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"Don't play with scissors!" Their mother had always told them. Twins they were. But very odd twins. Always holding a blade, usually scissors. Ralph had even been expelled from his reception class because he had stabbed a poor child with safety scissors. Their mother was convinced it was a phase, well, that was until they were about 19 and had murdered her with their homemade oversized blades, that when put togther formed a giant pair of scissors."From now on, we shall be known as the Scissorman and Scissorwoman!" Ralph proclaimed, with Jemima in complete agreement. Years past, and they were bored with simply watching people being tortured, so, they created their own circus show. It travelled from town to town, hidden by the dark woods of each one, where no one would find it. To get people to attend, the Scissortwins would lure children into allyways, give them a lollipop, and a leaflet with the details for the circus. People often underestimate the power of crying children, but not the twins. So, in each town, the same show every time, with new guests, with the same ending. First, they would dazzel the audience with their skills in deception, doing basic magic tricks. Then, they would perform a dangerous acrobatic performance, in which they would swing from wires that hung from the roof of the makeshift circus. But for the final act, which on the leaflet was described as a "killer", the twins would each take turns in throwing their knives at each other. It missed each twin every time, but the people in the audience werern't too lucky. One by one every adult attendee would have a knife flung into their skull. Children screamed and cried for their mommies and their daddies. "Don't worry! You'll see them soon! We promise!" The twins would cheer in perfect syncronisation. And the children would see their parents again, in Hell. When the missing person adds piled up on the desks of the local police, people started asking questions. Where their loved ones where, how could so many people go missing, that type of thing. But the police didn't know anything of the circus, nevermind the twins. But in one town, a woman called Davina Hamilton, had told her friend that she was taking her daughter to see a circus in the woods. The police were allerted instantly, and the search for the circus was on. Ralph heard them first; they had the place surrounded. There was no way of leaving the place alive. Shared a similar fate as the people attending the show. "It's simple Jemima, you kill yourself, and I'll kill myself." She didn't know about anything that was going on outside the tent, as Ralph had not told her anything; he loved her too much. She didn't think to question her brothers request though, because she knew that whatever he did, it was for her. So, she took her oversized blade, and plunged it straight into her heart. She smiled at her brother, and she was gone. This tipped Ralph over the edge. "That looks so much fun Jemima! My turn now!" He copied exactly what his sister had just done, and fell to floor laughing. Death has claimed them both, but that was not the end for our sadistic twins, oh no. A shaddow of a man emerged from the flames of what we would call an afterlife, and said to them "I'm looking for some skilled murderers, now join me, and have the most fun you will ever have." It was an offer that neither could refuse