.

If my heart wasn't already still in my chest, it would have stopped beating.

I let out an ear-splitting scream, this time for real.

Cause the figure staring back at me was none other than a lombax.

Chapter 4: Those Awkward Moments in life

The overhead lights flickered above me, not that I noticed.

I was much to absorbed in the reflection staring back at me through the glass.

I brushed back my blonde hair -it's a miracle I didn't lose it- with a shaky hand.

My breathing slowed as I took in the large cat ears, snow white fur, feline figure and slightly twitching tail.

Wait, snow white fur?

I carefully scanned myself, taking in the pure whiteness of my body.

A confused expression crossed my features.

No stripes, now that's just plain weird.

My ears suddenly picked up distant conversation coming from the left of me.

I let out a soft whimper as the voices grew nearer.

The reason why I whimpered was because I recognized them.

I ducked behind a nearby weapons vender, just as a pair of Galactic rangers passed.

I let out the breathe I was currently holding and began sprinting towards, what I knew was Ratchet's living quarters.

Oh, please be there.

I thought as I slid through the automatic door separating me from possibly, my only hope at finding out how I got here in the first place.

Complete silence answered me as I neared the abnormally large holo-screen.

"Great, no one's here"

I said out loud.

My eyes glanced left to right, taking in the somewhat familiar surroundings.

The only thing different was the lack of the giant cage that once housed the idiotic superhero, Captain Qwark.

Due to my vampire instincts and by sheer curiosity, I began making my way towards the so called toughie room.

The door opened much like the others but what really took me by surprise was what lie behind it.

Instead of a toughie room, I had wondered into what appeared to be Ratchet's bedroom.

A simple bed and dresser equipped the room but the thing that struck me this was his, was the titanium plated omniwrench that lay on the silk bedspread.

Without so much as a thought I wrapped my furred fingers around its handle and drew it towards me.

The gentle sound of rushing water snapped me from my trance, causing the wrench to slip through my fingers and clatter to the floor.

I held my breath, praying no one heard it.

But unfortunately the sound of water was silenced, causing me to go into a panic.

I darted left and right, searching for some kind of hiding spot.

My panicky self finally settled for the bed.

I dove under it just as a door connecting to the bedroom opened.

The smell of lilac's flooded my delicate nose, almost making me sneeze.

Light footsteps echoed around me, I caught sight of golden furred feet.

My eyes began to tear up.

It is him, he actually does exist.

A wave of pure joy erupted through me as I listened to the soft humming Ratchet was currently making.

The sweet sound abruptly stopped as I heard Ratchet's voice.

"What the, how did this get down here?"

My breath caught in my throat.

Oh no, he knows I'm here.

My breathing suddenly went haywire and it was a miracle I didn't start hyperventilating.

The wrench was quickly swept up from its spot on the floor and my breathing returned to normal as Ratchet moved away from the bed.

I closed my eyes for a sec, accidentally fantasizing about Ratchet without any clothes on.

I mentally slapped myself; this wasn't the time for that.

After riding my thoughts of the somewhat dirty image, my mind returned once again to the humming lombax.

The sound of the automatic door opening startled me, causing me to slam my head on the bottom of the bed.

"Ow, fuck that hurt"

I whined.

Ratchet froze.

"Uh, oh"

I said with a now auditable whimper.

My eyes shut in fright and I slinked deeper under the bed.

Soft light streaked my vision as my hiding place was revealed.

I opened my eyes to see a shocked expression on Ratchet's face as he peeked at me from my place under the bed.

"Um, hi"

Ratchet yelped and jumped back a few feet.

Obviously he wasn't expecting to find someone hiding under his bed.

I slowly and carefully crawled out from under the bed- I wouldn't want another injury- and got to my feet.

My eyes flicked towards the door, Ratchet stood a few feet away clutching his wrench to his chest like a frightened child.

Jez, it's like he saw the boogieman or something.

I wracked my brain for something to say but came up empty.

Then if the situation couldn't get any worse, the automatic door opened and a familiar robot walked in.

"Ratchet is everything alrigh-"

Clank's words remained unfinished as he caught sight of Ratchet and me.

Several minutes passed before Clank suddenly broke the silence.

"Ratchet, who is this?"

Clank gestured in my direction.

Ratchet horrified expression transformed into one of confusion.

"I don't know"

They both turned towards me at the exact same time.

"Who are you?"

I signed and said in a flat voice.

"To tell you the truth, I don't really know anymore"

Clank tilted his head to the side.

My legs at that moment felt rather numb so I sat on the bed for support.

"I mean, I'm not what I appear to be"

Ratchet ears seemed to perk up at this and he took a step forward.

"Wait, you mean you're not a lombax"

I looked up from the floor and into his deep jade gaze, they seemed curious.

"Not originally"

My eyes flickered as I went into explanation mode.

"Before I came to the Phoenix and before I became a lombax, I lived on an isolated planet known as Earth, located in the Milky Way galaxy. I was a human, well kind of"

Ratchet crossed his arms.

"Kind of?"

I smirked.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you"

"Oh yeah, try me"

Ratchet taunted.

"Ok for the hell of it I'll show you"

I left my spot on the bed and stood up, my legs no longer numb.

"You sure about this?"

I asked, my voice quivering slightly.

The last thing I wanted to do was hurt my life long crush.

Ratchet wore a somewhat mischievous smile.


With that I relaxed my body and prepared for my open presentation.

"Ratchet, are you sure about this?"

Clank asked, obviously worried.

"Clank there's nothing to worry about; it's probably just some spiritual thing"

Ratchet put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

"Besides it's not like she's a monster or something"

I felt my fangs sharpen and my navy blue eyes change crimson as I built up my strength.

"Yep Clank, there's absolutely nothing to worry about"

A growl escaped my lips as I licked my exposed fangs and opened my eyes.


Clank tugged on Ratchet's pants leg.

"What is it?"

A now fully alert Ratchet asked.

Clank merely pointed.

Ratchet gazed in my direction, his somewhat cocky smile disappearing.

"Holy shit!"

I barely heard Ratchet's remark as the blood rage overtook my vision.