"We don't have many rooms, as you can tell." Jane began as they entered the living room, which was actually the first room one go into when you enter their den "It's not like us to bring in injured people."

"I'm not surprised." Spike said, who had Vince clinging to his like a lost puppy, Spike and Vince sat on the couch, while Jane sat on her personal throne (A beanbag) "You people only care about yourselves."

"What do you expect from us?" Jane says, "We dealt with enough shit in our child hood, so don't go around expecting us to give a rats ass about others." Jane says, lighting another cigarette, "God fuck, when you're around, I'll smoke enough to give us all lung problems. Wait, Spike." She turned back, facing Spike. "You still smoke right?"

When she says 'smoke' it's kinda hard to tell what she meant, "By smoke, what do you mean?"

"Cigarettes, you dumbass." She snaps.

"Yeah, I still do, the way my life is going I can't go a day without them."

Jane chuckled, "I'm surprised you don't have some sort of lung problem." She laughed, her humor was sick and dark, it always was, Spike was used to it and her bitchy attitude and she was easy to agitate.

"Please, I was expecting to die anyway, and by die, I mean Vicious killing me."

Vince growled, "I really hated it when you two started to hate each other over her, why do you even like her Spike?"

"Does it matter, she's dead now." Spike sighed, "I don't want to bore you with it, plus, I don't think you would like it."

"Yeah, because Vince will get jealous." Jane said in a mocking sing along voice. Vince growled, "Spike, how about you sleep in my room, I won't mind. We can even share my bed!"

Jane snickered, "Not even a day and Spike and Vince are fucking, quick! Someone get me my fucking camera, I can video tape you guys and sell it!" Jane yelled, laughing, stomping her foot on the ground, laughing her ass off.

"No!" Vince yelled, "I'm not gonna do that to Spike!" Vince yelled, "You know I'm not gay!"
"Whatever, anyway, do whatever you want, but Spike," She said, pointing at Spike, "The best is to sleep on the couch, I don't know how much noise you and Vince will make tonight and I'm sure as hell am not sharing a room with you."
Spike smirked, "You sure?"

Jane sneered, disgusted, "Spike, you know I wouldn't want to sleep with you."

"You sure?" Spike crooned.

"Yes, now shut up!" She yelled, "You know I don't let anyone in my goddamn room."

"Yeah, everyone knows about your extensive collection of playgirl you have hidden under your bed."

"Fuck you Vince!" Jane yelled, Spike groan, "Can't you two go a day without fighting."

"We would if someone doesn't go into my room when I'm gone and look at all my gay erotica." Jane yelled, "If you want to look at gay porn buy it yourself instead of wasting the money I earn!"
"You earn?" Vince spat, "In case you haven't noticed, I'm the one who does the illegal operations!" Vince yelled, standing up, along with Jane as they got in each other's faces.
"Yeah, but you need me to stand by your side just in case you fuck up!" Jane spat.

"That only happened that one time!"

"Can you two stop arguing?" Spike asked angrily with his arms crossed, getting agitated with Vince and Jane's constant bickering, "You argue almost as much as me and Faye."

Jane smiled and dropped Vince, who she picked up by the collar when they were in the middle of their argument and said, "Well, well, well, it seems Spike isn't as loyal as he says he is says he is to that blond tramp." Jane said, waltzing over to Spike and bending over so her face was only centimeters from his. Spike scooted away as Jane climbed on him, "Tell me, who is the Faye?" She asked as Spike continued to squirm under her.

"She's no one." Spike insisted, Jane thought otherwise, knowing Spike as one hell of a charm.

"Bitch please, I know you too well."

"You don't know shit about what I did after I left."

"No, but one thing is for sure, if you decided to leave with her there would be no other woman in your life. So my guess is… is she too old for you."

Spike gulped, "No!' 'You kidding, she's old enough to be your damn grandmother'

"Then who is she?" Jane said, one of her green eye's peering through her bangs and boring into Spike's real eye, for a glimpse he saw pure black hair that lacked all those pink streaks, with Vicious laughing in the back ground.

"She's simply one of those people who I pissed off."

Jane scoffed, "Were haven't I heard that, everyone you meet you piss them off to some extent where they don't want anything to do with you."

"What about Vince?"

Jane was silent, and jumped off of Spike, then lighting a cigarette, blowing out a cloud of smoke, "What did you do after left?"

"I'll explain later, do you have anything to eat?"

Jane sighed, "It's been slow lately, check the fridge, and I swear, you eat all the damn food I will have no choice but to tie you down and make you watch some nasty ass shit."

"What?" Spike said with a cocky, yet nervous smile, Jane smiled, "Do you really want to know?"

Spike gulped, "Ok…" Spike said, getting up and going into the kitchen.

Vince scratched his head as Jane threw the cigarette to the side, "He better not eat all the food or I'm gonna kick him out, keep your boyfriend in check, Vince." Jane said as she walked away and went into her room.

Vince pouted, "I'm not gay."

Jane fell on her bed, sighing, "Well, this sucks; the only good thing that will come from this is that in two, five weeks tops, I will walk in on Spike and that scrawny mother fucker fucking in the couch." Jane closed her eyes, smiling, "Well, it's not like Spike doesn't look anything short of some anorexic with a possible lung problem." Jane chuckled, "man I'm horrible.' She thought, before drifting into sleep.

"Where's Jane?' Spike asked, walking out, the only thing in the fridge being a half empty bottle of soda and some leftover ham slices. Spike was in luck, that is, if they don't get mad, after all, its leftovers.

Vince sighed, "That was Jane's." Vince said in a low voice, spike shrugged, "It's flavorless, and I'm doing her a favor by eating it." Spike said, taking a seat, "It has the fridge taste."

Vince chuckled, "Yeah, she'll get the money by mugging some poor fuck."

Spike chuckled, "Yeah, Jane would complain and yell something about it tasting like shit."

"Like I was saying, where's the girl?"

"She went to bed." Vince said.

"What time is it?"

"We can't tell, we in the basement, I usually go out to check." Vince said, "But then yet again, that's what watches are for." Vince chuckled, pulling up his sleeve and looking at his watch. "Ten PM."

"Well, we should get to bed, you don't mind if I sleep in the same bed as you?" Spike asked, Vince blushed.

"Not at all, Spike!"

Spike smiled, fallowing Vince into his bedroom, once they got in, Vince quickly stripped down to his boxers, (This ain't turning into a smut that quickly) and crawled into his bed.

"You changing?" He asked, Spike gulped.
"No, I'll just stay in my street cloths, if that's alright." Spike chuckled nervously, Vince nodded, scotching over so Spike can at least feel remotely comfortable sleeping in the same bed as him, Spike knew Vince had a thing for him, hell, he knew it when they first met, Vince just got that gleam in his eye when they first met, that insured that he will most certainly take interest in him. Spike sure as hell wasn't sleeping in the living room and sure as hell wasn't sleeping in the same room as 'double shrew' Jane. As long as Vince didn't start to either say stuff, expetially involving him in his sleep or start cuddling he really couldn't care less. He wanted to sleep in that blue heartbed, looks so fucking comfortable.

Vince blushed as he felt Spike's get himself situated on the bed, and silently smiled, he closed his eyes, hoping this wasn't a dream. That Spike was actually sleeping in the same bed as him, thankfully Jane's sick love for gay porn didn't get in the way.

"Night Spikey." Vince thought as they drifted to sleep…

Spike just prayed Vince didn't start cuddling with him in his sleep.

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