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~The bird and the worms~

"Like an obelisk towards which the principal streets of a town converge, the strong will of a proud spirit stands prominent and commanding in the middle of the art of war."

-Clausewitz On War

Waking up had never felt so empty. The tower appeared empty and the mood appeared empty and the atmosphere was certainly not 'nice'.

Beastboy's disappearance was really painful and the pretty alien, girl could not understand why he would want to leave. Did he think he was brave? Was he thinking that he was achieving something?

Starfire sat up looking sadly at the opposite wall of her bedroom before clambering out, neatening the sheets and strolling over to the mirror to see her sad and tired reflection stare curiously back at her.

The room was dark and it was still early in the morning; about five O'clock and she couldn't sleep a minute longer.

Starfire wodered whether something was wrong with her; she was usually a heavy sleeper. Between her and Beastboy they hardly ever passed more than a few comments unless he was telling those funny jokes she admittedly did not understand.

She sat on the stool and began to slide a brush through her soft hair.

"So, why did the duck cross the road?" Beastboy's young, squeaky voice interrupted the awkward silence. The group outwardly groaned.

"Beastboy, please give it a rest," Raven begged, rubbing her temple as the T-car pulled out of the round about.

"Aww, come on Raven, admit it, you secretly love my jokes, I know you do," His eyebrows raised and lowered and there was that comical devious smile plastered across his face as Raven turned red.

"No, I don't find them funny I think their obvious and annoying," the pale girl hissed angrily.

Beastboy pouted and looked sulking out of the window.

"Please," Starfire shook him excitedly, "why was it that the duck crossed the road?"

"Because he was going to the quackery!" the T-car was then filled with his care-free laughing.

Starfire laughed at the memory, covering her mouth as she did so.

"I still don't understand why the duck should cross the road," She chuckled, looking back up to her now smiling reflection and then letting her smile fall into a sober tight-lipped line, "and I still don't understand why you'd leave."

She stood and changed her attire from sleeping wear to her usual short purple skirt and low cut top, pulling on her boots and stretching before nodding at how she looked and sweeping her eyes over her tidy room, then pulling the curtains apart and tying them with a neat and perfect bow.

The rain that drizzled outside pattered against the window, and she was happy to find that the storm was coming to an end.

Starfire paused and wandered where Beastboy was sleeping ignorant of the fact that he was fast asleep on a beach, hundreds of miles away in the middle of a mass crowd of black albatross.

She hoped that he was warm and safe and wished to Glorfog that he'd consider returning.

She opened her door and with a little hesitation she entered the seemingly empty corridor.

She headed in a specific direction, looking behind her in shame to see if any other of the team's accusing eyes had caught her.

She was unsure of how they'd react. That night he left and had not returned; It had been silence. A long, suffering silence where they had not shared pizza or stayed up later then they should. Instead the morose group of super hero- teens headed straight to bed.

Starfire couldn't help but wonder if they'd be angry or happy if Beastboy returned and hoped that it would be the latter.

She passed Cyborg' room which was just opposite Beastboy's before stopping to open the wooden door and tentatively peer inside.

"Beastboy?" She called softly and vainly.

Her luminous eyes met nothing but the chaos of the tiny room, with smashed toys, shredded pillows and… whatever that was she didn't know, but it didn't look pleasant and vaguely looked like the remnants of a mouldy pizza.

She sighed when there came no answer, how naïve to have expected a reply. Her hopeful expression dropped and she backed away, allowing the door to close behind itself.

"He's gone Star," Robin called from the doorway to the gym.

Starfire froze worriedly; she turned and looked to Robin, her established boyfriend.

He stared back, already dressed in his usual apparel.

Her bright avocado eyes travelled from his stoic expression to the ground.

"I don't understand why our green friend would wish to leave," She told him, sadly "-When we're his friends and can offer him comfort, wouldn't he like that? Isn't that what friends consider 'nice'?"

Robin came closer, sighing and embracing her in a gentle hug, squeezing her hips before looking her straight in the eye.

"Beastboy left because he wanted to. He had a choice and wanted to be alone. I think it's abandonment of the role."

Robin took a step away from her to study her reaction closely, "Beastboy, like the rest of us swore that night we formed the Titans that he'd protect and serve this city, no matter what cost. Now he's turned his back without considering the consequences. We could have used him yesterday, you could have been hurt, and… "He ended lightly, before his tone turned darker"-but he wasn't there."

Starfire tilted her head and stared gently into his eyes. It was hard to get Robin's trust and she guessed by 'abandoning the role' Beastboy had lost it.

She nodded in understanding and wasn't sure whether she completely agreed.

"Would you accept him back?" She asked, "If he should return?"

Robin paused for a moment before smiling reassuringly, "first we need to find him and find out why he's left in the fist place. Though, I think we need to reconsider what we're going to do in the meantime."

He turned and began to amble back to his room or 'office' as he liked to call it.

She cocked her head in confusion and stood there looking baffled, "What do you mean, boyfriend Robin?"

"I need to make some calls."

Cyborg felt his systems reboot, as they did every morning at exactly half-past-six.

He lifted his arm, checking his batteries were charged and they were at 400% capacity. He nodded, vaguely traveling his thoughts back to the past few days and wondering whether he should even allow his sorry self out of this room.

Deciding that it'd be immature to not leave the room, he got up stretched and headed for the door.

He opened the wooden door with little effort and saw Starfire stand there watching Robin's distancing back.

At first he'd thought they'd had a fight but the expression of her face was of confusion and this being a more plausible answer to her lone form.

He came behind and rested a comforting hand on her shoulder, "you alright?"

She jumped at the sudden contact, though the voice was familiar.

An innocent, unsure smile traipsed across her lips and she nodded.

Cyborg returned with a reassuring grin before placing his cold, metal hand on her back and leading her towards the lounge area.

The glass had been replaced and the room had been cleaned, a new table stood where the last one had been crushed under the weight of a certain bovine and the modern table served as a reminder to the fact things are easily replaced.

"So what will it be, eggs? Bacon? Full size, big daddy, English breakfast?"

He made the effort to be normal but she shrugged so he just prepared them both a bacon and egg samwidge.

He wore the usual apron, and poked as the meat cooked, a forlorn expression hidden behind an emotionless mask.

"Beastboy," Star whispered and he looked over at her, "He's not coming back is he?"

"Of course he is," Cyborg waved her off. "It's Beastboy isn't it? The little mite will always be a pain in the ass until I die. He'll be back, if I don't find him and strangle him first."

Starfire smiled but then said, "Robin thinks he had abandoned us."

"Well, that's a stupid ass comment. We don't know. He might have just been in a tantrum and has gone off to prove something. Abandoning is like leaving people who can't defend themselves all alone."

"But the civilians cannot protect themselves," Starfire questioned.

"They've got us," He laughed poking his thumb at his chest, "If anything it's a compliment. Beastboy can trust us enough to leave the city to us."

"Oh," Starfire hummed, "So he must do something and then he'll come back?"

"Yeah," Cyborg shrugged, handing her a bacon and egg samwidge.

Cyborg brought his bacon and egg samwidge to his mouth and took a huge bite, "You never know," He muttered through his food, "He might just be off after the girls."

Starfire chuckled at that and began to eat her own contentedly, at this Cryborg grinned and stuffed the rest of his own breakfast in his mouth.

He shared a comforting glance with the girl who twiddled her thumbs awkwardly, anticipating the quiet room.

"I'm going to play Space crashers five, you in?"

"Yes, I'd like to play this game of flying cars and smashing of the rocks, it would be most enjoyable."

Cyborg smiled victoriously, taking a cd out of its case and then placing it into the console.

The theme song penetrated the awkward silence, in an annoying continuous ring. The tunes sounded foreign however in the absence of Beastboy's humming a terrible mimic to it.

Cyborg stared at the two controllers on offer. The one was sellotaped and chewed; the other was still intact and shiny from the care taken of it.

It was obvious which controller belonged to Cyborg's and which one was Beastboy's. He sighed when no challenge was offered for the better device, feeling no desire to hold his own controller; he gave the better one to Starfire and kept his own before falling down onto the couch and relaxing as the game loaded.

Star had taken hours upon hours of teaching and training in the ways of Space crashers. It had been worth it as she was probably the most victorious out of the whole team. This was half the reason of why Beastboy's controller was sellotaped.

He was so frustrated that a girl had beaten him in a game 'made for boys'. Cyborg chuckled as he remembered the returning quip at the green boy's manly-hood before an already battered controller was thrown at his head.

He seemed to zone out, not noticing Raven, gloomily entering the kitchen and sit on the crimson sofa with a book.

Starfire was staring soberly at the screen that flickered with vivid colours, motioning that she was far in the lead.

The game had ended and she'd won.

They played a second match and a third and then a fifth wasting thirty-minutes of the day to bad graphics.

Starfire seemed to squeak every time she won but she didn't boast or laugh at him or get moody when he smashed her battleship with his or used online cheats she didn't know. This agitated the man and his grip tightened against the controller.

He bit his lip for a moment as he contemplated that their seventh match had already finished, looking up at the clock whose smaller hand pointed against the seven and longer hand pointed ninety degrees from the smaller one. Seven-fifty-five in the morning, the day was slipping by.

"I'm not in the mood to play video games," he conceded half-heartedly.

Starfire frowned at Cyborg as he took out the disk and settled it into the case.

She nodded in disappointment and asked as he began to put the disks back in their correct cases whether the team should go out and perhaps enjoy themselves.

Cyborg shrugged as he pretended to read a game booklet and she decided to watch a recorded repeat of 'fungus of the feet'.

"Toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis is a fairly common condition that disfigures and destroys the toe-nail. The big toe and little toe are the two toes that are most likely to be affected_"

Cyborg listened to the revolting commentary, if only to drown out the guilt he was feeling. He stood and decided that he should make the three some coffee and make Robin a cup too, he needed a reason to get away from the two dejected girls.

He'd just go and shut-down in his room or work on the T-Car, that'd probably the most sensible idea.

Raven looked as if she was engrossed in the book that she was reading and he lifted the cup in question of whether she wanted a coffee or not.

Surprisingly she nodded and he already knew that Starfire wouldn't not-accept a coffee.

He stirred four mugs slowly, conscious of the fact that there was not five mugs.

He paused to glare accusingly at the swirling brown liquid.

He should have been there.

It was obvious the boy was upset and he who saw him as a brother did nothing. He felt that Beastboy was wrong and now he was out there in the drizzling rain probably wet, cold and hurting. For what? Pride?

He wasn't sure because he wasn't there for him and without thinking about it he'd slammed the mug down in front of Raven with so much force that the contents leapt into the air and the navy cup shattered leaving the handle in tact in his robotic grip.

His red eye shone while the other widened in surprise.

"Aw, c'mon!" He hissed and launched the remaining piece in his hand across the room.

Raven didn't even bother to look up and asked coolly, "I hope your planning on replacing my cup?"

Cyborg glared at her and swore in frustration turning and sweeping the pieces into his large hands before dumping them in the bin and exiting the room with a slam of the door.

Raven raised an eyebrow and then returned her gaze back to her book before lowering it in conceit. She wasn't really reading it.

The book held little interest for her and she stared over to Starfire who hadn't moved.

She stood lifting her hand and letting the spilt coffee fly obediently under it and led it to the kitchen area and encouraged it into the sink before pouring herself a glass of water and taking Starfire's coffee to her.

The alien girl nodded as she placed the cup down and continued doggedly watching the television.

Raven watched it for a moment, her face pricked with disgust at the mouldy, battered toes flashing on the screen.

The show was boring and she was sure that Starfire had already seen this episode before, not that she cared but the glazed look in the alien girl's big, green eyes could be viewed as worrying.

Raven rolled her eyes and turned to leave opening the door and cursing to find she'd left her water back in the kitchen area.

However with no ambition to return and retrieve the beverage she carried on.

She passed Beastboy's door and didn't care to slow, or check or… what could she possibly do anyway?

He's gone, I don't care either…

She looked up in annoyance to find that she had stopped.

Her emotions stirred and she took the time to listen to them fore a moment.

'I'm bored,' humour whined in her mind. Angry was glaring of into the distance of her imagination and Sorrowful was crying into Humour's shoulder.

'I'm worried for Beastboy," Truthful piped up; 'I want to find him."

The pale girl grumbled angrily and floated down the hall, telling her emotions to shut up.

She shrugged to herself dolefully, before her eyebrows scrunched angrily. Irritation pricking as the Titan alarm went off.

Raven turned, almost bumping into Cyborg who stopped to let her past first.

The two came into the lounge/meeting room area where the alarm light was flashing urgently. Starfire followed Robin in as he entered rather dramatically, striding across the room and shifting his hand over to press a button against the wall which released a television from the opposite of the meeting table.

The mayor of Jump City appeared on the screen, his face taut with worry.

"Oh titans!" He spluttered, worry pointed in his tone, "Its simply terrible, there are more of those dreaded creatures."

Robin felt his heavy heart skip a few beats at the unfairness of it all.

"Please in area thirty, street nine-teen." The mayor wiped a towel against his porky face, running it over his tight rosy cheeks.

"Don't worry we've got it, Keep people posted and out of our way," Robin told the man firmly, turning as the man's face was lost in blackness. The tv ascended back into the ceiling.

"Lets go," Robin commanded and took of with Starfire quickly following behind.

Cyborg paused for a moment, torn, it felt wrong like this but the city and its civilians came first.

"So everything's back to normal," Raven commented dryly, grimly.

"No." Cyborg deadpanned, turning to look down on her face, "No, it's not."

The half man turned and exited leaving Raven to stir in on herself before she too followed.

The horrible white ghost like creation had launched a garbage truck across the street towards Robin who was lucky that Starfire was there to swoop in and save him.

The teenaged, acrobatic, wonder boy back flipped out of the path of more flying debris.

He groaned outwardly, coming forth and aiming a kick at one of the beings, it dodged and brought it's own fist against him. He ended up across the street again to recover as Cyborg blasted at it's mask, the ghost like beast held up it's arm protectively, protecting its own ominous form. It twisted in the air and back handed the half-man-half-robot.

The battle went on like this for half an hour until Cyborg got a clear shot of its mask.

The creature crumpled and they attacked the other to no avail. It seemed to overwhelm them and Raven struggled to keep it still. Robin was shouting orders left right and centre as a flash of yellow and red smashed through his periphery vision.

The beast had Cyborg pinned and was trying to crush him, struggling as the man squirmed and shot aims at it's head.

The flash returned and the creature was knocked side ways.

Robin breathed a sigh of relief as the boy came to a halt, handing his red gloved hand to help Cyborg up who muttered a rather withdrawn, "umm… thanks."

"No problem dude, it'd be totally mode if you were down and out, hehe, Kid Flash, in your service sir."

"You're late," Robin said sternly but in good humour.

"Not usually the case, Lil' red, just couldn't help but stop for a hot dog."

Robin bumped fist with the new boy as Raven and Starfire landed.

The creature twisted its head around to gaze soullessly at them it seemed to hover for a moment before dispersing into the ground.

"That's crash," Kid Flash chimed awkwardly, "sorry 'bout you're catch."

"No problem," Robin muttered, "He'll be back."

"Care to explain, Robin?" Raven asked with a tone almost venomous with irritation. She looked Kid Flash up and down warily, she had in mind what Robin was up to and although it was necasary she was not at all pleased about. Robin paused for a moment before he turned seriously towards the group.

"Well, its no new news that Beastboy is gone," He said coolly, Cyborg looked away from him, anywhere but at their leader.

"Kid Flash has come all the way from his own team to come to us," Robin went on, "It's a nice gesture and we won't be so over whelmed as_"

"So Beastboy is gone a week and you have already replaced him?"

"It's not like that, Cyborg, its not replacement its_"

"Beastboy left and Kid Flash is here instead of him," Raven deadpanned, "that's replacement."

"In the book of dictionary," Starfire added helpfully," the verb: replaced is to provide or find a substitute for, it is also to take the place of."

The alien girl's face was contorted in concentration as she remembered the word and its subsequent definitions, then she looked down as she thought about it. In truth Beastboy was the one who actually bought her the dictionary, at first it was a joke but Starfire thought it was marvelous and was using words that would make a 'A' grade student jealous though she used them correctly her sentences were still awkward; for example: "I may be amiable but one could learn to abhor my vulgar side!" She once shouted at Doctor light as he had just blasted her.

Raven was surprised that Beatboy would purchase a book let alone know what a dictionary was; this of course became a statement... a jab that made their green friend glower lightly.

Cyborg admitted he was very proud of Beastboy, "Nice gesture Bb, You might get a girlfriend one day after all."

Robin commented on the maturity of Beastboy doing something nice but something hinted to Beastboy that the wonder lad was actually suspicious of whether the gesture was intended as a good intention.

Either way Robin frowned idly at her, "I'm being practical."

Kid Flash seemed to go quiet and pretended to be inspecting the proud skyscrapers that reached high to the skies.

Raven decided to drop the awkward argument; Cyborg then shook Kid Flashes hand, introducing himself brightly.

"Just call me Kf for short."

Robin and the group traipsed to the T-car and disappeared toward the tower. The monster was forgotten and the group of heroes decided to get to know the knew comer, could it hurt?

"So," Starfire asked airily, "Kf, what is your favorite beverage?"

"Mountain dew, babe," The boy winked at her then checked himself. Starfire was Robin's territory. Besides… he already had a lady friend.

"You into space crashers?" Cyborg asked.

"You betcha, I actually brought some games, you know, to chillax."

"Chillax is not a word," Raven grumbled dryly.

Kid Flash shrugged at her, nonchalant.

There was a pregnant silence before the newcomer spoke again.

"What time is it?"

Robin looked at his watch and replied, "Fifteen passed nine."

Kid Flash looked puzzled and made the grace to scratch his chin, not to go unnoticed by Cyborg, Starfire and Robin who looked questioningly at him.

"Why what is the matter, boy, Flash?" Starfire asked him quizzically.

"Oh you see," Kid Flash looked seriously at her, "I've been asking that very question all day and I keep getting a different answer every-time."

Robin and Cyborg laughed at the joke, Raven groaned but Starfire just looked confused, "I'm not sure I am in complete understanding?"

"Never mind babe," He waved her down, "Its mode to explain a good joke."

Starfire frowned at him as T-car pulled up in the garage of the titan tower.

"So I'll take you to your room," Robin went on and the two boys wondered off.

Raven poked Cyborg who was fiddling with the hood of the car, Starfire sort of… stood there at a loss of what to do with herself.

"Do you agree with this?" Raven asked him, her head tilting toward the door where their leader and Kf had exited through. Cyborg frowned at her, then at the mechanical device in his hand before placing it back and shutting the hood, looking endearingly at Raven as he answered truthfully, "No, but I know Flash… sort of, well enough, he helped us with the brotherhood."

"Yes, I know but that is not what I'm implying, seen as all of this was done behind our backs."

"he's our leader, what can we do?" Cyborg shrugged though he looked hurt and accusingly at the door.

"He should have told us instead of_"

"Raven, we all would have gone against it." The turned, Raven's eyebrows knitted as he continued darkly, "Its all fundamental, I'm not questioning it. If Bb wants to go play with all the other little animals or do what ever then he can, we're heroes not a nursery to look after some green idiot who doesn't care to be here. I'm surprised you don't see it clearly that way."

"I'm surprised you don't care," Raven hissed venomously and found her-self leaving the tower, she'd go for a walk on the beach of course. Maybe meditate or do anything to clear her mind.

Cyborg punched the T-car in annoyance and grief.

Starfire squeaked and then scurried off to find Raven.

I didn't mean that, Cyborg thought sadly, of course I didn't, I care. Why would Beastboy do this? Is there something wrong?

Cyborg truthfully was very distasteful of the idea that Beastboy was so easily replaced. Robin could have at least mentioned something, even if he wasn't asking. It was like an awkward circumstance where people simply assume that you're okay with something.

Cyborg went back to fixing the T-car, it didn't mean forever did it? So there was no point in making such a fuss.

Raven felt herself wondering down the long beach. It was not a special beach. The sand was not golden and the sea was not a wonderful deep blue.

The sand was sand and the sea was the sea. That's all there is to it and there is no need to care about it so that was that.

Starfire was behind her and she paused to let the girl catch up.

"Friend, Raven, you are angry?"

"Livid," Raven replied sarcastically.

"Do you worry for our green comrade?"

Raven paused as Truthful squeaked a tearful, yes.

"No," She offered instead.

Starfire was quiet, she didn't believe Raven but she wasn't going to question her, no that wouldn't be wise. Raven paused to watch the sun as it peered over the disappearing line of the great sea.

"I worry for our green friend," Starfire muttered softly.

Raven turned to the alien girl who looked like she was about to cry: Don't cry everyone is worried, everyone but Robin it would seem.

"You need to live it up Starfire, Beastboy can come back if he wants, he's not a pet. Crying his name won't help anyone."

Starfire looked up sadly, Raven wasn't quite letting out anything but at least she wasn't brushing it off like boyfriend Robin.

Starfire turned as the city lights were turned on in wake of the coming darkness and gasped, pointing as Raven snapped her head around in curiosity.

"Slade," she whispered and fear pricked within.

"What do we do?" Starfire asked her in a panic.

"Go get Robin, the team…" Raven ordered, "I'll keep him busy."

Starfire hesitated for a moment, should she leave her friend by Slade? Would that really be responsible? She shook her head, she shouldn't underestimate Raven. Starfire took off, looking back but the tower wasn't too far, Oh, why should I have I forgotten my communicator at such a time!? She scolded herself angrily.

Raven paused and weighed up her choices before Slade's form seemed to slip into the shadows. She followed quickly speeding up the coastline, past from under the light of the street lamp from where he had been just to follow down an alleyway, over a fence and then upwards as he sped up the ladders of a flat.

They ended on a roof of the building, a neon sign glinted as the skies seemed to cry.

Slade turned and chuckled as Raven told him it was futile to hide.

He commented on something she couldn't hear, her rage enveloping her for a moment before she exhaled in irritation.

"Child," Slade drawled, "ungrateful creature you are, how are you? You look well?"

"Cut the crap!" She ordered venomously.

"Touchy, touchy," Slade sighed coming closer, rain trembled sleek lines down that dreaded mask of his.

"I would never have thought the green beast's disappearance could stir your emotions."

Raven scowled at him, black lapping smoke emanating from her palms as she ordered him to stay back.

Slade paused but only willingly, he eyed her and considered the choices he had.

"What would you give to know his whereabouts? Speechless? Don't look at me like that, it's almost… pitiful and you know how I am with pity."

Raven trembled she was shocked and she accused angrily, "You have him don't you? I'll_!"

"You'll what? Threaten me? I don't threat, stalling shan't work either." Slade eyed the activity near the Titans tower which was admirably hard to see even close by.

"I may not have the child but then again maybe he'll be mine soon anyway. You all are missing the picture. You think you can understand him, you've never cared to ask but after a little digging I know the boys dirty secrets, well most of them of course. And this picture'll be dripping red after his little holiday."

"Dripping red?" Raven dead panned and she eyed Slade suspiciously, clogs turning quickly as she asked, "Beastboy's going to hurt someone?"

"Hurt is very vague," Slade almost purred and it was sickening, "revenge is sweet. Yes he is going to kill and that's fine, I've given my part and now I'm shaking the hive so to speak. What will you do now, Raven?" Slade's tone was full of joy and blood-lust "What will you do knowing your good little friend is about to murder in cold blood. Tell Robin and save a stranger or keep the weight of such a secret to yourself and save a team mate."

Raven stared mechanically as he seemed to back away, "interesting to see what your next move will be, checkmate."

Robin hopped up after a good ten minutes they found her, close by but standing steadily in the rain. He approached Raven warily, called her name a few times until she turned to face him with the same stoic expression she always wore.

"You okay?"


"Slade? Where did he go?" Robin suspected the answer already and sighed softly as Raven replied, "He escaped."

"That's okay," though it wasn't, "He hasn't hurt you? Did he say anything?"

Raven paused and considered everything for a moment. This was dangerous ground. Beastboy was going to kill someone, but why? Does he have a reason? Is there a suitable explanation for murder? There can't be Their heroes and heroes do not murder people. She looked slowly up as the rain came falling down. Beastboy is a criminal if he would do something like that. Robin would not hesitate to place him in jail… So what did Slade say?...



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