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Every attempt leading up to this was futile. Every little quip, commentary and monologue Stiles spat at them to delay their plans, confuse them, was all useless. They never wanted him, not really. But he knew that. He was a pawn in their game as per his usual. The only difference, two people were now dead. Two people he knew were murdered in front of him. And no amount of therapy, talking and medication could erase that image from where it was engraved in his brain. He failed them. And he's sick of failing.

A pair of red eyes appears in the open doorway, "I'm amazed you didn't try to make a run for it." He suppresses a scoff, pushing himself off the ground. It takes less effort than he knows it should but he shrugs it off to adrenaline. He keeps his gaze on the bright eyes, the only light in the room.

"I don't break promises," his voice sounds different, strange to his own ears. It's rougher, angrier, "How can I shred your throat if I'm half a mile away?" He shrugs, heart beat steady in his chest. There's no fear.

"I'd watch what you say," The eyes move closer, into the room, "If I were you," Stiles smiles at that and nods.

"That's because you're a coward." There's a low growl and he's knocked against the wall. His head hits it hard but pain is no stranger to him. "Clearly you never watched The Dark Knight or you'd know hitting someone in the head only stops them from feeling the next blow." He's hit in the gut causing him to cough out for a moment before he regains his breath. "See what I mean?"

"Ten minutes, that's all I need," the wolf lets go and Stiles slides back down to the floor. He turns to his left, where he imagines Erica and Boyd are, before closing his eyes. "Then we'll see who's a coward."

"What's wrong need to ask Grandpa Argent for permission?" Aiden doesn't take the bait; he releases a chuckle that echoes in the room instead.

"No," Stiles looks towards the doorway, the darkness hiding Aiden from his view, "That's how long we need to kill everyone you know." Stiles jumps up, to attack but runs into a wooden door before he can. He tries ramming his shoulder into it but succeeds only in bruising the entire side of his arm. His eyes search the darkness for another exit, but he knows there is none. He's trapped.

He huffs a breath through his nose, his eyes focused and predatory. He's ready; he's been ready for a while now. He keeps himself alert, listening to the ruffle of leaves around him, waiting impatiently for his chance to spring free and run. His body aches with the need to act, hands trembling from the amount of adrenaline pumping through his veins. He lets out another breath, this one slow and shaky. The tension in his hands causes him to flex his fingers, claws growing slowly before retracting. The wind finds its way into his jacket, through the microscopic holes in his shirt and onto his skin. It does little to quench the heat his body is generating. Sweat drips from his forehead, and he watches it drip onto the leaves ten feet below him. It shouldn't be this difficult, he thinks, to control himself. But this isn't anything like Kate, Peter or the fire. This is new. And it takes everything he has not to attack.

There's a crunch of leaves, his ears snap to attention, eyes never leaving the target before him. He waits counting the seconds. Everything is still, but he can hear the stretching of a hunter's bow, the click of a lighter being flicked open. The rumble of cloth, being unwound some distance behind him, the switch of the safety being taken off the guns, and then, finally, the soft patter of steps and powder falling on the dirt below. The racing heartbeats of every human combined with the soft whine of his wolves waiting in the distance, all waiting for the first shot to be made and signal their decent upon the vastly out numbered alphas, it forces him to keep his eyes on the battlefield before him. They have the high ground. The man power. They won't loose. Allison steps next to him, equally prepared to attack as he is. No, he tells himself, she didn't hear the scream. She has no idea what Derek is prepared to do.

The creak of rusted metal hinges grinding as the door below opens tenses his body. A wolf steps out, eyes glowing red as it scans the perimeter. He lifts his hand and Allison pulls the arrow in place on the crossbow he made Lydia buy her earlier. The alpha turns his gaze up towards them and Derek's hand shoots down, a wave of arrows shooting down. He keeps his eyes on Allison's, a small smile pulling at his lips as it digs into the eye of the alpha below. Allison clips herself onto the wire that her arrow secured through the alpha's head and onto the floor. He would be pleased with her if it wasn't for her werewolf-killing tendencies. She turns to look at him but he jumps down before she can open her mouth and delay their plans. The moist dirt beneath his claws sends a pulse through his body, sending him surging forward in a sprint. He can hear the others sliding down from the multitude of wires secured into the ground around him. When he looks up, four alphas are standing at the door ready to attack him. The alpha Allison took down is to his right, struggling to remove the arrow in time to properly heal the brain damage. The four idiots take a menacing step towards him and he smiles, hearing Allison's bow being pulled back.

"Your monkeys and cubs have nothing on us," a blonde quips, sending him a toothy grin. Derek feigns an uneasy scoff before getting down on one knee and holding two hands up. The blonde takes a step forward, "How cute. Really Derek, it's adorable that you know how utterly useless you are as an alpha. I mean really, in what world could anything you planed ever-"An arrow is shot through her chest and she stumbles backwards. The other three growl and attempt to pounce him but Issac, Scott and Jackson each tackle one. A warm hand grips his shoulder and he turns, distracted, to face a breathless Melissa McCall.

"Sorry," she pants, "got lost." He's about to growl but she continues, "And that bitch was annoying, Allison takes too long aiming." There's a growl and Derek's eyes turn to the unguarded mental door, four more alphas pile out. "All yours," Melissa smiles as she steps back, heart racing. He cracks his neck before growling, Lydia joining him to his left and Harris to his right.

"I'm not wearing the right shoes for this," Harris mumbles. Derek finds it extremely annoying that they have enough time to speak before doing what they have to. Lydia throws her first bottle, muttering a "You're not the one in heels," before one of the Alphas grab it. Sherriff Stilinski shoots the bottle and sets the werewolf on fire. The others spilt, between attacking Derek and going for the Sherriff. Melissa runs past him to help Stilinski, and Derek turns his attention to the two wolves coming for him. Allison's busy helping Scott stay alive, he can smell the beta's blood and her overwhelming stench of fear she's radiating. Harris throws his makeshift bomb and misses, just his luck. He throws Lydia and Harris behind him before launching himself at the alphas. Either it's some sick game life is playing with him, or just pure luck, but he tackles both down in one hit. The burned alpha moans in front of him and he wastes no time slitting its throat wide open. A moment later he's tackled, claws digging into his side. He barely has a moment to register it before a knife is dug into the back of the alpha's skull. Chris stands before him, as he pushes the poor excuse for a wolf off of him. There's no time for 'thank you's as the blonde wolf Melissa shot howls out. Derek chances a glance over at Isaac and Jackson. They're back to back and in need of aid. To his right he can hear Melissa cursing one of the alphas to death, the Sherriff shooting repeatedly. He stands and looks at Lydia and Harris staring blindly at the two alphas he'd momentarily knocked out. Chris is shooting at his side and he knows there's seven more inside, where Stiles is. He remembers the scream too clearly, and maybe it clouds his judgment but he doesn't really care.

"Light it," Lydia doesn't question him; she turns around and rolls her last bottle down the small hill. There's something inside of him that makes him feel like he's healing faster. He turns to his left and Isaac's holding his side, blood pooling down his hand but it's not all his. The alpha standing next to the beta has a hole in its body and Jackson is preparing to ram the werewolf against the other alpha. Two more Alpha's spill out from the metal door way, Derek doesn't worry about them, he trusts the Sherriff to deal with them properly. Harris throws his last bomb at the two alphas standing between him and Derek. A bullet breaks it open and sets the two on fire.

"Start the party without us?" Bobby asks with a wide smile, Peter and Danny show up at his side. Five people left, Derek thinks mentally. He turns to the alphas, which are no longer on fire. Harris sighs.

"I told you it needed more!" Lydia slaps him, but it doesn't matter because now they have two more alphas to deal with. Behind him, the sheriff calls him worriedly, he's running out of bullets and steady aim or not Alphas can dodge. Chris grunts and Allison's distracted long enough to get herself hurt, which in turn distracts Scott and gets the beta injured. Isaac and Jackson are tired and barely handling one alpha, they can't help.

"Peter, cover the Sheriff, Finstock help Chris, Danny get Harris and Lydia something to shoot with," He crouches down growling and the two alphas turn to face him. They lash out, digging into his sides deep enough to get him on one knee. He coughs blood, but it's not the first time someone got their claws into his ribs, Peter nearly tore his heart out and he survived that. He jabs his own claws into the Alphas and in some weird mutual agreement they all push away from each other before either one of them tries tearing anything out. It buys him enough time to heal some before standing up.

"Hey ugly," a female voice calls out awkwardly, Derek doesn't bother looking back, he knows who it is. He closes his eyes, opening them only when a hand touches his back lightly. When he opens them, the two alphas are stumbling slightly, "No time to sleep Derek." He stands, taking shallow breaths as he recovers, wondering why the other alphas haven't come out yet.

"Mr. Martin," He huffs looking over at the all too ready to attack alphas, "Where's-"

"Deaton and Morrell are in position," Mrs. Martin chants, heart panicking, "Go before we all die." A fire sprouts around them, creating a perfect circular perimeter around the hill. Mr. Martin shoots at the alpha and Derek waits for a moment, before Harris and Lydia come to help the Martins. He turns, Danny at his side, and scans his pack to aid those in need. Jackson and Isaac have two alphas on their hands again, but Scott and Allison are going in between helping them and Chris with the blonde from before. Finstock has moved on to helping the Sheriff, with the two alphas from before. No ones in good enough shape to keep this up much longer. He nods at the questioning look Danny gives him before sprinting off towards the three alphas still hiding out in the rugged shack they trapped Stiles in. The alphas seem almost content to see him when he runs in, it's sickening. Danny jumps in behind him and shoots randomly at them, sending them running into the room at the end of the hall way. In one swift movement, Morrell slides the door connecting the room to the hallway closed and runs to the fireplace Derek knows is there. He waits to hear the sound of her shutting the fireplace shut. He hears Deaton open the small window and throw in the same gaseous mixture Stiles had been poisoned with. There's banging against the door for a couple of seconds and then silence. What he hears has very little to do with what he smells. Danny disappears outside and Derek takes the two steps to his right to grip the metal door that mocks him with guilt. There's chaos outside, he can hear the frantic hearts, the screams of pain. He slides the door open slowly, coming face to face with the reek of blood. Moaning he steps into the room, a small laptop lights the cruel murder before his eyes from the corner. He recognizes the black jackets, the blood-died, red-blonde hair underneath the demolished skull that is Boyd. His stomach churns and he falls to his knees, they were kids. Barely sixteen and they're dead. And it's his fault. His hands reach out to touch their cold bodies, but he pauses seeing the two hands holding onto each other. Peter had warned him, told him what it meant, how it felt to loose two Betas. He just hoped the loss he felt had been because they had escaped and found a new alpha, someone better.

A chuckles explodes, "You're pathetic," it's Stiles' voice. He turns to look at the laptop, anger taking over the pain. He moves closer to the screen and sees Stiles in a small, dark room with wooden floors and dark wooden doors.

"How's that Stiles?" A voice mocks back, Derek growls low in his throat. Where the hell is Danny when you need him?

"You have to kill two of his Betas just even the playing field, not to mention the fact that you're holding me captive," Stiles spits back, he moves more into the light, revealing the bruised lip and swollen eye the teen is sporting. A heat rises through Derek's body, setting his skin on fire. He growls and throws the laptop into the wall, his wolf taking control. He runs outside to find Scott lying on the ground, Isaac clawing on the back of the Alpha currently trying to eat him. Chris and Allison are back to back, leaning on each other to stand. Lydia's in a triangle with the Sheriff and Melissa, the tears in her eyes and absence of useless fire is enough of an answer. Finstock is yelling over at Morrell about Greenburg being hit. Deaton's nowhere to be seen and some part of Derek thinks he's dead, some part hopes he saved the Martins and got them out of the way, the majority of him doesn't really care. The alpha plaguing Allison and Chris has appeared in front of him, and he's more than happy to deal with him. He slaps the claws away and digs his own claws into the abdomen of the alpha. It growls at him and Derek hates himself slightly for thinking of his own kind as an 'it', but he does and somehow that thought confuses his conscience long enough for his subconscious to force his hand up and under the Alpha's rib cage. He has the alpha impaled on his arm in a blink, and it tries to tell him something.

"My….. brother," it coughs up blood Derek neither feels nor cares for, "kill…. Stiles." Derek smiles and places his free hand on its neck before pulling his arms out, ripping its ribs out along with it. The carcass falls onto the floor and his eyes meet Scott's. There's a question in them, one he knows they're all asking. Where are the others? He shakes his head, delivering the bad news as an Alpha should. Jackson strikes a blow to the alpha Isaac's been protecting Scott from, they both step back afterwards. The alpha is weak, enough for Derek to kill it without a second thought. He fists his knuckles, some of the other alphas come to stop him but his pack hold them back. He leans down and smashes the alpha's skull in, exposing its brains to the cruel air. Lydia's stomach can't handle the sight and she throws up, Jackson taking his place at her side to hold her hair up. Derek turns to look at the three alphas, they're weak as well, and they've lost some of the urge to fight. They want to mourn.

"You killed two of my betas," he growls. Their eyes flutter down to the ground, wolfsbane-infected blood dripping from their wounds. "And we've killed twelve in your pack," he bites down some of his anger, he knows what it feels like to loose everyone. "You stole him from me, and you're going to give him back or I'll let Chris and Allison," He points at the two currently patching up their wounds, "use you for target practice." The one in the middle nods before scanning around.

"You're missing two," she coughs. Derek growls a threat at her, getting close enough to shred her throat out before she can even raise a limb. "More than two but it's those two that matter because they're the ones Gerard got to help." One of the alphas next to her jab her in the ribs, Derek pulls her forward, claw pulling out the eye of the alpha that hurt his informer.

"Traitor!" the other yells. Derek flicks the eye in his direction.

"I'm sick of seeing my family die for an omega's stupid plot to get revenge!" Derek orders Isaac and Scott to knock them out and the female at his side complains very little. She's babbling out answers to questions he hasn't asked yet, "Gerard got Peter and Danny, I know Peter's your uncle but you can't tell me that you ever trusted him and Danny went willingly." It's that last bit that gets him. 'Danny went willingly'. His gaze turns to Jackson, who's just lost his best friend. "I don't know where they are."

"I do," the words are out of his mouth before he can stop them. It's almost instinct to run then and there but he pauses to take in his pack. Melissa's leg is bleeding, a scratch not deep enough to turn, Lydia's about to puke again, Jackson's got a gash along his side, Scott's leg is broken in too many ways to count, Morrell's got a cut across her stomach, Finstock's holding a kid in his arms yelling about hating someone named Greenberg, Allison and Chris are not doing so well and the Sheriff seems too worried about loosing someone else to be able to mount another attack.

"Go," the words come out of the, now single-eyed, alpha. Derek eyes him, "They all understand just go and kill Gerard, the bastard deserves it." He turns to the sheriff, of all people, for permission. He shouldn't, he's the alpha, but he does because they're a pack. He takes a deep breath and waits for the answer.

Stiles crawls out of the crack in the door, his hip burns but the adrenaline running through him keep him going. It's dark in the house, he's not used to it. Usually they always have a light on. Not tonight. He pulls himself to his feet and fails at attempting not to hurt his left side in the process. Just his luck, the house is on fire. He limps over towards the door at the end of the hall way, shoving the door open with absolutely no stealth. It's pointless, attempt 10 to escape taught him that. Either way Ethan won't try to attack him unless he tries for one of the doors downstairs. Gerard has the guard outside and Stiles is pretty sure Ethan will be giving him the 'we lose, you win' speech any moment now but until then he might as well try to get away. He tramples over to the desk, his desk, and questions momentarily whether or not he should reconsider calling the cops. He's done four times now and it's always the same answer, no. He moves to his bed and peels off the sheets, groaning when he tugs at the wound on his side. The pain is enough to bring him to his knees. It takes him a moment, before he remembers the house is on fire. He turns to his bedroom door. The house is on fire. Ethan is at the door, and the house is on fire. The smoke is shockingly thick, which explains his brains inability to think properly and connect the dots. The house is on fire.

"Yes," Ethan coughs, taking a step forward. Stiles grabs for his pillow desperately and Ethan chuckles. "At least I get to die laughing." He leans against the desk, "You really think that can kill me?" he eyes the pillow. Stiles shakes his head and for once he's happy Derek's such an ass, otherwise he wouldn't have this. There's a loud cracking noise and Ethan steps forward, tempting the wood. Stiles moves onto his bed cautiously earning him a smile from the werewolf. Ethan takes another step and Stiles pulls out the weeds from the field that he'd put in his pocket. The alpha pauses momentarily before jumping at Stiles with a sorry. Stiles is kind of sorry too. He pulls out the silver blade from his pillow and blindly stabs it into Ethan's skull. The wolf's body drops dead in his lap and he can feel the blood dripping down and pooling into his thighs. He pulls out the blade, ignoring the crunching of bones, and pushes the body onto the floor before opening his eyes. He sighs, relaxing for an instant before he's falling through the ground and into the living room. The bed catches fire and Stiles sprints for the front door, the only thing not yet on fire.

"Stiles?" his eyes perk up at the sound of Derek's voice and he races out to the porch, stopping just short of the last step. They're a foot apart, and the house is on fire behind him, but he can't move forward. He's frozen in his spot just a foot away from his alpha. And Derek sees it too, knows there's something off, something wrong. It only makes the blow that much deeper when Stiles has to look into those tortured eyes and spit a witty remark. Their world is a fucked up one, because he can't even manage to do that. His eyes flutter down to the black line staining the concrete before him. Derek follows his gaze and when their eyes meet again there's that small bit of lingering hope that things are not as bad as they seem. Who would have thought, Derek with hope. Stiles gulps and looks down at his side, there's a reason it hurts so much, a reason why he could even still manage to walk around without tearing up. He lifts his shirt, eyes glued back to Derek's. The red flash in the alpha's eyes is enough to answer the question for the both of them. And he knows, he just knows, that when Derek looks back at him, Stiles' eyes reflect the same color.

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