Multiple Trauma!


ETA 5 minutes

"Esmee, You got this one?"

As I walk over to ambulance bay , I would spot Carter and give him a huge hug and say," You getting off babe?" "Yeah, I'm gonna go stop by the pharmacy and grab some Tylenol before starting home", He would reply in a amused tone. " Okay, Love you", I would say back.

*the ambulance pulls up*

"What do we got here?", I hear Luka say as the EMT opened the back door.

22 year old male, Hit by a car, Weak Pulse.

*I then Stop dead on my tracks as I see who is lying on the Stretcher.*

"Zachary?", I would say as tears begin to roll down my cheeks.

Esmee, You know him?", Susan would ask.

Y-Y-Yes. He is married to one of my Friends.

-I would then turn around and walk into the lounge followed by Benton.-

-As I sit down I would be shaking and mumbling-

Zack- Blood- Trauma- Car- MVA

-I would then pass out-