I awoke early the next morning and decided I wanted to watch the sunrise. When I walked outside, Chester was on the porch. I sat next to him and we sat in silence as the sun rose above the horizon. It was very nice to just sit with my best friend in silence. We heard the Monroe's moving around and I could smell Mrs. Monroe cooking eggs and sausage. I followed Chester into the kitchen and we ate our breakfast.

"Mom, do you think the animals will be ok since we will be gone for so long?" Toby asked.

"Cry baby," Pete said meanly. Toby stuck his tongue out at his older brother and Pete threw a bit of egg at him.

"Boys, stop," Mrs. Monroe said calmly but sternly. She looked at Pete. "Pete, your brother has a legit reason to worry about the pets. And Toby I'm sure they will be." Toby nodded and Mr. Monroe looked at the clock.

"Well guys, time to go to school," he said, standing up. The boys stood and walked out of the kitchen with their father. Mrs. Monroe quickly washed off the dishes and put them in the dishwasher before leaving, too.

"Be good you three," she said before walking out the door. We heard the lock slid into place and the cars start. Chester had us wait till he knew they were gone.

"Okay, since they are gone I can fully reveal my plan," Chester said. "We are going to break into Dr. Greenbriar's home and find Bunnicula." I felt my mouth fall open.

"What!" I exclaimed. Chester didn't seem ruffled at all with my outburst, so I pressed on. "Do we even know where he lives?" I asked.

"I was going to get to that before I was interrupted," he said. I tried to think of a snappy comeback, but, as you know, it takes me awhile to come up with them. So I remained quiet and let Chester explain. "The Monroe's were invited to dinner with the good doctor in two days time. He gave them his address and the time they need to arrive." He pulled the card out from under his chair. We leaned over to read what it said.

I would enjoy it if you joined me at my home on Friday, September 17 at 6 p.m. My address is 307 Temple Avenue.

Chester gave me a mischievous grin and continued. "I have also found our old friends Felony and Miss Demeanor to aid in our getting in his house. Once in, we find the laboratory, which is where we will find Bunnicula. We will then go back out where we came from and return our bunny friend home." A sparkle came to Chester's eyes when he spoke.

"Pop?" Howie started.


"Can we go yet?" Chester and I looked at each other before the feline looked at the dachshund.

"I am sorry Howie, but you will need to stay here," Chester said. Howie leapt up in outrage before falling on his haunches in pain.

"Why?" Howie asked. In that moment he looked so pitiful, I would say yes a thousand times and let him do whatever he wanted. Chester, luckily, has the power to resist puppy dog eyes.

"Howie, you are injured. You would only slow us down and hurt yourself even more then you already have," Chester replied. "And besides," he continued, "we need someone to watch the house to make sure the monster doesn't return." This perked Howie up and bit and he nodded grudgingly.

"Alright, Pop. I'll do it for you." He saw my hurt look and quickly added, "And you, too, Uncle Harold." Chester rubbed his paws together and then made his way to the door. I followed him and turned to look at Howie. He looked miserable, and I felt a pang of sadness for him.

"Be good Howie," I said. He just nodded solemnly and then I was outside. As we walked away, it seemed like Howie's sorrowful howls followed us down the street.

We made it to Dr. Greenbriar's house around ten. He lived near the edge of High Centerville in a big house. No lights were on, telling us it was empty. We head the crash of metal and I jumped in the air. Chester, as calm and cool as ever, just turned to the sound.

"Hey, Cute Whiskers!" came the call. Chester rolled his eyes and sat. Two cats walked around the corner of an alley. Felony was the scrawnier of the two, but had most of the brains (if one could say these cats had them) and Miss Demeanor was a chubby, long haired tabby.

"Good morning Felony, Miss D," Chester greeted them. I said my hellos and Miss D sauntered up to Chester and I could tell he was trying not the shake. Chester didn't much care for these two, especially Miss D. She curled around him and gave him a wicked grin.

"So is this the place we are bustin' wide open?" Felony asked in her fake gangster accent. Chester refrained from rolling his eyes.

"Yes, and it needs to be quick and clean," Chester said. He jumped on top of a near box and Miss D gave him an angry look. "So may we please start?" Chester asked. Felony nodded excitedly and we walked the rest of the way to the property.

Chester and I sat patiently while the two cat burglars (no pun intended) tried to find a way into the fortress. Around ten minutes had passed and I became very antsy.

"Should we really be doing this?" I asked Chester. He had resorted to bathing himself.

"Do you want to save Bunnicula?" he retorted between licks. I started thinking about all what Chester told me. What if Dr. Greenbriar had taken Bunnicula? What if he had created a Monster, and now was doing terrible things to my little friend? I felt the panic rising inside of me and was about to tell Chester when a yowl of excitement reached our ears. We ran to the sound to see Miss D sitting on an open window sill.

"You who, Cute Whiskers! We found your opening!" She called in a sing song voice. This time Chester rolled his eyes using his whole head.

"Um, Chester?" I started to ask.

"Yes, Harold?"

"How am I supposed to get up there?" I said. The window was about five feet off the ground, and I am not the puppy I used to be. Chester thought this over, looking around the area.

"Aha!" he cried. He walked over to a pile of milk crates and smiled at me. "If we assemble these so that you can jump up and into the window," he said. I helped him drag them over the ground and about a foot from the edge of the sill. He easily sailed up and onto the window.

"Thank you ladies, we are no longer in need of your assistance," Chester said to the two cats. Felony started to walk away but Miss D stayed on the sill by Chester.

"Oh Cute Whiskers, do you really want little ol' me to go?" she purred. Chester gagged slightly at her closeness and nodded.

"Yes, Miss D, in order to do my job you will have to leave," he said. She was about to say more when Felony spoke.

"Come on, Miss Demeanor, we need to get a move on or we will miss The Young and The Restless." This caused Miss D to jump down onto the street and rush after Felony. She turned and blew a kiss at Chester.

"Shall we meet again, Cute Whiskers," she called as they disappeared around the corner. Chester shook his head and looked down at me.

"Are you coming or what?" he called. I took a running start at the crates and the launched myself into the window. Unfortunately, only half of me made it in. Chester laughed at me with his eyes.

"Be quiet, you," I said.

"I haven't said anything," he chuckled. I glared before maneuvering my back end to allow me to get in. I fell in head over heels, and I shook my head clear of the stars that spun around my head.

"Chester?" I whispered. "Where did you go?" I felt claws in my backside and I jumped away from the source. Chester looked like a half flattened pancake. "Now, Chester, this is no time to be laying around," I said. He rolled over and glared at me.

"I wouldn't if you cared to loose a few pounds," he snapped. I was hurt by his comment but understood why he said it. We walked through the corridors of the home and found almost nothing. Except the locked room.

"This is it!" Chester cried in delight. "Don't you hear that, Harold?" I listened closely and heard a buzzing noise. Chester looked at me, a mad gleam in his eyes. "We found his laboratory! That is where we'll find Bunnicula!" He leapt up and grabbed to door handle. He swung back and forth but to no avail.

"Is it locked?" I asked. He jumped down and slammed his paw down.

"Drat," was all he could say before we heard it. A deep, thundering growl that still instills fear within my heart. We slowly turned to see the most scarred up dog I have ever seen. He seemed to be of the rottweiler variety, and he was the one making that menacing sound. "Run!" Chester screamed, and we ran.

We made it to the window and I jumped with all my might. I landed with a thud on the pavement and I turned to look at the window I had just escaped from. A long line of slobber ran from his jaws as he barked viciously at us. I looked at Chester and saw the horror written on his face.

"Lets go home," I suggested.