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29. One night stand?

Falling silent and sliding down onto his seat, Castiel now reached to Crystal's dress and slightly tugged, until her breasts spilled out of the top. He knew it wasn't forced on her; her eyes told him that she wanted it so badly... now, his average toned skin contrasted against her milky white flesh as he cupped the underside of her breasts and slid over them, giving them a little squeeze and a massage. No areas of her fairly sized breasts were to be ignored; with his strokes and squeezes, Castiel was definitely covering everything.


Crystal's eyes widened when he tugged the dress down and she instantly grasped his arms. She'd meant to say no, but she simply couldn't utter a single word. Though she frowned at him, she didn't really seem aware that her gaze was now betraying her rising desire.

"My sense of hearing might suck compared to a werewolf's... but my nose is better. I can smell how wet you are and I've been having sex for centuries... I know what lust looks like, coming from a woman's eyes. I know you want this... why not just relax and enjoy it?"

He gave her a lewd smile to combat her frown as he toyed with her breasts, sliding his hands to the side and pressing her nipples with his thumbs, sliding their prints over and around them.

"You... damn pervert..." she huffed, barely avoiding a moan.

Narrowing her eyes at him, she felt a shiver rolling down her spine as he kept increasing her arousal. How had she ended up in that situation? And why the hell did she have to like it so much? A few more moments were all she needed to finally decide to give in. She didn't have enough willpower left to refuse him, anyway, and she couldn't deny that he was right. She did want him... with that thought in mind she pushed his hands away and roughly wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing their lips together and shoving her tongue in his mouth at that very instant.

With his legs out in front of him, she would have had to straddle him to do so, though what he felt wasn't what he wanted, but instead, her skirt. Even in the heat of their kiss, he was pulling the material out of the way, until he felt bare, hot, saturated flesh against his member. She was that wet...? As their tongues twirled and danced, he reached down, rubbing the shaft of his slick erection against her womanhood. The first reaction he received for that was the twitch of her lower lips against his member. At the same time she traced her nails down the back of his head, since she'd already buried a hand in his hair. Her back slightly arched at that taunt, pressing her bare breasts against his shirt, the material hindering her sensitive skin. Even so, her hips began to lightly move back and forth, further lubricating his erection with the juices overflowing from her. She'd even completely forgotten to tell him that she wasn't actually a virgin... not that it mattered anymore, since he would probably be able to tell she had experience.

Yes, the idea had occurred to him, considering how she had so skillfully handled the situation. It was made even more obvious by how Castiel massaged the head of his own member when she was closer to the base, then angled himself when she'd slid up and started back down, only for him to use the lack of friction and her bodily motions to drive him into her folds. Even he knew to be gentle with virgins, and given how he so eagerly invaded her sex, he was making it known that he was aware. Finally she moaned in his mouth, when she felt her inner walls spreading around his erection. Setting one hand on the wall he was leaning against, she used it to better control her motions. He was so large compared to her tight folds that she couldn't imagine how he fit inside her. Even still, she parted their lips to catch her breath, leaning her forehead against his, though she kept her eyes closed for now.

"So... big..." she whispered with a lustful tone she wasn't even aware of.

Indeed, had she been fully naked he probably would have had no trouble in seeing the outline of his member firmly defined on her lower abdomen.

"Ah... Crystal..."

As he spoke her name, his tone filled with want, he pumped her lower mouth with some firmness. Sliding down his hands, he gripped her nude ass in his bare hands, cramming himself around within her ever so sensitive folds. Castiel could also feel her perked nipples rubbing his soft, smooth shirt. It felt as if he'd been tearing her apart ever since penetration, but he knew that she would have screamed out in pain, in that case. Grasping his hair, she moaned out his name against his lips, tears soon overflowing from beneath her eyelids at the mix of pain and pleasure. She'd never thought a bit of pain could feel so good... clenching her teeth, she felt her breathing picking up the pace. Lowering her head she now panted on his neck, her moans slightly muffled by that position.

"Yes... more! Ah..." she moaned hungrily, her nails leaving trails upon the wall.

That was a side of her she hadn't really wanted him to see, but now she just didn't care. All she cared about was that he was there with her... that he was the one ramming into her like there was no tomorrow, making her feel as if she was going to pass out from the sheer pleasure. With his breathing gaining depth, he squeezed her ass in his hands and pulled her down over his manhood, forcing his way into her womb with a slap of their groins. Regardless of her reactions, her imploring cries and the grasp of his hair by her hands inspired him to begin pounding her slit.

"Mm... is this what you wanted? Huh?"

His voice was full of a combination of mild, sexual aggression, and such raw desire that it made his mind spin. He'd been with several Succubi in the past and even women who lived purely for sex, did not offer him what Crystal had to give. Almost screaming out in pleasure, she felt her body stiffening for a moment, her nails almost breaking when she pressed them into the wall. It was the very first time a man had gone that deep inside her and she felt like the pleasure would suffocate her. Yet in spite of her tears, she felt her hips moving on their own along with the motions he forced on her by tugging on her rump.

"It... hurts... so why... does it feel so... good?" she moaned in his ear.

Having moved her hand away from his hair for fear of pulling on it too hard, she now grasped his shirt to where she almost felt her nails rupturing the fabric. Since he didn't have the capacity right now to think of a verbal response, Castiel nipped at her neck and started to lick at it, simultaneously freeing one of his hands. Crossing her body to the front, his fingertips drifted over her inner thigh and up, finding her clitoris and teasing it with a side-to-side motion of his digits. The pleasure, even against his desire to prolong it, was growing whilst he practically speared the back of her womb with every powerful push.

That taunt was the last thing her body could take before it fell into orgasm. Her voice resounded in the room when she screamed out his name, her inner muscles tightening around him even more. Though she'd had climaxes before, it was the first time her mind had actually blanked for a few moments, leaving her with a hollow gaze and nearly breathless. Her nails finally tore through his shirt, shudder after shudder crossing her body. He blinked when he heard the fabric rip, though feeling her womanhood sucking on him made all consciousness leave his eyes for a moment. She was, of course, massaging that ring of nerve endings around the neck of his length, which took him to ultimate pleasure. Castiel instantly knew that he wouldn't be able to pull out in time, and once more gripped her backside, pulling her sex to his base and distending her womb before he started to spill his cum straight into her with long squirts.

Her eyes widened when she felt that hot liquid erupting in her womb. Still she made no attempt to move away... not that she could have, anyway, with the unyielding grip he had on her ass. Instead she pressed her face to his sweaty neck, kissing the skin there whilst trying to ignore the fact that his seed was now spurting out of her. Where in the world had he kept that entire amount? When he ceased to fill her up and cover their clothes in fluids, Castiel leaned back against the wall. Even he would have to catch his breath after that intense round... but, first, he gave her a warm, sincere smile, cuddling to her.

"You're... the best I ever had... Crystal..."

She was so warm, and his body so relaxed, despite all of the sweat stains on his clothing. Blinking several times to clear her gaze of tears, she lowered her eyes whilst trying to catch her breath. She really felt awkward now that she was fully aware again. Had it been a mistake to give in to him? She couldn't tell, but her gaze did slightly dull toward pain. Would he prove to be a bad choice and a disappointment too? Leaning to him again, she wordlessly wrapped her arms tightly around him, once more hiding her face against his neck. Somehow she would've wanted that moment to never end... she was afraid he would prove to be just like the others, once that night was over. Having already taken off his wristbands prior to seducing her into having sex with him, Castiel now wrapped both arms around her.

"...Do you want to go to my room and rest with me?"

He hadn't seen her reactions, although double crossing her was truly the last thing on his mind. If anything, he wanted to build on what they had and make it into something more. Before she could even think of refusing, she nodded to his question. At least there was no one to see them going to his room, since she wasn't sure she was ready to have the school talking about how they'd left the boys' locker room looking as they did now. Leaning back she moved off him and tried to stand, only to find that her legs apparently had no intention of supporting her after that rough round, that fact rendering her back onto his lap. With a slightly annoyed sigh she reached to retrieve his wristbands from the floor.

"Guess I'm not going anywhere anytime soon."

She actually craved a bed about then, since he'd taken quite a toll on her.