I'm done with this shit. It's time that Isabella moves in with me. For real. I'm sick of her not being here with me every night and every morning and every in between. I mean, yes, she's here most of the time, but most is not enough. I decide that I need to wait to talk to her about this until she's the most susceptible to my charms.

I take her to dinner and feed her sips of my beer. She's a beer girl and that's just one of the things I love about her. We take a walk along the pier and I buy her a single sunflower from the little flower cart. Afterwards, I take her home and worship her body with my own.

I lavish her pretty little pussy with my tongue and fingers and find myself practically humping the mattress when she cums. I move up her body, kissing each of her tits before ending on her mouth. I slide my cock slowly into her and pump in and out a few times.

"Move in with me?" I whisper, sucking on her ear lobe because I know it drives her crazy.

"Shhh… Oh god. Faster Edward." She says, gripping my shoulders.

I stop all together, "Move in with me?"

"Jesus. Really Edward? You want to talk about this now, while you're balls deep?" She asks.

"Yup. It's been a year and you spent 90% off that year here anyway, so what's the hold up?"

"Oka…." She starts to say but I don't let her finish as I kiss her passionately.

"I love you." I say, thrusting my hips again.

"I love you too. Now move damn it. Oh yes. Faster." She says, smacking my ass.

I know how she likes it. I get up on my knees and curl my body around hers. She's bent into a tiny little ball but she loves how I can get so deep this way. And I like how close I am to her. I like watching myself plunge into her too, I'm a guy, but sometimes I just want to be wrapped around her. I thrust fast and furiously. We share breaths and our bodies are slick with sweat.

"Fuck. Cum for me baby. I can't… Ahh…" I say, grunting through my orgasm.

I continue pumping into her. I know she's close and when I feel her walls tighten around me I collapse on top of her.

"You know, you didn't have to wine, dine and sixty nine me in order to get me to move in with you."

Well there you have it folks. I picked the 6 things I thought most of you would want to hear from Edward on. :)

On another note, would anyone be interested in a sequel? It would be for the July Drabble War, so same format. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do it, but thought I'd see what you all thought. Please let me know if you'd read it. It may help with my decision.

Thanks for reading!