No one questioned her when she headed toward Republic City.

Naga seemed to sense how important, how imminent their escape – especially her escape – was, and thus had no problem when she jumped into Yue Bay and bent the water around the new Team Avatar.

She went for the sewers. She was thinking rationally, yes. No one goes down to the sewers. And what better place for them to hide or travel, for the time being, for a Waterbender? They would be there, on the scene, but unseen, safe.

But they felt…untouchable.

And she could see the island from there.

It was…heartbreaking to see it under siege. It felt so familiar and weary, but the pain was fresh in her mind. The Temple was her territory.

She'd raised it from the ground.

She knew it was hers. She'd had a feeling, just by how she felt when she was there. Familiar. Safe. She'd known all along Aang had built the temple, and as they trudged through the sewers, disheartened, she began to realize why.

He'd gone through the same thing she had.

All, everything she'd known about Avatar Aang began to swirl around her, take shape.

He'd been twelve. A little older than Jinora, and had trekked all over the world attempting to learn the elements. Preparing for something inevitable.

A vision flashed back, but all she could make out was flames and something glowing so white it was breathtaking.

He'd been so… alone. The last person in his race. She couldn't imagine how excited and happy and proud he must have been when Tenzin was born.

He'd built Republic City so people would be safe. So there wouldn't be war. It didn't work.

The Air Temple was a relic from the past, that he'd built for his people. His family. Katara must have lived there, Korra noticed.

And no wonder she ended up there. It was home.

I won't let them get the temple, Aang. She clenched her teeth. Never.