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Chapter 1

Amy was walking down the busy street. She was trying to find Sonic so she could show him her love, and was thinking about how she could.

Amy had the idea that she could seduce him, but then quickly shook that thought away because of how it would only gain lust from Sonic when she wanted love. Amy was now 21 years old and had matured in body and mind. Her figure was a bit curvier and her hair went down to her midback. Amy's eyes had become a bewitching emerald green over the years. All in all, the sakura hedgehog had become pretty over the years. Of course, Amy sighed, this hadn't helped any when it came to Sonic.

She could see that Sonic still thought of her as a child, and he ran away whenever he saw her. The sakura hedgehog sat down on a nearby park bench to think of ideas but could come up with nothing that would work.

After a bit, she heard laughter and looked up, only to see Sonic walking with a female she didn't know. At first she thought the younger girl was just another fangirl, but then Sonic kissed the lavender hedgehog. Amy felt jealousy boil in her as the unknown lavender hedgehog wrapped her arms around Sonic's neck and deepened the kiss.

The startled and jealous female hedgehog saw that Sonic was too busy with this new girl to notice her sitting there. Now furious and heartbroken, Amy ran home sobbing.

Slamming the door open, she began to burn everything in her house that had to do with that asshole Sonic. She burnt the pictures of him and her together as well as everything else that had to do with him that she owned.

After burning those things she went to her closet and looked at what she had in there. All she had in there were her pink dresses and boots. The clothes that Sonic had claimed were childish and unattractive. The sakura hedgehog ripped her dresses into strips and burned them, she then proceeded to burn the boots as well.

Amy looked around and felt disgust at the pink furniture and walls. She resolved to go buy new clothes, as well as furniture and house paint. Of course, she needed some advice on how to improve her aesthetic. The female hedgehog smirked, she knew just the person to call.

Amy walked over to her phone and dialed in the number she knew by heart.

As it was ringing, she tapped her foot impatiently. Finally she heard somebody speaking on the phone, "Rouge's club Night Gem here, how may I help you?" A mature female voice asked cheerfully.

"Hey Rouge, it's Amy. I was calling to ask about possibly going on a trip to the mall with you? I really need to change my style...," Amy said smiling. Her friend's voice always cheered her up.

"Sure hun, I figured sooner or later you'd find that pink isn't all that great of a color," Rouge said sounding happy to help out. "I'll be right over."

Amy then heard a click as Rouge hung up.

Sure enough, a couple minutes later Rouge came riding up in her silver convertible "You know, you really should get yourself a car...," she said as Amy got in "Even though I'm happy to help, you need a car. I can't keep driving you around!" Rouge sounded exasperated as she said that.

Amy stayed quiet at that, "I know! I'll get you a car today, along with the new clothes!" Rouge continued to say brightly, nodding to herself at her brilliant plan.

The ride was uneventful except for Rouge's chattering and Amy's occasional commenting. After parking the car, Amy and Rouge walked into the mall.

Amy and Rouge's mall excursion consisted of buying clothes, trying them on, and buying the ones that they both liked.

Rouge and Amy walked out of the mall with multiple bags, Amy almost falling over a couple times on the way to the car from their weight. After starting the car, they drove to the car dealership to buy Amy a car (despite Amy's protests).

They decided on a black Honda that has relatively easy control, good mileage, and was a decent price. After purchasing it, they decided that Amy should drive it to the salon they were going to (Rouge's last minute decision). Rouge followed close behind.

At the salon Amy dyed her quills black with dark purple highlights and her fur plain black, and the hair dresser cut a left side bang covering one emerald green eye. The now black hedgehog smiled in satisfaction at her new haircut.

In the bathroom of the salon she changed into some of her new clothes. The previously sakura hedgehog then walked out to model it for her friend as she had requested. Amy was wearing a black shirt that said in grey lettering, 'Sarcasm is my middle name.', ripped black skinny jeans, mid-calf black leather combat boots, and worn black leather gloves with holes for her fingers to come out of. She was also sporting a shiny new leather collar with a coffin design hanging off it.

Overall, she looked like a completely different person.

Suddenly a form came from the shadows clapping his hands sarcastically in applause. He was a green hedgehog in a black leather jacket with three scars on his chest, wearing red sunglasses over his blue eyes. The male folded his arms over his chest and peered at Amy over his sunglasses, "My, my, what have we here? Miss Amy Rose, I must say you look fabulous." he said semi-sarcastically. Amy glared at him "My name is not Amy Rose anymore it is Nocte Thorn." she said. This man infuriated her to no end.

The guy raised an eyebrow "I like the new name, but why don't you introduce me to your friend, Nocte?" he said mockingly pointing to a fascinated Rouge. Nocte glanced at her "She is Rouge, a dear friend of mine. Rouge, I would like you to meet Scourge, a self proclaimed badass who was supposed to be married to me on my 18th birthday. An arranged marriage if you will." Nocte drawled bitterly at the end.

Rouge was shocked at the change in attitude of her friend and looked at her in surprise. Nocte just glared at Scourge in anger and the male hedgehog looked back at her in amusement. "I never thought you would tell your friend about that little deal my parents made with yours." he said smirking. Nocte was now steaming with anger, "I never agreed to that arranged marriage! What are you here for anyways!?" she yelled at him.

Scourge became very serious suddenly. The air seemed to become chilly, "I am here for you, when your parents made that deal they never knew they were having their daughter marry the future king of Anti-Mobius, and since you ran away my parents were furious and basically destroyed the kingdom. Now I need you to come with me, with your cooperation or not.," he explained coldly.

"Now, what is your choice? The easy way or the hard way?" his tone was very threatening, Scourge was obviously not in the mood for games.

Rouge gasped softly and looked to Nocte.

The black hedgehog thought for a second about the choice he gave her, either she went with him willingly or he will drag her there by force. Making her choice she spoke up, "I choose the easy way Scourge, though I do not like it, I will go with you." she said with a slightly resigned tone, studying his expression.

Scourge smirked happily at that answer, "I will give you a day to say goodbye to your friends and pack all your things. Be sure to meet me in the park where Sonic kissed that girl at 3:00 pm., try not to be late." he said. Rouge looked inquisitively at Nocte "Am-Nocte, is the reason why you changed because of Sonic kissing that girl?" Rouge asked hastily amending her mistake of almost calling her Amy.

Nocte looked somewhat sad, "That is part of the reason I changed, but mostly I changed because I knew Sonic would never love me, not in the way I wanted him to at least and I had grown tired of wearing the same clothes every day. Those are the two reasons why I changed, Rouge." Nocte explained to her while Scourge looked on in interest and Rouge looked surprised.

Scourge decided to butt in to say something "Well, as touching as this goodbye is, you must say goodbye to the others, including Sonic." Nocte looked at Rouge "Goodbye my friend, I hope I see you again someday. But what you witnessed here must never be told to the others, think of it as a box I have told you to keep and that it must never be opened." she said.

Rouge looked at her with tears brimming in her eyes "Cross my heart and hope to die if I ever betray your trust in me. Mobius knows it is hard to get that trust." Rouge said softly. Nocte nodded "Well, I must say goodbye to the others." she said walking towards the door with Scourge following close behind.

After saying an uneventful goodbye to the group (aside from Tails crying and hugging her), Nocte walked to her house to pack. Throwing all of her new clothes and shoes in suitcases Nocte surveyed the mess she made when burning the things that didn't matter to her anymore. Deciding to do something Nocte walked into the kitchen and got a pack of ramen out of the pantry.

Nocte felt out of place in her pink house as she made her ramen. The black hedgehog quietly ate her ramen, thinking about the events of the day.

After she ate, Nocte decided to get on the internet to check her email and read fanfiction. Opening up a new Chrome session, she entered in the searchbar her email site's web address and signed into her account.

Then opening up a new tab she entered in her favorite fanfiction site's web address and signed into her account there. Then switching back to the tab with her email pulled up on it she began checking her email. There was nothing but spam so Nocte sent all the spam to the spam folder. After checking her email, Nocte switched back to the other tab and went to the archives of Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction.

She found a story she had read multiple times and read it again, tears coming to her eyes she sadly shook her head at the unfairness of it. She was reading for the millionth time a fanfiction that had the pairing of her and Sonic. It had every fantasy she had ever had in it, she was the one who had written it. But people didn't know that the real Amy Rose had written that very story. Nocte thought it was a bit conceited that she would read and re-read her own fanfictions, but she didn't care anymore.

Tears coursing down her cheeks, she smiled bitterly at how she could only hope that Sonic would love her, and that she was lying to herself the whole time that she had hope. Now with no hope for a future with Sonic, Nocte's will to live was slowly being crushed. And with nothing to stop it, it would slowly kill her from the inside out, bit by bit... Nocte laid her head down on the desk and sobbed herself to sleep.

Maybe things will be better, tomorrow.