They came to the city expecting to change things forever.

They were going to raise hell for the criminals, the way people with abilities like they had were expected to. The only way they'd be accepted as people was if they protected others. They knew this—being the product of super parents, they had known from an early age what they would do after they got out of school.

So, eighteen years old and dirt poor, they moved to the nearest metropolis, found a shitty basement apartment and honed their powers.

"I got a name all picked out." Bob said one lazy evening, as they passed a joint between them.

"What is it?" Lucius asked, taking a long drag and handing it back to his friend.

"Mr. Incredible." His voice sounded wistful, matching his glassy eyes.

"You're shitting me, right?" Lucius laughed.

Bob was undeterred. "I like it."

A few years of working odd jobs, while practicing their crime fighting moves at night, lead them to a fabric store to start making costumes. Their first prototypes were felt pajamas, crudely and cheaply sewn, put together in the evenings after work or on their days off. They heard tell that several fashion designers made indestructible suits for their superhero clients, the most famous of these designers going by the codename E. But one did not seek out E. E found you, only when you'd come onto the crime fighting radar.

So they did their best with what they had. Two young men prowling the streets at night, freezing things and breaking down walls when necessary. They walked with a confidence unmatched by any regular human being. As far as they were concerned, they were invincible, best friends in the prime of their life with superpowers.

Their names started to spread about. Mr. Incredible and Frozone, protectors of the city, worshipped by the children, thanked by the law enforcers. They began to look the part, one day getting an anonymous phone call telling them to meet at a rendezvous point the next day if they "wanted to get out of those hobo suits." They learned to speak in public, wave to civilians, sign autographs. They were bigger than the movie stars, the politicians, the astronauts. They were heroes, and they were real.

One night, they were infiltrating a mob meeting when they found themselves beaten to it, by a woman who could stretch her limbs ten times longer than any regular person.

She stood in the middle of a mostly darkened warehouse, illuminated only by moonlight. Five unconscious bodies were piled to her right by the time Bob and Lucius made their way inside.

"Hello, boys." She greeted. "I'm the new kid on the block."

"Who the hell are you?" A curious Lucius asked.

"Elastigirl." She extended an arm, covering the twenty-five feet between them, to shake each of the men's gloved hands respectively. "Frozone and Mr. Incredible, yes?"

Bob was spellbound. She was beautiful, and deadly. An attractive combination, in his book.

Lucius caught his enchanted look. Later, he would tell him he shouldn't get involved. They had to work with Elastigirl, not drool over her. Bob ignored him.

They became a trio, then, making public appearances together, beating the fuck out of criminals together, enjoying themselves together. Life was good. It wasn't long before Bob and Helen got involved, which earned them eye rolls from Lucius on more than one occasion, and then it came to that fatal, and probably inevitable, night.

Where the identities they made for themselves fell apart, and they became ordinary again.