The Home Comeing: Olivia POV.

I had just arrived at the train station close to Moonacre. From what I could see, it was very beautiful. The trees were green and they appered to be getting greener by the second. I fixed my bag on my back and started to walk.

I had been walking for about half an hour, when a buggy pulled up. In it were two middle aged people. " Do you need a ride? It is nerly dark." Said the lady that was in the buggy. Her hair was long and blond.

" Yes please." I told them, putting a stray stand of my brown ringlets behind my ear and getting in.

" You can stay at our house for the night. Get in and tell us you Name." The man told me.

" My name is Olivia. Thanks. Were do you live? Is it close to Moonacre?" I asked

" We live in Moonacre, dear. What is your last name?" The lady asked.

" De Noir." I replied simply.

" I'm Loveday and this is my husband, Benjemin Maryweather." The lady, Loveday, told me.

" Do you know Maria and Robin De Noir?" I asked.

" Yes, benjemin is Maria's uncle and I am Robin's sister. Why?" She asked.

" I am their lost daughter. I was taken and put up for aboption fourteen years ago." I said and they looked at me.

" Your our Olivia?" Loveday asked.

I nodded and said, " I want to keep it a secret from my mom and dad. I will stay the night and then go to the De Noir place." I told them.

They nobbed and then we stooped. we were in front of a huge house. It was huge and it had a tower. Loveday and Benjemin got out of the buggy and I jumped out. A man and a women can out and the man took the horses and led them away. the women was fussing over Loveday's dress, witch she had gotten wrinkled. " Loveday! I know that you like the great outdoors, but this is not proper to come home like this." The lady scolded her.

" Mrs. Heliotrope, we have a geust. please take her to Mr. Scarlet." Loveday said.

Mrs. Heliotrope nodded and looked at me, then gasped. " Is that who I think it is, Loveday? Is that Olivia?" She asked and Loveday nodded.

Mrs. Heliotrope jumped up and down, running over to hug me. I tenced up, for I had never been hugged or shown any type of effection. Mrs. Heliotrope noticed, as did Benjemin and Loveday. " Well, I can't wait to tell Maria and Robin when they get home." Mrs. Heliotrope said.

" She needs to tell them when she is ready. Why did you tenced up, Sweetheart?" Loveday asked.

" I have never been hugged. In fact, I have never been showen any signs of effection. My adopted parents were drug dealers and drug users. They would get high and yell at me." I told them looking at my feet, " And I have never shead a tear or a scream."

They all looked at me with hurt expresions. Just then a little man literaly came out of no were and said, " Dinner will be ready soon, Princess." I looked at him like he had lost his marbles.

" She is not Maria, Mr. Scarlet. She is little Olivia." Loveday told the tiny man.

" Please don't teel my parents. I want it to be a suprise." I added.

" I won't, but it will be hard to keep a secret from them. They will reconise you instantly." Mr. Scarlet told me.

" Well I can try." I said back.

" What is going on here? Is someone making a big deal out of a plant again?" Asked a voice from behind me.

I turned and looked at two people that combined, would make me. They were my parents. My dad was in all black. his cotten shirt was a type of gray and over that he had a black leather jacket. on a coller around his neck was feathers. On top of his mess of drown cirls was a bowler hat.

My mom was in a beautiful light green dress that had pearls around the cloar and around the waist. Her hair was down and her ringlets fell around her face. She and my dad were glued together. They looked happy, everyone here did. Exept for one thing, they all missed me.

I looked into my mom's eyes and she gasped. Dad looked at her and then followed her gase to me. He gasped to and him jaw hit the ground.

" Olivia?" Mom asked.

I nodded and she ran to hug me. She hugged me and I heard someone say, " Princess, she has never been showed effection, in fact she has never been hugged." I looked and saw that it was the cheif that had talked.

" I this true, Olivia?" My dad asked, coming up to mom and I.

" Yes, Dad. My adopted were drug sellers and users. All they saw me as was a slave and something to yell at. But I have never shed a tear." I told them.

Dad put a hand on my sholder and said, " Welcome home, Princess. Tomarrow I will take you to see your grandfather. He will be very exited to see you." He said, giving me a nuggy.

I was home, were I belonged.