Hello my friends!
I decided that as he is my favorite character... I will do a fanfiction on Beastboy in Teen Titans as well as Danny phantom! I am still doing Afterlife-lessons I'm just going to have two so i don't get bored...
Padfoot is also still in operation!
I'm going to do this chapter based on 'things change'. I have changed a lot in this story but those whom have watched or can remember the last episode ever, will see this. I don't read the comics... I cannot afford them what with my horse. So don't go bitchin' that something isn't right. If you notice a fail, point it out so I can change it. I can't really remember much in the episodes but managed to find 'things change' on youtube so excuse major OOCage... see you bellow!

The weather was typically sixty-two degrees in the urban city of California. Jump city's streets were abundant with civilians either out to enjoy the weather or spending their well earned money after a weeks work.

As usual the glorious Sunday brought the traditional smells, sights and sounds that you may find fundamental to an over-populated city.

Choking fumes ghosted into the atmosphere, while the fresh smell of freshly cooked, greasy burgers and sausages twirled encouragingly within the nostrils of passers by.

Crowds waited somewhat carelessly by the traffic lights before traipsing across the road.

A child cried sadly as his ice-cream escaped the confines of his cone to the fervent pavement, becoming liquefied by the heat; his mother patting and reassuring him in vain while elsewhere car horns sounded as some dopey teenagers charged across the busy road, lucky not to be hit by the blue mustang as it grinded to a halt.

Various gossiping and conversing echoed around as a brunette's mobile rang:

"Hello?" She answered in a bored fashion, "Yeah?"

While on the opposite side of the side-walk Beastboy extended his strides to try and keep up with Cyborg, Robin, Raven and Starfire.

"Our city is the greatest city ever," He stated proudly, admiring the tall, skyscrapers.

"Paris was kind of great, don't ye think?" Cyborg commented tersely.

"Paris?" Raven's cool tone questioned.

"Ounce we made that Brotherhood of Evil freezicles," the half man and half robot joked, placing a robotic hand upon the shoulders of Beastboy and Raven.

"I've got to admit with Beastboy," Robin admitted coolly, "I'm glad to be back home."

The masked boy wonder could not help but smile pointedly at Starfire, his alien girlfriend. Though she was not the type of alien you'd expect, she was tanned and red headed, with bright green eyes and a very beautiful face.

She returned the loving gaze back and added to their conversation, "I too have missed our glorious city-" happily bouncing on the spot as she continued, "-I cannot wait to rent the videos and feast on the worms of sour gummyness!"

However, they turned the corner as she said this and at the sight of the derelict structure of what was the video store; she gasped.

"The worms are gone," She revealed looking suddenly sadly resigned to have to tell her friends this grave news.

"Come on Star," The green skinned, purple and black suited Beastboy assured, "Morgan's candy store is just around the corner!"

"It's got the best peanut-butter squares in town," with that said he grabbed her arm and dragged her behind and around the empty movie rental to find, in disgust that where ounce stood a large snack and general goods store was now scaffolding and obvious construction planning. Metal frames of new sky scrapers blocking the light of the forget-me-not blue sky.

"Ah," He whimpered in shock, "My Peanut-butter squares are gone!"

"The whole block is gone," informed Cyborg "Their building a new office complex."

"Things sure have changed," Sighed Robin remorsefully, "Guess we've been gone longer than we thought…"

"Where am I going to buy my books?" Raven inquired in annoyance. Her pale complexion shadowed by the most part of her navy cape.

"I don't remember any book store," Beastboy thought out loud.

"That's because you've never bought a book," Raven told him pointedly.

Beastboy nodded absently in agreement.

"And the auto-part shop that was next to the book store is gone too," Cyborg fretted worriedly, Where was he going to get spare parts?

"I remember there used to be a toy shop…" Beastboy wondered dreamily, "…Or was it a barber shop? I distinctly remember it was some kind of shop."

"That narrows it down," Raven remarked in a snide, deadpanned tone.

Starfire allowed her powers to lift her frame from the ground and she flew towards a broken wall, "and I remember Aj's music store was over there."

She looked down sadly.

The wall behind her suddenly rippled like a stone hitting the surface of a pond, as if but out of nowhere an eerie, ghost like figure with red luminous eyes and an arched black and white mask appeared to have leached itself from the wall. Bricks becoming snowy white as it did so.

It inclined forward, narrowing its ominous perceive towards the teenage heroes.

"I definably don't remember that being there!" Cyborg tensed warily.

Robin gaped warily and Beastboy crouched behind planning on which animal would be of use in this situation, Raven lighting her hands up with an abyss of black flame.

Before they could move the monster went to grab Starfire, however she dodged before it could make contact.

"Titans go!" Robin commanded.

The beast swung around dumbly, missing the evading Starfire, Robin advanced but was caught and thrown into Raven, both grunting as they descended to the ground.

Beastyboy leaped forward, his body giving a swift convulse as it shifted from his green aspect persona into a vicious raptor and charging forward.

He managed to surprise the ghostly form enough to remain on the offence, bowling him over and clamping his powerful jaws into its shoulder.

However the creature was swift and caught hold of the changeling's head, twisting it enough to distract the boy with the pain rushing down his spine, the beast then cracked him hard with a knuckle, sending Beastboy flying.

His fall broken painfully by a lamppost; the daze caused him to convert back into his human form.

Holding his head groggily, Beastboy gasped as an explosion caused shrapnel to go flying towards a group of civilians.

Thinking fast, he became a stegosaurus. The large surface area of his colossal sides prevented the rock and debris from injuring anyone but himself.

Beastboy changed back and clutched his ribs, turning to tell the terrified people to 'get the hell out of here!', though his eyes widened in shock, emerald pupils dilating in disbelief.


Terra, the girl he had loved. The girl with the ability to shift rock and do amazing things, she had once joined the Titans.

They were impressed with her power but she could not control it and ran away due to a misunderstanding, the traitor who joined Slade, a terrible man, Trying to kill the other Titan and Beastboy himself.

The whole ordeal ended with the girl breaking his heart; the hero who fought back and saved the city from destruction.

She should be standing as a statue in an irreversible state in a nearby cave under the city.

Surely this was not Terra?

Beastboy called out for her but was stopped as the monster returned in its demolition course, throwing a digger at him. Beastboy dived underneath it as the vehicle bounced, leaving craters of broken concrete behind.

He looked back to find Terra had gone.

Perhaps the sun was causing him so see things?

He had taken the former Titan's absence rather hard after all.

Deciding that he could find out later he returned to the battle.

Starfire yelped as she was slammed into the ground. Cyborg came to her assistance using his exceedingly powerful, mechanical limbs to kick and punch the enemy.

However the creature backed into a pile of iron girders, further picking one up.

Its colour changed from white to metallic grey as he did this and he swung the girder with exemplary force. Cyborg was launched with a cry and even the metal armour could not prevent the impact. The force caused his ears to ring and blood to fill his nasal passage though he'd soon recover after a nearby building halted his flight.

Beastboy stalked the figure as a hawk before knocking him down into a pit of cement as a large bull elephant.

The creatures body became cement like on contact and it covered the boy in the fast hardening, thick liquid.

Raven intervened by gripping it with her shadow like powers and throwing him across the clearing, hitting a water hydrant as it went by.

Water spouted from the ground and the being stared guardedly as Robin, Starfire and Raven circled it, all poised for more battle.

The foul creature was not ready for anymore battle, though this was not the end, shifting it's form from solid to liquid it flowed with the water and traveled down the drain.

Cyborg helped Beastboy up and managed to help him remove the hardening concrete that ailed his movement, while the water from the hydrant washed the rest away. Beastboy nodded gratefully as Starfire pulled the drain away to reveal the undergrowund sewers that ran vastly bellow the city.

Robin, Raven and Starfire went in after the beast while Cyborg groaned, "Why does it always have to be the sewer?"

Beastboy watched as his friends went down.

Though he had no desire to follow, his interests lay elsewhere, he sighed dolefully and turned around muttering to himself, "There's only one way I'll know for sure."

"Hey Terra," Called Beastboy as he entered the cave, her tomb.

"It's me Beastboy. Sorry I haven't been here in a while. Ugh… How's it going?"

He looked around soberly, "you're gonna' think this is crazy but I thought I saw you today. I guessed it wasn't you because you're still a statue n' all…"

As his flash light hit the spot where Terra had become a 'statue' he took an excited inhale of breathe.

"You're not still a statue! You're alive"

The titan tower was a 'T' shaped structure that resided on a small island not far out of Jump city.

It had the bedrooms and rooms the five teenage, heroes needed to look after themselves and keep a watchful eye over the city. One of the gadgets was computer which had a locater upon it; Beastboy was looking throughout the locator for Terra's signature.

The doors behind him opened as the rest of the Titans entered.

"Yak, Next time a creature goes down the sewers, I say we leave it," Cyborg told them, shivering at the thought of the foul place.

"Beastboy," Robin said angrily, "Where were you?"

The four came closer to see what he was doing.

"You guys aren't going to believe this!" Beastboy dismissed him excitedly; Robin glared in annoyance at being interrupted.

"You better have a good reason for bailing on us," Cyborg said in heavy disappointment.

"What was so important that you couldn't stay with the team?" Robin snapped.

"We could have used your assistance," Starfire added.

Beastboy frowned at their reaction and hesitated for a moment.

"Well?" Raven persisted.

"I saw Terra!"





"I know isn't it great? I saw her down town," He told them, pointing a thumb over his back in the direction of the city.

"What did she say?" Robin asked.

"I didn't actually get to talk to her… she was across the street and then when the creature attacked, she disappeared."

"You sure it was her?" Raven asked disbelievingly.

"I'm totally sure."

"Maybe you just thought you saw her," Cyborg said worriedly.

"Sometimes you want to see something which isn't there_" Robin attempted to reassure but was swiftly cut off.

"-I did see her, she was real! And her statue was gone!"

"How could it be? The girl turned to stone," Cyborg told him incredulously.

"Perhaps one of Raven's spell?" Starfire looked questioningly to Raven.

"I tried everything I could… nothing worked."
"And none of my chemical analysis's came to an answer either. None of this makes any sense."

"It doesn't have to make any sense, Terra's back n' that's all that matters."

The holo-screen behind them flashed red and the alarm began to howl.

"It's the creature," Robin told them, "We'll talk about this later."
"No, You may not care about her but Terra's out there somewhere and I'm gonna find her."

With that he began to run towards the exit.

For hours he searched.

He flew as a hawk above the desert areas where they had first met.

He went to the theme park they had had a date at.

He went to the in where they ate the pudding.

But he couldn't find her.

It was midday the next day when the bells of the school rang and he turned to see her there.

"Terra it's me!" He called through the bars.

"Do you know him?" One of her ginger friends asked.

Terra shrugged and left with two other girls.

"Terra wait up!" He tried again doggedly.

"Sorry," She said bored, "You've got the wrong girl."

"You don't remember me?"

"Should I?"

"I'm Beastboy, we used to hang out together and you thought I was funny."

He smiled and stuck his tongue out.

She chuckled lightly.

"See I still make you laugh."

"You've got the wrong girl," She suddenly glared and turned her back on him.

"Maybe if we just talk and then you'll remember."
"I've gotta go."

"Come on we'll have a pizza, I'm buying!"


"Terra wai-"

Beastboy whimpered as the two girl's accompanying Terra advanced on him.

"She's not interested."

"Yeah, get lost Brat-boy."

"It's Beastboy."

"Maybe one slice…" Terra sighed.

"Great, I'll take you to our favourite place!"

"You sure?" Terra's ginger friend asked surprised.
"Yeah, go on I'll be alright."

"I can't believe it," Cyborg cried, "My scanners are not picking up anything."

"I can't sense anything either," Raven supplied, "I can't believe I am saying it but I wish Beastboy was here. Maybe he could follow the scent?"

"We just got to keep looking," Robin sighed, thick with irritation with their youngest team-mate.

"I am concerned for our Beastboy, do you think it true that Terra has returned?"

"Anything's possible," Robin informed her.

"But how?"

"Maybe she freed herself," though the tone at which he said stated that he did not believe it.

"But there could have been an earthquake while we were gone."

"Or the effects just wore off," Raven assumed.

"Why would she not locate us?"

"Last time she saw us she wasn't exactly one of the good guys, may be she didn't want to be found," Raven suggested dully.

Behind them the wall rippled and a masked face with red eyes glowed brightly.

The creature stared in the general direction of the four Teen Titans.

"And then," Beastboy acted by pushing the air with his hands, "I pushed the brain into the freezing machine."

Terra laughed, "Brain freeze that's funny."

Beastboy smiled hopefully, "finally someone gets my joke? You haven't changed a bit Terra."

Terra frowned at him sadly, "Why do you keep calling me that?"

"Because you are Terra,

you look like her, you talk like her, you laugh like her… Don't you remember anything from before?"

The ice within Terra's cup collided together as she scrunched up her fist, this went unnoticed by Beastboy.

"I just remember high school."

"You used to live in the desert before joining the Teen Titans… You couldn't control your powers at first, and then Slade helped you."

As he said Slade's name he had to resist morphing into a wolf to growl it.

"You wanted to take over the city, in the end you couldn't go through with it and saved us all!"

"Why would you want to be friends with someone who caused so much trouble?" The girl asked sadly.

"Because I know who she really is."

Their pizza arrived and Beastboy smiled.

"Extra anchovies hold the mushrooms, just how you like it."

"I don't like anchovies, I'm allergic… I should get going."

She turned and accidentally knocked the glass over.

"No wait, I can get you whatever you want, I don't like anchovies either."

"No I have a lot of homework; I need to get to the computer lab."

"We have an awesome computer lab at the tower; you'll be finished in half the time."

Terra paused.

"Okay but I have to be home before dark."
"Okay," Beastboy smiled.

It didn't take the two long to get to Titan's tower. Not when Beastboy personally flew them both over. Terra thought it was an amazing yet terrifying experience.

The two managed to get into the lounge room.

"This is cool," Terra said out loud.

"This is where we get the mission assignments, that is the kitchen and that's where we play video games."

"Must be awesome to live here," Terra shrugged.

"But you did live here."

"I think I'd remember living in a place like this."

Beastboy didn't get any further with her. He even showed her, her old room.

The starry painted walls did nothing to help and she even stated that she hated camping outside because of all the bugs which wasn't what she was like before…

When Terra noticed the Heart shaped jewellery box she opened it to see herself in the reflection.

"I made that for you… Remember Terra?" Beastboy encouraged.

"It's cute, listen I really got to get home…"

In the end, the desperate boy threw mud in her face. Not out of spite, he thought it'd help but she just got angry and ran away.

Later the next day he waited for her, outside her lesson.

"I'm sorry about yesterday," He apologized sincerely.

"I'm gonna be late for biology," She snapped storming up the corridors.

Beastboy followed though, constantly apologizing and begging her to listen but she wouldn't have it.

She got even madder when a group of boys dawdled past laughing, "Who's your boyfriend?" One had asked.

"He's not my boyfriend," She replied in embarrassment.

Beastboy came close to correcting her there but frowned as they insulted him and made cruel remarks.

Circus freak, weirdo, green trash, tard… it didn't hurt. Not that much anyway; he was used to this. Actually this treatment was easy game, like throwing rocks at a metal wall. It hardly left any scratches…

Terra cringed though.

They were so cruel, though Beastboy was wrecking her reputation.

She slammed the class room door in his face.

"Every time we catch up to it, it vanishes before our eyes," Cyborg moaned slamming his fist into a wall ledge.

"Are we just supposed to wait for it to reappear?" Raven asked in a mono-tone.

"This thing isn't stopping and neither are we," Robin told them firmly.

Cyborg and Raven shared annoyed glances.

The first story bellow them exploded in a cloud of dust before a avocado green Toyota was sent spinning on it's side.

The car's alarm penetrated the air in a continuous hum until the creature fisted it and began to flee down the road.

"There it is!" Starfire called out.

The four exploded into action, hot in pursuit of their ever evading foe. The creature dodged a multiple of explosions, star bolts, throwing blades and gun rays before heading up a bridge into the forest.

It's shifting form changing like a chameleon within the trees.

However Raven used a shadow-like wall to prevent its escape and the titans continued in their assault.

"There's nowhere for you to hide!" Cyborg shouted determinedly.

The beast managed to seek refuge at the closed down, paper factory.

Cyborg chased it onto the hanging ledges and began to punch with as much force as possible, the creature taking every swing with little affliction.

Robin lassoed its arm and held tight so the half robot could knock him down, only to fall under the influence of a powerful magnet.

"Star a little help, Get me down from here!"

Starfire slashed the wires which held the magnet to the roof.

The creature beat Robin down and Raven flung an iron girder which caused it to fall back into a magma pot.

Cyborg exhaled in relief only to groan as the creature became magma, spouting from the pot.

Robin frowned in defeat as he admitted softly, "We need Beastboy."

1:55 pm

Beastboy sat with his back against the hall wall, waiting for Terra to finally come out of her geomatry exam.

He was feeling disheartened but hopeful.

Terra had to remember!


By now he was almost asleep.

He hadn't eaten properly.

He hadn't slept at all.

He was feeling down trodden.

Much to his annoyance yet relief, the end bell went off just before he nodded off.

He stood and waited a while longer as the students were most likely waiting to be dismissed.

After a few moments of impatience they all left, like automatic drones, heading for their form rooms.

As Terra came out, Beastboy caught up to her, annoyance heavy in his tone, "Are you just going to keep running away from me?"

"I'm not running away from anything. Go home."

"Not until you talk to me," Beastboy pushed.

"You can't keep following me," She hissed.

Beastboy pouted "Why not?"

"It's the girl's room."


Beastboy waited yet another ten minutes and wondered dully why a girl would spend so long in the toilette.

"What do they do in there?" He wondered out loud.

Beastboy, a few minutes before next lesson, she sighed.

"What will it take for you to leave me alone?"

"Just talk to me."

"Okay, you got two minutes."

"You may not remember but I do, we were friends and you… you were a titan," The changeling child appealed.

Terra backed away, clutching her books.

"You're wrong," She denied.

"You don't belong here Terra," He pleaded.

"Stop calling me that."

"Its who you are_"

"What do you want from me," She sighed, tears brimming from her blue eyes.

"I just want things to go back to the way they were, you were happy then… I was happy then."

"Things were never the way you remember, now just leave me alone."

"Here-" Beastboy said, holding out his communicator, "-Take it and if you need me, you can call me and I'll come whenever, wherever.

"I don't need it," She told him without hesitation.


"_Times up."

Terra began to walk away before he made one last feeble attempt to call her name, "Terra…"

"Things change, Beastboy, The girl you want me to be is just a memory."

"Come in Beastboy, We need your help!"

Beastboy gripped his communicator loosely.

"Come with me…" He asked her sadly.

"No, you go. You're the Titan and that's who you are. I'm just a girl with a geometry test next period and I haven't studied…"

Slowly she began to back away; a weak sound of a bell rang.

She was then lost within the mass crowds of pupils flooding into the hallways and eventually he lost sight of her.

"Beastboy to Robin," He said dejectedly, "I'm on my way, over."

"Robin, what's going on!"

"He said he's on his way!"

Cyborg steadied his swiftly over heating arm that was now in the form of a weapon.

"Good, the little mite better hurry up."

Cyborg gritted his teeth as he blasted away at the creature, eventually giving up as the magma was resilient to his assail.

Raven tried desperately throwing stuff at it, anything heavy was fine, though the monster simply either evaded them or melted them.

Starfire tirelessly kept it distracted with star bolts, dodging as it thrashed out at her.

The creature seized its advantage and started forward in its own attack.

"Titans, get back!" Robin ordered, fearful that they might get hurt.

Suddenly the cry of an eagle was heard.

Raven uttered, "Beastboy!"

"Finally," Cyborg huffed.

Robin frowned; he didn't know how they could defeat this being.

Beastboy landed further in front, an aimless feature plastered over his face as he asked soberly, "What did I miss?"
"Not much," Cyborg shrugged avoiding a metal plate.

Beast boy nodded before thinking up a quick plan, taking cover by a large metal bin.

"Hmmm…" He hummed becoming an elephant.

The creature reached out for Starfire and before it could grab her it heard the grunting of an elephant's trumpet.

It looked around to see a dark green elephant with a metal, hollow cylinder being held by its trunk.

With out hesitation, Beast boy launched the bin at its head.

The metal cylinder crashed against its mask it actually stumbled back before charging forward.

Beastboy advanced into a hawk again and took off out of the window.

The creature smashed through the wall and kept its lava coating as favoured.

Beastboy dodged through the trees in a vain attempt to get a little further ahead, he had an idea but it might not work, it was also in heading back toward the city…

"What's he doing?" Robin hissed angrily.

Cyborg wondered too thought the remaining four shrugged and decided to take off after him.

Beastboy found that his hawk form was not flying fast enough and evolved into a swift stag.

He galloped through the undergrowth in impressive leaps and bounds, Finding that his thin legs were become to strained he transformed into a stronger horse.

The angry creature followed swiftly behind while also closing the distance between them.

Beastboy finally caught sight of the city though more importantly the lake filled with water before it.

Powerful hind quarters of the well picked Halsteiner breed allowed the boy to leap far into the water.

The creature attempted to follow though on contact the creature was forcibly beginning to turn into hard igneous rock.

Seizing his chance Beastboy turned from horse to rex and took hold of the creatures mask, note taken that it was the only thing that remained during the creature's changing elements.

He clamped down as hard as possible and found it slowly bending under his iron grip.

The creature was forced from the water onto the land and in its desperation: brought its rocky arms to rap around the tyrannosauruses' neck.

It was now a matter of strength and wills.

Beastboy increased the tension, feeling the mask cracking, eyes straining as the oxygen was cut off.

Finally the mask shattered and a small explosion occurred. Blood caused by the miniscule explosion dripped from his reptilian lips and his jaws parted like a fish's gaping mouth when it is taken from its water.

He shook his head violently to relieve himself, transforming impossible due to the choking pain.

As the four titans witnessed the creatures defeat Cyborg rushed over to cut away the igneous rock from his surrogate brother's neck.

Beastboy reverted back to his human counterpart, gripping his neck and choking as his lungs expanded with the delight of oxygen.

Cyborg patted his back proudly, "Dude, I take it back tonight you can have a whole pizza to yourself. It's on me."

"Well done, Beastboy that was a glorious idea!"

"I'm surprised we never thought of aiming for the mask."
"That was completely irresponsible," Robin stormed up, standing dominantly over the youngest member, Beastboy swallowed distastefully.

"I'm glad we have you on the team Beastboy but next time, I expect you to not run off," Robin held out a hand to help him up.

"Dude, now I gotta rewire my whole system and put in some new weapons… and there isn't even a spare part shop to get it from!"

"OW!" Beastboy yelped causing Cyborg, Robin and Starfire to stare worriedly over at him.

"Keep still, this isn't easy, there could have been a better way to destroy that thing… without you getting strangled."

Raven's hands rubbed gently against the green boy's neck as she chanted und her breathe.

Black magic appeared at her palms and she managed to rub the bruised areas of his neck.

"Since when have you been able to heal?" Cyborg asked coming over for a closer look.

"I just read it in one of my books," She replied nonchalantly.

"Just? I thought you said you_OW!" Beastboy whined.

"I know what I'm doing; stop talking or its going to hurt."

Beastboy swore under his breathe and rubbed his aching neck as she retracted her hands.

"That's the best I can do, try not to get strangled for a couple of days at least."

Starfire stretched, "I am turning to our chamber of sleep-" she said this to Robin who nodded from the computer.

"I guess I'll be hitting the hay as well," Robin yawned though was interested in studying more of the creature's remains.

Cyborg added to the ritual with a yawn and said coolly, "Yeah, A lie in might do me some good."

The four began to leave but halted to see Beastboy was still and staring dejectedly down at the floor from the surface at which he was sat.

"Umm, you guys go ahead," Cyborg told them concernedly.

"Beastboy, what's bothering you? Is it Terra?"

"I promised no matter how horrible the secret was that I'd still be her friend… and I lied."

Cyborg looked confusedly at him, "What do you mean?"

"The night before Slade attacked me and took… Terra. She asked me I could trust her and forgive but I didn't."

"It was a shock; we all would have done the same thing."

"But I shouldn't have and none of this would have happened If I had just accepted it…"

"It's life B, and there is nothing you can do about it, I'm guessing that it didn't work out with the girl you saw…"

"It was Terra but, I don't think she wants to remember me."

"She probably wants a new start, she doesn't dislike you but… Bb you need to realise that sometimes it's easy just to let go."

"Well I'm sick of letting go," Beastboy angrily snapped, "I'm sick of people taking the mick, they don't know me, they don't know what I've been through!"

"We've all been through some pretty_"

"You don't get it."

Beastboy stood up and walked towards the exit.

"Where are you going?"

"I need some fresh air."
"Take your communicator," Cyborg told him firmly, throwing Beastboy's communicator over."

Beastboy frowned fully at it.

"Can you at least come back before midnight, and get some sleep?"

Beastboy was silent for a moment.


"Yeah, okay… I won't be long."

"I'll pop up to you in an hour, you need some rest."

"Yeah, Okay."

Beastboy entered the house of mirrors, witch Terra and he had sort refuge in last time. He had made a routine of coming here when his mood had turned sour.

No one was here to bother him, to tell him what to do and what not to do. It was also a good place to release any pent up anger.

"How do I get her to remember?" Beastboy mused loudly. "How can she have forgotten everything? There must be something I can say to help her remember."

"Maybe she doesn't want to remember."

Beastboy whipped around and summoned as much hater as he snarled the name, "Slade."

He saw the glint of the half rusty and black mask first as the man appeared out of the shadows.

"I should have known you were behind this. What have you done to Terra?"

"My dear child, I had nothing to do with her return."

"You did something to her memory, and you took away her powers."

"I did nothing, dear boy, If the girl does not want to use her powers and does not remember- it is because she chooses to."

"Why would she not want to remember, she had friends, she was a hero and saved all of use!"
Beastboy felt like slashing him now but part of him hoped that Terra would come out of the shadows and contradict him, like last time…

"Don't you see? She no longer wants to remember you."
Beast boy morphed into a bull and backed up to a mirror. When Slade's tone rang behind him he double barrelled the mirror and persisted to smash all of the glass, at the end he stood in the centre. His nearly black sides heaved with aggression, hate and confusion, horned head swinging around angrily; legs spotted with blood from where the shattered glass cut into his hocks and fetlocks.

Slade attacked from behind but Beastboy dodged landing as his human self, teeth bared; body poised and ready to strike.

"I won't let you hurt her again!"

"You are the one hurting her, child," He then inclined closer and commanded," Let her go."

Beastboy let out an anguished roar as he became a large gorilla, smashing the ground where Slade once stood and turning to swing his powerful fore-arms at the man before getting punched and kicked into the shattered mirrors.

He could feel many tiny daggers dig into his skin but was driven with rage as he became a raptor, further flinging him across the mirror room and launching him through the wall.

"Face it; she doesn't want to see you anymore."

"Leave Terra alone," Beastboy snarled changing back into his human form.

"Dear child, it is you whom you should be worried about."

Slade snooped from behind the boy and grabbed him by the throat, briefly choking him, before throwing him back into the 'House of Mirrors'.

Beast boy tried to stand but was bombarded with painful blows from his assailant.

He managed to get enough chance to transform into a tiger, hissing and slashing Slade's armor and feeling more of the rage when he couldn't feel soft and tender flesh or blood under his claws, as by now he was covered in his own.

Slade wrestled with the Tiger before being pushed back by the form of a grizzly bear.

Using the wall as a pinion he managed to stick his metal boot into the boy's gut but was evaded as the child became a hummingbird.

Before he knew it, Beastboy had become a T rex and was clamping his strong jaws down upon his body, lucky for the armour.

Frustrated, Beastboy threw him through the wall to the outside with very little effort, before following.

He picked the fallen body up and charged into the rollercoaster.

The track and pillars fell; tumbling down into one large heap.

Beastboy sighed, his body shaking with the fatigue and stress.

He was feeling for the first time in a while that he was tired and mortally injured.

One does not simply charge into a roller coaster track, even as a giant tyrannosaurus rex, and walk out without any damage.

Though he wanted to see Slade's broken body, not realising that had he stopped to think of a strategy then maybe the glass that had cut deep into his hind and back would not have become so deep, the bruises littering his shoulders and neck would not have been so bad…

Beastboy was always good at coming out in good condition after a battle, he was always quick and clever but he just felt really angry, yet… he felt terribley lonely and sad.

Finally the dust cleared and the first thing he set his bloodshot, emerald eyes on was the twisted hand. He felt redemption flood through his veins before letting it all flow away as the sight of electric sparks.

"She doesn't want to see you anymore… She doesn't want to see you anymore…

She doesn't want to see you anymore…"

Beastboy collapsed in a heap. Too tired to stand, what good did it do?

He had hidden so much behind a mask that it was all now hitting him like a spear shifting through the back of a Spanish bull.

His head resting against his gloved hand as he thought about all the bad luck that had continued throughout his life. The destruction and pain,

Disappointment and ending, was it all worth it?

He surely did not care and allowed his mind to drift off into a dark slumber.

Cyborg yawned.

He'd kept awake so that he'd remember to make sure Beastboy was in and headed to the boy's room like a zombie.

"B? Are you in here?"

He sighed to no answer and brought his communicator up to contact him.

"Beastboy, It's me Cyborg, I called cos' its time you ca_"

Cyborg's eye widened in fear at the sight of Beastboy's form lying beaten and swiftly slammed the alarm on the wall; which woke the other Titans.

"Beastboy, Beastboy wake up!"

"Cyborg what's a matter?" Robin rubbed his eyes, in his PJ's from his room's door.

Raven and Starfire were also awake too and appeared at Beastboy's bedroom.

"Bb's in trouble," Cyborg told them gravely.

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