Hey guy's! I kind of have writer's block in regards to 'What Happens' and decided to write this...I got the idea from the show Once Upon A Time and decided that since I have all these ideas bouncing in my head, and don't have the time to turn them into full blown fics, I'll post them here, and maybe I'll write full blown fics based in them later...sound like a plan?

Summery; Arthur, Merlin and the Knights go on a quick patrol that quickly spirals into something bigger than they could have imagined.

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It was supposed to be a normal patrol; just a quick trip near the edge of the border to inspect rumors of trouble-making sorcerers. It quickly became so much more.

They'd stopped at a stream to water the horses when the men attacked; about ten of them, a fairly small group that should have been easily taken out by the Knights of the Round Table. Except each of the attackers had magic, and they didn't use it sparingly.

But the real reason they lost the fight was because most of the attackers went after Merlin, and even his magic couldn't help him when they shot a fireball at his back...cowards. They hit him in head with the pommel of one of their swords, disorienting him so he couldn't use his magic, that's when Arthur knew they'd lost.

The sorcerers disarmed each of the Knights until no one was fighting, until they were each of their knees, their hands held behind their backs as Gwaine yelled obscenities, the other Knights joining in.

They carried Merlin over, his eyes rolling and his feet dragging behind him as he tried unsuccessfully to regain his bearings.

"Merlin!" Arthur yelled. His best friend had a line of blood dripping down his temple from where one of the men had struck him, his eyes were bloodshot as they tried to focus, and he was breathing heavily. What did these people want? Why did they hurt Merlin?

A man in a deep maroon robe, the leader, stepped forward, walking towards the two men carrying Merlin as they steadied him so he was also kneeling on the ground, not seven feet from Arthur and the Knights.

"-thur." Merlin mumbled out. All he saw was a blur of colors as he matched Arthur's voice to his face. He felt so dizzy and so sick. What did these men want? Arthur seemed to want to know the same thing.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Arthur yelled. He looked absolutely furious; and why shouldn't he be.

The man in maroon smiled teasingly at Arthur. "My name is Merek." Then turned his attention back to Merlin.

"And it's not what I want, it's what my mistress wants," he drawled out slowly.

He slipped a small vial out of his robe, the green liquid bouncing while it shook.

"And who would your mistress be? What does she want?" Arthur asked more calmly. If he was going to get anything out of these men, he wouldn't do it with a short temper.

Merek just laughed. "Well, you probably should have guessed by now; she is your sister."

The Knights all started struggling against their captors in unison.

"As for what she wants," he teased, "she wants Emrys."

They struggled harder, Gwaine calling them cowards, and rightly so. Merlin started struggling by now too, his feet shuffling as he tried to stand, his torso jerking as he tried to get out of his holders grasp. Morgana wanted him, wasn't that enough of a reason to want to get away.

"Hold his nose." Merek instructed. One of Merlin's captors let go of his jacket with one hand as his fingers clasped themselves around Merlin's nose, effectively cutting off his oxygen supply, forcing him breathe through his mouth.

Merek uncorked the top for the vial and grabbed the front section of Merlin's hair, yanking it back as Merlin finally focused on the man's face. His short black hair and stubble framed his young face as Merlin glared at him defiantly. Merek couldn't be much older than Arthur.

"Stop!" Gwaine yelled. "What are you doing?"

Merek ignored him, instead talking to Merlin, but still loud enough for everyone to hear him. "Sorry about this." He didn't sound very genuine and Merlin only struggled harder, panting with exertion.

With that Merek poured the contents of the vial into Merlin's open mouth, making him cough and sputter as the green liquid made its way down his throat. Merek let go of Merlin's hair, his head falling so his chin bumped against his neckerchief.

All the Knights held their breath as they wondered what was happening, what Merek had given their warlock.

Merlin's head rolled as he fought against the poison entering his system, he tried to spit it out but it was too late. Fire roared and thrummed through his very being as his head was thrown back of its own accord and a scream tore past his lips.

"No!" Arthur screamed. "What did you do to him?"

"Merlin!" Gwaine yelled. No response; Merlin just went limp in his captors hold.

"Oh, this?" Merek smirked as he lifted the now empty vial. "Don't worry, it won't kill him; it'll just make his magic useless for a bit, make it easier to transport him is all."

"No!"Arthur yelled. He couldn't let them take Merlin away, he couldn't.

"You don't have a say in this, my King." Merek laughed. He whistled as a horse came out from behind a thick jumble of brush, the rider of the horse urging it forward. Behind it was a cage. A cage. It looked like the one the Witchfinder had, except it was smaller. And Arthur didn't have to guess who it was for.


"No! Stop! Please!" Arthur screamed. "Please!"

"Oh the King's begging. I thought I'd never see the day." Merek taunted. The other sorcerers laughed, mocking the Knights attempt to get away, to help their friend.

"You monster!" Gwaine screamed.

Merek just ignored him and motioned to the two sorcerers holding Merlin. They hefted him up off the ground, their hands under his arms as they carried him. One of them snapped his fingers as the door to the cage popped open, its steel hinges creaking in protest.

"Stop!" Leon yelled shortly followed by Elyan and Percival. Worry, anxiety, desperation all swam across their faces as they watched their friend being carried away.

When they finally reached the cage, they threw Merlin in, and not too gently, making his dead weight pound against the wooden bottom. They saw Merlin stirring shortly after another sorcerer closed the door, magically locking it.

"Please, stop this! What do you want?" Arthur begged.

Merek stepped closer. "I told you, Morgana wants Emrys, you're not important, I don't want anything from you."

Merek looked to each of his accomplices that held Arthur and the Knights. "Place a spell around them, a bubble of sorts so they can't get out of it for a few hours. That should give us enough if a head start."

The sorcerers each nodded, stepping away from Arthur and the Knights as a large bubble formed around them, transparent, but shimmering here and there. Each of them were on their feet in seconds, pounding against the shield, sending ripples throughout the surface.

"Merlin!" Arthur screamed.

Merlin responded as he sat up slowly and grasped the bars of his small cell. "Arthur," he breathed."

He still felt so sick, worse now that fire coursed through his veins. What was he going to do?

He was jolted backwards as the horse began moving, but scrambled back to the back of the cart, watching as his friends faded in the distance.

"Merlin!" They all screamed.

"We will find you! We will save you!" Arthur called. "Merlin!"

Merlin didn't have the energy to reply, and could only whisper "I'll be waiting." He fell backwards again as the cart ran over a large rock. He could still hear his friends calling for him as his mind fell into darkness.

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