author's note:

I apologize if you were happy to see an update only to find out it was a stupid author's note but I bring news -hopefully good. I have decided to rewrite this story, since I don't want to delete it I will have to post it under a new name, not that I mind, it's like a fresh start I guess. Summary and plot stays the same though, the chapters will pretty much be based on these chapters but some parts won't be there. I plan to use my "newish" writing style to make the story more appealing, if you will, and I really hope you guys will like it. I posted the new chapter up and the story is titled 'Absolute', please check it out, if you guys don't like it then I won't continue and I'll just drop it. Hell, I'm posting a poll okay? so check it out after you read the first chapter, if you like where I'm going with it then go ahead and click yes and if you don't then be honest and click no. I just really want to know that you guys will read it, otherwise it makes no real sense to me. If not a lot of people like my new ideas then I guess I can always just try to work my way around what I have for Fix You and see if I can continue it.

Well, that's all I believe -check out my other stories if you can, kay?

Thank you guys for all your patience and I hope you like the new version of Fix You.

- Sam x