Foamy waves crashed the shoreline as one Dr. Gregory House tried to make sense of his surroundings. He felt the gusts of wind as they blew his salt and pepper hair in disarray. His unshaven chin felt the brute force of the ocean. Then a loud booming voice, which seemed to come from the sea itself, cried out "Save my son."

"What?" said House, perplexed by the demand.

"Save my son." the storm repeated just, as what seemed to be pearl white horses, leaped out of the crested waves. Then with one finial "BOOM!" it all went black.

Chapter 1

Percy's POV

I was late again. That's what sorta sucked about ADHD, you think you've got plenty of time, you get distracted, forget what you were waiting for then, POOF. Your 20 minutes late.

'Come on mom.' I thought. I was so sick of being 15 and having my mom drive me everywhere. Yes, I do love my mom a lot. But she had almost as bad of a sense of time as I did. I couldn't wait to be 16 and get my driver's license.

Then I remembered with a chill why I didn't want to be 16, there was a prophecy made before I was born, Apparently when I turned 16 I would be destined to either save or destroy the gods. So, I guess I can wait a little longer before I turn 16.

Ok, if you're a regular mortal you should be confused right about now. Why am I calling you a mortal? What do I mean when I say "gods"? And who believes prophesies? I'll make a long story (more like 4 average sized stories) short.

The Greek gods are real and they have children with mortals. My dad is Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. This comes with some cool perks: breathing underwater, talking with horses, and a bunch of other stuff. Along with Greek gods, Greek monsters are also alive. We demigods (a name for half-god half-mortal combos) often have to duel them to the death. Real pleasant. And the worst part, when demigods die we're gone for good, but when monsters die, they just go away for a while then come back.

Also about that prophesy, I don't know too much about it but what I do know is that when a demigod with the parents of either Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades turns 16 they will have to make a decision that will either save or destroy the gods forever. So to sum it up, my life could be better.

"Come on Mom" I called to her.

"One second Percy, I know you don't want to be late to your date with Annabeth."

"Mom! It's not a date! It's just a friendly meeting at the nearby beach" Why didn't mom understand, Annabeth and I were just friends… Right?

Annabeth's POV

Hair? Check. Dress? Check. Makeup? Check. Nail polish? Chee- Wait! No, I forgot that! Come on! If I really wanted to impress Percy I had to give it my all.

Who am I kidding? That dunce still didn't realize I'd been crushing on him for a year now. I didn't have time to do my nails, but it's not like that would affect what he thought of me, a little helpless girl who didn't stand a chance.

'Where is Percy anyway?' I thought, he was running kinda late. But just as I thought that, he arrived. His jet-black hair blew in the breeze, those piercing green eyes looking at me and only me, and that- stop. Remember this is just a friendly meeting at a nearby beach, nothing romantic at all.

"Wow, Annabeth. You look really good! Is that a new dress?" Percy said to greet me.

"Gee this old thing? Just pulled it out of my closet this morning" Why did I just say that? I bought the dress yesterday. Curse Aphrodite and her stupid ideas about love. It really gets to you. Not that I love Percy or anything. Do I? Well no, uh…

"So, want to go to the beach?" Percy asked trying to break the awkward silence.

"Sure" I replied. We walked to the beach. We walked, we talked, we joked around, it was great. But I got the felling that Percy wasn't telling me something, something big.

"Hey, let's stop her and have lunch." Percy said. He seemed distracted and agitated.

"Ok" I said sure that something was up, but I decided to play along.

Percy's POV

Why did she have to show up? I was having so much fun with Annabeth. No matter. I just hoped that Annabeth didn't see her. They normally didn't get along. I should explain.

There was this girl, Rachael, and she was really nice but a little strange. We hung out a lot but I got the feeling that Annabeth didn't like her, at all.

What was she even doing here? The last time that she unexpectedly showed up was when I was I got attacked by demon cheerleaders (Long story). Annabeth and I slipped into the nearest restaurant. I tried to look very engrossed in my menu so Rachael wouldn't notice me, but she came running over just as my food came.

"Rachael what a nice surprise." I said

"Yeah, whatever." Annabeth murmured.

"Percy your in grave danger" Rachael said so focused on me she barely noticed Annabeth.

"Ok," I said starting on my food "what's up?"

"Well," she started, but I didn't hear the rest. The room went black and I collapsed.

Annabeth's POV

I froze. Percy was having a seizure and I couldn't think straight. I had no idea what to do.. Thank the gods that Rachael was there (I didn't ever think that I would her my self say that. what has this world come to?)

"What are you all standing around for? Do something! Call 911!" She screamed at the startled faces of the customers.

I looked at Percy and it almost seemed like he was saying "Annabeth you're such a coward. You're such a failure." I felt like crying.