This is the only note I wish to make at the beginning of this story. As you'll probably notice from the very first chapter, I altered the chars a bit... meaning that they're not human anymore – except for Alexy and Armin. So here's a list of the chars and their respective races.

Nathaniel – angel;

Castiel – demon;

Leigh – pureblood vampire;

Dimitri – common vampire;

Lysander – dragon/human hybrid;

Jade – elf;

Ken – werewolf;

Dakota - merman;

Melody - banshee;

Alexy – human, illusions;

Armin – human, technology;

Amber – fallen angel;

Li – female inu-youkai;

Charlotte – harpy;

Iris – fairy;

Rosalia – ghost;

Principal (Lulu Snodgrass) – witch;

The following four characters are the OCs which will appear in this story. The Jotun is also the only character I have yet to find a satisfying picture for, which is why he doesn't appear in the album.

The Jotun (Duran) – elf/demon hybrid;

Alicia (Leigh's lover) – human, elemental mage - turned into a vampire;

Crystal (Castiel's lover) – human, telekinesis;

Ariel (Nathaniel's lover) – human/angel hybrid (or Nephilim).

Well that's about it for the chars. Enjoy the story! :D