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"Oh, I was just telling the team what I thought about today's game," she improvised, trying to act like he hadn't just given her a minor heart attack.

"Alright. Here, I found you something." He held out his palm. Katie picked up what was laying in it and looked at him confusedly.

"A hair tie?"

"So you can put your hair back up," he said, frowning at the waves framing her face. "You look better with it up, you look more like Katie."

Katie heard someone snicker behind her and looked over her shoulder to glare at them. They all smiled innocently back at her. Fighting a grin, she turned back to Oliver and flipped up hair over, gathering it into a ponytail and securing it with the tie he had brought her.

"Better?" She asked with a smile, and Oliver nodded, his face relaxing. Katie laughed. "Good."

Oliver just stood there and smiled at her for a moment. An impulse jumped into Katie's head and she decided that for once she would follow it – she wanted to know if the rest of the team was right.

"Let's dance," she told Oliver, reaching forward and grabbing his hand. They headed out of the Quidditch Room and into the main room. "Hang on," Katie muttered and, using Oliver for balance, reached down and tugged off her heels. She wiggled her toes happily and laughed. "Much better!"

Before Oliver could say anything, Katie was again dragging him towards the dance floor.

The rest of the team pressed their faces not-so-subtly against the glass sliding door and watched them.

"Five Galleons says she snogs him first," Archer muttered to nobody in particular.

"You're on," Mitchell responded, his gaze never leaving the couple on the floor. "Look at how close they are. I don't think we could fit a needle in between them."

"We could try," Thorne interjected, "but I think all of us value our extremities, and Katie there might rip them off."

"And shove them down our throats," Ryan added.

"So," a female voice from the back piped up, and they all glanced back for a second before focusing on Oliver and Katie again. Maria, one of their newer personal Healers, peered over their shoulders before continuing, "If you guys are wrong and they don't end up together, do you think Oliver would go for me?"

She shrank back as six large Quidditch players rounded on her angrily, the staff standing next to them looking just as pissed.

"We aren't wrong," Mitchell said icily, "and this is a pro-Katie and Oliver Quidditch team. You're new, so you get a pass this time. But do not, do not, ever think about going near Oliver in any way except a professional way. Ever. Or this will be the last Quidditch-related Healing job you ever have."

The team turned back around and continued staring at the couple.

"We were mistaken before, it is possible for them to get closer to each other."

"Why haven't they snogged yet? Merlin, they've been holding back for five years!"

"Probably more like fifteen since they knew each other from school and all."

"Good point."

"Jeez, then they should already be shagging in the middle of the floor by now."

"Not on my Tunisian rug, they won't."

"They're close enough to be shagging, that's for sure."

"I wish we could hear what they were saying!"

"The way Katie is staring at him, and they way he's looking at her, I don't think there's going to be much talking for awhile."

"Did his hands just slip to her arse?"

"She punched me when I tried it!"

"You're no Oliver Wood, Archie, sorry to tell you. And I hope he has good intentions towards Katie, because Keeper or no, I'll rip him apart if he hurts her." Mitchell glanced at the rest of the team as they nodded in agreement, Ryan cracking his knuckles. "Good, then we're all on the same page."

"I'm pretty sure Oliver's intentions are good. The guy's been in love with her for as long as I've known him," Thorne pointed out.

"You do have a point."

The team lapsed into silence as they concentrated on watching two of their closest friends.

"Are they still staring at us?"

Oliver slipped his gaze sideways for an instant before returning it to the girl in his arms. "Yup. Mitchell might want to Scourgify that glass later."

Katie didn't smile, instead chewing on her bottom lip. "Oliver?"


"Don't kill me for this, okay?"

Oliver opened his mouth to respond, probably to ask what she was talking about. Before he could get the words out, Katie grabbed his shirt collar and pulled his face down to hers, pressing her lips to his.

After a moment Oliver pulled back and Katie's heart sank.

His head was spinning and he could barely string two words together. "What about Matt?" he managed.

"Matt needed to make his ex back off," Katie replied, the back of her eyes prickling painfully. She stared at her hands, clasped in front of her, instead of meeting Oliver's gaze. She knew it would be full of pity. "And I wanted to see your reaction to me with someone else." She looked off to the left to where the team was still watching. She met Mitchell's gaze and gave a small shake of her head. His jaw dropped and she turned back to Oliver, looking at a point over his shoulder.

"I'm just going to go."

Katie turned away and made to take a step through the crowd of people around them. Oliver caught her wrist and spun her back around, his expression unreadable.

"So you're not…with him?" He asked, his voice odd. Katie shook her head mutely and half-heartedly tugged on the hand he held.

"Thank Merlin," he muttered, and before she could blink she had been yanked against him and his mouth was on hers again.

Katie was in complete heaven. Oliver had wrapped an arm around her waist and his other hand had tangled its way into her hair, completely ruining the ponytail he'd wanted so much.

They broke apart when cheers erupted from the Quidditch Room.

"Finally!" Mitchell could be heard shouting. Both Oliver and Katie laughed before looking at each other again. Oliver reached up to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear, making her blush and feel like she was in the middle of some cheesy romance story or movie.


Katie bit her lip, fighting a smile as he reached forward and wrapped his arm around her waist again. "So…"

"Wanna get out of here and go somewhere there isn't a Quidditch team watching us like hawks?"

She giggled and nodded. "I would love to." Still holding hands, they wove through the crowd, making their way to the door.

They stepped outside and began walking slowly down the street, not paying much attention to where they were headed.



Oliver smiled. "What made you do that? Not that I'm complaining or anything…I'm just really curious."

"The team made me do it," Katie replied with a laugh. "I've wanted to do that since we were in school together, actually, but they pushed me towards it more. They're persistent, I'll give them that."

Oliver stopped walking and pulled her to him again with a smile. He brushed his lips over hers for a moment, then pulled away.

"Remind me to thank them later." He closed the distance between them again.

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