I couldn't get her out of my head. Its all I was thinking about. The way that her hair shined in the sun. the way her lips parted slightly when she was thinking. How her lips looked so soft….

It was pointless though. She would never think twice about me. I mean, think about it. She could get any guy in town, why would she choose me? With red in my hair, oversized glasses, and a…weird way of dressing, I wasn't exactly what she was looking for.


I want her. I want to hold her, to be her shoulder to cry on, to be the one that makes her smile. But that's not going to happen. I let out a sigh and pick up a small blade from my desk. I slide the blade over my wrist, and watch as the blood oozes out. I do it over and over again until my wrist is numb.

Numb. Id love to be numb.