When Derek finds out about what Erica did to Stiles, it's not how Stiles expected he would. They were at school when the alpha received the news. Stiles was trying to get Lydia out of the bathroom because Jackson had managed to make her cry again. He looked back to find Jackson walking into the bathroom alone and something seemed to click in his mind. He marched towards the asshole with absolutely no plan as to what he would do once he was done telling the prick off. But he marched in anyways, locking the door behind him.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he walked in screaming, only to find Derek and Jackson in the middle of a face off. For an instant, Stiles saw a smile on the alpha's face but it disappeared before Stiles' brain could process it.

"Get the hell out Stilinski," the co-captain growled, but Stiles wouldn't back off. He was pissed and Lydia was crying for fuck's sake!

"She was attacked by Peter! Did your little brain not process that!" He put his finger to his head as he spoke, "How can you make her cry after everything she's," Jackson's hand jumped out, aimed for his neck. Before Stiles could respond, Derek was in between them with a low growl aimed at Jackson. His eyes were red and his fangs were out. Jackson backed off almost tripping over himself to get away. Stiles looked at the alpha. That had to be the hundredth time Derek had protected him from being potential werewolf food, but Jackson wasn't a wolf. Which meant Stiles didn't really have much to worry about right? He looked over at the jock, he had same reaction Isaac had, before settling his gaze on Derek who'd turned to see if he was okay.

Stiles opened and closed his mouth trying to speak but couldn't. Derek's face went from cocky alpha to concerned someone in a couple of seconds. He moved towards Stiles holding out a hand towards Stiles' forehead. His fingers lingered over the bruise from Erica's hit, Stiles tried to pretend that his heart wasn't racing. Derek pressed his thumb lightly against the bruise, causing a wave of pain to push Stiles' head away from the hand. Derek growled lightly and moved away, Stiles hadn't noticed how close they were until Derek stepped away from him and Stiles felt the edge of the leather jacket run across his skin.

"What did you do?" Derek growled at Jackson, who was still there. Stiles had completely forgotten him and he wished the guy was gone because he looked far too happy to see Derek angry.

"I didn't hit him," he did this weird smirk, scoff thing that Stiles just called Jacksmirk. Derek turned abruptly towards Stiles again, making him back up into the wall, again.

"What this?" He pointed at his bruise then chuckled. Derek looked dead serious and while Stiles didn't want to chop his own balls off in front of Jackson, he wanted to see Derek yell at Erica. Just because somewhere deep down inside he hoped it meant that she wouldn't be allowed to do it again. Not that Stiles needed Derek's protection but it would be nice not to have werewolves, hunters and cops trying to kill him. "Erica caught me off guard and hit me with." Derek's eyes went red and Stiles could see his ears changing and his nose and mouth. God his mouth.

"Angry cause your girlfriend beat up your boyfriend?" Jackson teased. It was absolutely the wrong time to tease Derek Hale. In one swift movement Jackson was thrown into the wall, harder than Peter had thrown Derek that one time at the hospital. Jackson seemed unfazed by it, and Stiles just stared as Derek tried to gain control of himself. Jackson was bleeding, a little, Stiles could see that now but then it slowly just went away. Like time was reversing itself and his blood was being sucked back into his skin, which Stiles knew as code for not normal. The co-captain stood slowly smirking, challenging Derek. It was a fight Stiles knew Jackson would lose and he wished Scott would get his ass over to them but he was probably distracted by Allison, leaving Stiles to calm Derek down himself. He looked down at the alpha's claws gulping before taking a step forward. Derek's body tensed and Stiles paused. Jackson was gearing up, waiting for Derek to turn his complete attention to Stiles. It was obvious the douche bag would get hurt, but Stiles figured if he could get close enough, Derek would for one reason or another work more on protecting Stiles than killing Jackson. It was just a theory, but it was better than having to explain a dead body to his dad. If it didn't work, Jackson would have to explain Stiles' death. Okay yeah, it wasn't a good idea.

Stiles stretched his hand out to touch Derek's jacket, mind flashing back to when he'd grabbed it outside of the police department. He gripped Derek's shoulder for a second before the alpha turned towards him and Jackson sprang into action. Derek managed to grab Jackson by the neck before throwing him against the wall again. He completely ignored Stiles, which was not okay at all. For the second time in the day, Stiles decided to walk in unprepared for the fight he was probably going to cause. He stepped in between Jackson and Derek, capturing the wolfed-out alpha's gaze.

"Stop." Jackson snarled but stayed on the floor like a good puppy. Stiles turned to Derek, who seemed slightly impressed, "This is the school bathroom. A school whose principal is a werewolf hunter who declared war on your asses and you're fighting with a human," He put his hands on his chest, "present?"

"You locked the door," Derek said calmly, he looked normal minus the eyes and teeth. Stiles just nodded. His mind ran to other things they could do behind locked doors. He shook his head trying to get the thoughts out before opening his mouth.

"They have the key," he looked back at Jackson who was finally starting to understand and stood up, less full of himself than before. "Stay away from Lydia or treat her like a god. She deserves better than you but for some reason she really likes you so if you hurt her again!"

"What?" Jackson spat moving closer, Stiles pretended not to hear Derek's warning growl, "You'll set Derek off on me?" That pissed Stiles off, Derek moved forward but Stiles' hand flew up and held him back.

"I'll pump you with just enough wolfsbane to take you to the brink of death, cut your tongue out, wrap you up in a bow and ship you off to Allison's dad," Jackson paled slightly. "And don't worry, if I can't find the plant I'll just ask them for it." Stiles smirked as he backed away, less confident. Stiles turned back to look at Derek, he was normal now.

"You shouldn't be getting involved," Derek growled. But Stiles wasn't actually afraid of him at all.

"I'm not the one who had their henchman...woman. Henchwoman? Is that a word? You're the one who set Erica off on me and started changing all these people at my school! Also don't forget you came to me when you needed help with your bullet issue, I hid you when you were a fugitive and I helped you get Isaac out of prison!" There was a loud knocking at the door. Stiles couldn't help but flinch towards Derek, grabbing a fistful of leather.

"Stiles?" there was a pause; Derek looked down at Stiles "It's me Scott. Let me in." Stiles looked up at the alpha before letting go of him. He walked towards the door, unable to ignore the way Derek's hand brushed against his.

"Wait," Derek ordered. Stiles actually listened and turned back to the alpha, Jackson was out of view. Derek moved closer to Stiles, he leaned forward and pressed his lips against the bruise. Stiles couldn't help but blush; Derek backed away and disappeared somehow. Jackson walked over to him, pushing him aside to open the door. Scott walked in cautiously.

"Where is he?" he asked. Stiles shook his head. Scott looked at him, "Dude are you wearing make up?"

"What? No!" Scott looked at him strangely, Stiles put his hand up to his face.

"Your bruise man," Stiles put his hands on where it was, "It's gone." And it was.