Disclaimer: If I owned the Hunger Games, I wouldn't need a career change, now would I?


Dr. Aurelius wrapped his wool coat around himself. He trudged through the snow and layers of soot that were blowing in near blizzard conditions. It was the dead of winter in District 3. He rounded the corner and was soon in the back alley behind one of the factories. A factory worker was pacing back and forth near one of the loading doors. "Delivery notice?" The worker asked hurrying to the doctor. Dr. Aurelius pulled a small laminated picture out of his coat pocket and handed it to the worker who suddenly looked older than his thirty years. The worker clutched the photo with trembling hands before sinking to his knees in the soot and snow. The doctor put a hand on the sobbing man's shoulder and stared at the infant girl in the picture. She had light rosy cheeks and a tuft of dark hair that someone had tied a small pink ribbon around. She was wrapped in a light green blanket. Her eyes were her most prominent feature, taking up most of her face. Already her caregivers had nicknamed her 'their little owl.'

"She's safe." The doctor said. The worker nodded before sticking the picture securely in the inside pocket of his jacket. "I promise you, she's safe from everything you've ever worried about." The worker looked up at him, gratefulness in his eyes shining through the tears coursing down his face. He grasped Dr. Aurelius's hands in his and rested his forehead on them.

"Thank you." The man whispered. "For everything." He lifted his head after a few moments. "We'll always send her our love."

"I know." Dr. Aurelius said smiling, blinking back tears himself. "I know."