Everything in life had been so perfect, at least for the past few months. Jake has been by my side almost every day. At night, he would sneak into my window at Charlie's and we would make love constantly. Being a heavy sleeper, Charlie never knew a thing, which was good considering that I had been known to be very verbal and loud. Jake was, too. I would spend the days in La Push with him and the pack, which had brought me in with open arms.

Maybe I should tell you how Jake and I became a couple.

After I saved Edward from the Volturi, I told him that we could never be what we were so we settled for friends, which Jake still had a distaste for. I went to La Push and told Jake that and the whole in my chest was gone after the Cullen's moved back to Forks. After a couple of weeks, I was ready to accept my feelings for Jake and we started a relationship.

Jake would pick me up from school, we would go to La Push, hang out with the pack, and then we would go back to my house. After another month, I was ready to take our relationship to the next leave. We had been having heavy make out sessions constantly beforehand, but I wanted to show him how deeply and truly I loved him. I loved him so much that it would hurt sometimes when he was away.

I told him what I was thinking about us and we made love that day in his room. I never would have thought in my wildest dreams that Jake would be such an amazing and tender lover. Don't get me wrong, he was an unbelievable, patient, loving boyfriend, but I didn't expect him to be so... perfect in the bedroom department.

After that, we had trouble keeping our hands to ourselves. We had a thing about PDA, but when we were alone, it was impossible to keep from getting down to business.

One day, Charlie found the empty condom box in the trash can at Billy's and he had such a fit over the fact that Jake and I were getting so serious so fast. Billy knew what we were doing. How could he not? Billy was always in the next room and would bang his fist on the wall for us to quiet down, but with the things Jake was doing to my body, the only way for him to keep me quiet was to kiss me. That was the only way to shut me up.

Around that time, I had the biggest scare of my life. Jake and I were completely freaked out when I missed my period. I missed a full damn month. I had the embarrassment of calling Renee and telling her that I thought I might be pregnant. I mean, we knew condoms don't always work. It's not a fool-proof thing. Everyone knows that.

Charlie actually pulled his gun on Jake when we told him and everyone knows how much Charlie loves Jake.

When my period finally came, we were so relieved. I mean, I took pregnancy tests and they came out negative, but those things can be wrong sometimes. That day, I went to the doctor and got a birth control shot. We were not going to trust condoms alone after that.

Jake and I were still having almost constant sex, but we were being extra careful.

When graduation came, Jake and I already had everything planned out. I was going to go to Forks Community College. Jake was going to get his GED and we were going to rent a house on the reservation, giving they were cheaper than the apartments in Forks. Not by much, but still and he can be close to Billy.

Billy wanted to help with the down payment, but I refused. I had that all worked out, too.

Jake was going to run his own shop out of our home. We planned to wait a few years before starting our own family, but that was also in the plan.

On my graduation day, Jake had to patrol, but he came to my graduation party. He walked in with Angela, which I thought was weird, but they seemed to be having fun talking so I left them alone. After a while, I felt it was my duty to steal back my boyfriend. She seemed kind of sad about it, but understood. Ang had seen pictures of Jake and knew he was my boyfriend. It made me so happy that my two best friend that finally met got along so well.

I thought it was weird when afterwards Jake drove me home and I offered for us to double with Ang and Ben and he outright refused. I thought he actually liked Angela, but then I remembered he looked really angry when he met Ben.

Then he told me that he didn't want to hang out with Angela when I suggested it. When I brought up the subject of our future, us needing to look for a house on reservation, he clammed up. He said that he wanted to wait a full YEAR, which upset me.

Why the hell would he want to do that? He was the one who said that he couldn't wait for us to have our own place and start our life together.

Of course, I was upset and went inside without saying goodbye. I didn't even leave my window open for him. Usually, when I do tht, he will tap on the window for me to open it, but he never did that. He never came, he didn't call, he didn't text. He didn't ask about me when Charlie went over to Billy's.

One thing Charlie told me was odd is that Angela was there. What the hell? Jake, Jared, and Angela were hanging out in the front yard.

A week later, I FINALLY got a visit from my MIA boyfriend and he seemed different. I wasn't sure what it was, but he seemed happy when I felt like crying my eyes out and did in front of him. He looked like it hurt him to see me like that. He held me while I cried over the sheer torture he had put me through over that week.

Jake had suggested that we slow down in the physicality of our relationship. I couldn't understand what was going on with him.

Of course, our relationship didn't slow down. We still had sex on more than a daily basis, but I saw him less. He said he was having to take more patrols because Victoria was coming around again. I understood and he promised to spend all day Saturday and Sunday with me at his house and I could stay over.

I went to the doctor's for my next birth control shot on Friday and sat there for a long time waiting.

I got into the office and, as procedure, gave me a pregnancy test and that is where all our troubles started.

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