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Kagura was sitting on the couch as the rain fell relentlessly on. Ketsuno Ana's weather prediction was wrong today, so Kagura wondered if someone was cursing her again. Normally, Kagura liked the rain (as Gin-chan always says; kids like thunderstorms and typhoons); but today, she had a bad feeling and the rain couldn't calm her down as it usually did. Plus, Gin-chan hadn't come back from the store yet. It usually only took him twenty minutes, but today he was five minutes late. So, Kagura complained loudly to Shinpachi, "Gin-chan's late! Where is he Shinpachi?"

Shinpachi sighed; Kagura had been doing this every minute for the last five minutes. Shinpachi's patience was running thin, but he answered like he did the other four times, "There was probably just a line. He'll be here soon."

"You're wrong Shinpachi; Gin-chan never has to wait in line uh-huh!"

"What are you talking about? He's been plenty of lines before."

"And he's never had to wait in any of them. Remember that time at the Oedo Dome?"

Shinpachi chuckled in response. He definitely remembered that incident. The Yorozuya trio had gone to the Oedo Dome for a Rakugo performance (it was a special baseball themed Rakugo). The line had been very long and after a few minutes, Kagura started complaining. Gin-san had then used various methods (sob-stories, guilt-trips, threats, annoying the hell out of the other groups. Get the picture?) to get all the other people to move. In a matter of minutes, they were in the front of the line. Shinpachi wanted to reprimand Gin-san for his underhanded ways; but he couldn't because, knowing Gin-san, he would have sent him to the spot they were in before.

Shinpachi was interrupted from his memory by a loud thump at the door. He looked over at Kagura to see if she would open the door for once; but she was studiously looking out the window in the opposite direction. Shinpachi heard another thump and sighed; it was probably Gin-san kicking the door because he had brought home too much from the store. Shinpachi never understood why he couldn't put the bags down and open the door himself. "But, that's Gin-san." Shinpachi thought as he walked over to the door calling out "I'm coming, I'm coming. Just be patient Gin-san." The only response he got was another thump against the door

When Shinpachi opened the door, he saw a soaking wet Gin-san with a scowl on his face, one grocery bag in hand, foot poised the kick the door again, and an unconscious Kamui in his arms. Wait, an unconscious Kamui? What the heck was Gin-san out doing all this time? Shinpachi looked up at Gin-san and was about to ask what happened, but was silenced by the look on Gin-san's face. Very rarely did Shinpachi see Gin-san looking so worried. Shinpachi was about to ask Gin-san what was wrong again, but before he, could Gin yelled "Kagura, I need you to gather all the extra blankets. We have an unexpected guest who will be sleeping on our couch for a while." Shinpachi heard Kagura get up and head over to the closet. Shinpachi whispered, "Shouldn't we tell her that it's her brother?"

Gin-san looked down at Shinpachi and said "No, she'll find out soon enough. I have a feeling she'll be better off not to know right away. Now, put the grocery bag away for me then go help Kagura." Shinpachi nodded, took the bag then went inside.

As Gin watched Shinpachi's retreating form, he sighed. It had been a real pain carrying Kamui up the stairs; he was a lot heavier than he looked. It made him regret not paying attention to Tetsuya when she had given them those lessons on how to properly carry an unconscious person. "Oh well," Gin thought, "it's just a little farther." And he walked inside himself.

When Gin arrived at the couch, he took a quick look around to see where Kagura was. He was relieved to see that she was still gathering blankets (the longer he delayed her seeing her brother, the better he thought). But as he set Kamui down on the couch, he heard a gasp and a soft plop. He turned around to see a wide-eyed Kagura and a crouching Shinpachi (picking up the dropped blankets). "Aniki…" Kagura whispered sadly.

Before Gin had a chance to say anything to Kagura, she rushed past him and skidded to a halt by Kamui's side. They were all quiet for a while as Kagura looked at her brother. Gin then said quietly "Kagura, I know you're probably angry at me for not telling you right away, but try to understand. I was trying to protect you from prolonged pain."

"I'm not…mad at you Gin-chan. I'm just sad that you thought I couldn't handle pain."

"Yeah…I'm sorry Kagura." Gin turned to Shinpachi, not wanting to see Kagura's sad blue eyes, "Shinpachi, call a doctor. See if they can make a house call. I'm pretty sure he was poisoned, so he shouldn't be moved any time soon." Shinpachi nodded and went over to the phone.

But before Shinpachi could dial a single number, Kagura yelled "NO DOCTORS!"

"What?" Shinpachi and Gin said at the same time, but it was Shinpachi who continued, "Kagura-chan, he clearly needs a doctor if what Gin-san said is correct. Why shouldn't I call a doctor if he needs one?"

"Because, he's a wanted criminal isn't he? I heard from Pappy that he became the head of that organization eye-patch guy recruited. If you guys call a doctor, they'll turn him in to the police. I…think I might have something that can help him. Please, Gin-chan, just give me a few days and I think I can help him." Kagura was looking straight at Gin when she finished speaking. He wanted to say no, this wasn't a job for a kid. But the look in her eyes made him say "Fine. You have three days. If he hasn't woken up by then, we're calling a doctor." Kagura then got up and walked over to her closet.

Shinpachi opened his mouth to protest that Kagura shouldn't be doing this, but Gin shook his head slightly, so Shinpachi said nothing. When Kagura returned, she was holding a large vial of a greyish purple powder. When both Gin and Shinpachi looked at her questioningly, he replied "It's a Yato cure-all. Aniki and I often had to use it during emergencies. One time Pappy came home poisoned, so we used this on him and he was better within two days."

"Ok," Gin said, nodding, "Sounds like it could work. How does it work?"

"Well first, we need to open up this gash on his arm, to bleed out some of the poison. Shinpachi, I need you to put a knife into some boiling water to sterilize it."

Shinpachi dropped the blankets and walked over to the kitchen. As Shinpachi started water boiling, Gin, looking astounded, asked "Kagura, how do you know so much about this? I never thought of you as the medical-type."

"When I was little, my mammy was always sick, so I often had to do things like this for her, uh-huh."

When the knife was done being sterilized, Kagura picked up the knife, two bowls, and put some lukewarm water into the second bowl. As she brought the knife to the swollen, seeping gash on Kamui's arm, Gin looked away. Blood wasn't an unusual sight for him. But, he didn't particularly like seeing it outside of a battle. It reminded him that his hands weren't meant not for healing, but killing. So, he decided to look outside at the rain instead. At some point, he heard Shinpachi run into the bathroom. Any other time, Gin would have laughed at Shinpachi, but he couldn't bring himself to this time.

When Kagura was done flushing the wound out; she started some more water boiling for her "Yato Cure-All". The water boiled and Kagura poured a little of the powder into a teapot and poured the boiling water over it. She then looked over at Gin (Shinpachi was still looking a little green) and nodded at Kamui's head, "Gin-chan, I need you to hold his head up so I can pour this into his mouth."

"Shouldn't you dribble it into his mouth a little at a time? I doubt he can swallow if he's unconscious."

"No, the medicine won't work correctly unless it's boiling hot. If I dribbled it into his mouth slowly, the effect would diminish with each use, uh-huh."

Gin nodded, impressed with Kagura, and went over to Kamui. After Gin lifted the unconscious teenager's head comfortably (for Gin, so his arms wouldn't get too tired), Kagura started pouring the near-boiling liquid into his mouth. At first nothing seemed to happen, but soon Kamui's eyes fluttered very slightly and he started swallowing slowly. Kagura's eyes lit up at this, but she continued pouring.

When the pot was empty, Gin set Kamui's head down as gently as he could. After a few moments, Kamui's eyes opened half-way. Gin took one look at him and said "His pupils are enlarged, must be a side-effect of the poison. You might have to use your cure-all on him again Kagura."

Kagura nodded, "Yup, that's what I expected, uh-huh. Our medicine starts working right away, but it takes more than one dose to completely cure someone."

At the sound of Kagura's voice, Kamui turned his head; and with a weak smile on his face whispered hoarsely "Hey, Imouto-chan, looks like you still have some of that dragon flower with you. Really takes you back huh?" then his eyes fluttered closed again.

Kagura then looked up at Gin and he was surprised by the tears in her eyes, "Gin-chan, he hasn't called me that in a long time, uh-huh. He must really be out of it."

"I can tell. I hope your medicine works. Why did he call it dragon flower?"

"Because in ancient Yato legend, if you give it to a healthy person it's said to give one dragon-like powers. But, for that power one's life is shortened dramatically. So, we're only supposed to use it on sick people." Gin nodded, and Shinpachi came over to cover Kamui in the earlier abandoned blankets.

Over the next few days, Kagura said that Kamui still needed to be fed the dragon flower tea. The first day, Kagura stayed by his side all day giving him the tea at the appropriate times. But on the second day, she left early in the morning with instructions for how to make it. Neither Shinpachi nor Gin begrudged her leaving. It must be hard seeing a sibling in their lowest point, they both thought.

Later that day, there was a knock on the Yorozuya door. It was Hijikata with a very down-looking Kagura. "I came to deliver you your monster. She was hanging around our place; Sougo got less work done than usual." Was all he said then he left. After that, Kagura hadn't said anything and just sat looking out the window. Not even Sadaharu or Sukonbu could cheer her up. That night they all went to sleep with heavy hearts.

The next morning, Gin woke up to a bright, cheery, sunny day. He sighed; it was so opposite of how he felt. As he sat up, he jumped a couple feet. Kamui was crouching across from his bed, a smile plastered across his face. "Good morning, sir, could you perhaps tell me where I am?"

What? Had Kamui just called him sir? "Um…uh…You're in my house. I found you outside it a couple days ago and took care of you."

"Thank you for that then." Kamui's smile grew wider, "Could you tell me your name? It's a little awkward to keep calling you sir, don't you think?"

"You don't remember me?"

"I believe this is the first time we've ever met."

"Eh? You really don't know me? I'm Sakata Gintoki, you met me in Yoshiwara. You watched me fight the Night King with a smile similar to the one you have now."

"Oh, really? Well thank you for helping me out Gintoki-san…I have one more question for you, though."

"Yeah?...What is it?" Gin had a bad feeling that he knew what this next question was going to be.

"Gintoki-san, could you perhaps tell me who I am?" Gin groaned; he knew this was coming. First poison and now amnesia? This boy was really starting to become a pain.

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